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fresne July 29 2014, 02:50

End of Comic-Con and Ramazan Mubarak

San Diego Comic-Con (a geekish high holy day surely) is over and Eid begins. No relationship. But for the first, I wrote some line drabbles
Sdcc 2014 Drabbles
To those who celebrate, Ramazan Mubarak
Drabbles for the Road - Eid al-Fitr.

As always there's a certain sorrow to the end of Comic-Con as I leave the wonderfully welcoming atmosphere and return to the real world, but it's of some comfort that we go forth to create the things we love.

I've already recapped Thursday, so um, as already posted. Medusa. Which I love doing. I walk differently. Stroll. There is nowhere she needs to rush to. Smile widely and with teeth.

I've seen a little of the dealers room. Got into panels for big bang, korra, bones, a mix set of actors, and agent carter/agents of shield.

Friday cosplay was Medusa. Fairly simple black lace dress. Something I could wear to a cocktail party. And the hair. Oh, my hair was awesome. Snakes on snakes on snakes. With sunglasses to protect the unwary.

On Friday, I was all day in Ballroom 20, and got a Lanyard as part of the Agents of Shield panel. Your lanyard is important! Or something. Great panel with some hardcore geekery from the cast. From there we headed over to 6BCF to catch Sleepy Hollow. Very funny.

Afterwards I was interviewed by some broadcast company or another. I assume something to do with Sleepy Hollow as I received a free backpack afterwards. I let them know that Medusa was not a monster, but simply misunderstood.

We went to Geek and Sundry for a spot of very energetic dancing. My not-actual hair snakes (as opposed the ones braided to my head) fell off at times, but fortunately, were easy to reapply.

The green hair spray took a bit longer to come off when we got back to the room and did result in a few green towels.

Saturday Cosplay was fifties dress/hat with gloves in a ray gun. But, well, it took on a bit of church lady vibe, because when I was wandering about, I wore the Line Monk outfit over it.

Okay, my Saturday high light was well, I errr… well, every year we have religious protestors, which is one of the reasons we put together the Line Monk costumes. But also walking the long lines of Comic-Con is almost a meditative experience, much like walking a labyrinth.

Anyway, we got a text that the protesters were out walking in front of the convention center megaphoning the attendees. Now, I have a very carrying voice. I project, not yell. It's from the center and out. Generally, I try not, because well, it's loud. But… yeah, so I followed the guy with the battery powered megaphone and was louder than he was asking attendees if they were ready to meet the creators of their fandoms and complimenting their costumes and generally exclaiming on the wonder of the day. So many people laughing and saying it was an awesome costume. Great response.

Then I joined Melinda down by Hall H, where we told people that the End of the Line was Nigh, and soon they'd meet the creators of their fandom (with air conditioning). Also, lots of laughter and cheers.

Interestingly, the religious protestors complained to the guards that we were making fun of them and they should make us stop. To which the guard (laughing and smiling as he told us this) replied something like, "You were just telling us about your right to free speech. We'll that's their right to free speech. For the rest of the time we were over there, they kept coming back to see if we were still there and then turning around to walk away from us. It was Awesome. Also, we sang, Everything is Awesome at one of the protestors. So maybe it was our singing.

Then I had like panels and stuff, so we went in and I spent the rest of the day in 6BCF attending the always awesome quick draw, cartoon, voices, cup of joe, 75 years of batman, 1st episode of Constantine (very cool and evocative of the comic), and Persons of Interest. Best part, where Jim Caviezel climbed over the table to give a very sweet 11 year old questioner a hug. She was shaking she was so happy. Very sweet, but you could see the con staff having minor heart attacks.

I went to a Welcome to Night Vale / Thrilling Adventure Hour. After which, the laughter on the live recording shows made a lot more sense. I shall be picturing Cecil's hand gestures in his pauses now. A bit like squid. If a hand can be called squid like, which in the context of Nightvale, I'm sure it can be.

The next morning, Melinda and I spent some more time on the Hall H line being line Monks. Going through a line of patter with those entering into Hall H. Hopefully amusing at least.

Sunday cosplay was Line Monks over t-shirt and shorts.

Sunday was a day of much wandering the Dealer's Hall, which was vast and chaotic as ever. Went to a very nice Women of Marvel panel. All people (but one) on the panel were women in all areas of Marvel. Writers. Producers. Social Media. Very interesting and interestingly was also a bit of a recruitment drive for more female talent.

I went out and did some of the activities in the Gaslamp. Went to the Constantine experience which was a projection dome, that immersed the viewer into scenes from Constantine. Walked by the Gotham zipline, but did not attempt that line. Meandered through Godzilla. A bit more dealers room.

Attended my only Academic CAC panel, which was the annual sociology study done by students on the sociology of Comic-Con. I quite liked the paper on how families attending the Con is sort of a cultural transmission of fan values from one generation to another. Didn't agree quite so much (as several other attendees expressed) with the panellist who didn't understand why women cross play, and rather than presenting an academic point of view, said that cross players should find women characters they like. Which okay, I'm all for exalting women characters, but err… people like what they like. And there's such a wonderful fluidity to bending a characters gender. Thinking about what it would mean for x y or z to be a woman. To take that cultural dominance for yourself.


We went for a bit to the Agents of Shield fan gathering, and stuck around through to Monday, which…

Okay, so it was very nice not to have to pack up my stuff before heading to the con Sunday, but the sheer amount emptying a place that was so full vibrant crazy life the day before was a bit strange. Perhaps next year stay over, but head out earlier in the morning. We'll see how much vacation time I have.

All in all, a great con.

May I be so fortunate as to once again achieve tickets to next year.

Oh, and today's cosplay, Wonder Woman shirt, Silver head band (sorry, I don't have a gold), cutoff shorts with star patterns, and red high tops.

All clothing is costume.

Bring on yuletide.

Photos from the Con
drinkingcocoa July 29 2014, 01:53

Mise en Place-inspired food experiment #1 and other joys

I almost never manage to get to read fanfic, although I always want to, and I have so many friends whom I have met because they write brilliant fanfic.  There's stuff I bookmarked in 2008 that I still mean to read...

But on a whim, I decided to delve into azriona's Mise en Place, a Gordon Ramsay-like Johnlock AU in which Sherlock Holmes tells people how to save their failing restaurants for a reality TV show.  I've been having so much fun with this.  I love food.  :-)  I'm a home cook of the "competent enough" variety, so I'm sure Chef Sherlock would be unable to endure anything I made, but I love him anyway.  :-)

I'm pondering bringing a slow cooker or toaster oven to Gridlock and adapting a recipe that appears in that story.  Azriona linked me to some basic slow cooker pilau recipes I could adapt, including one Ukrainian one and one with raisins and apricots and almonds.  The girls and I taste-tested these as our first attempts today and we'll be tinkering more until we make up something we're happy with.  The Director suggested soy sauce.  :-)  My Korean girl.

In other happy things, look what came in the mail for me on Friday! Order yours here.

femmequixotic July 28 2014, 16:56

*taps mic*

Hi, El Jay. So, yeah, it’s been about over three months since I last posted. Part of that absence has been just the busyness of graduation/making the transition to real life and part of that is, well, it’s really super hard to post the longer you go without posting. There’s that thing in one’s head that just insists that no one’s going to be the slightest bit interested. And that voice is kind of hard to ignore. But I’m going to try my best.

So this has been a bit of a weird phase. Read more...Collapse )

So yeah, that about sums my summer up so far: graduation, sad goodbyes, writing, and trying to motivate myself to pack up the bookshelves without getting distracted by reading. My goal is to get back into posting more regularly on LJ/DW, but I’ve been more active lately on Twitter, mainly because it’s easier to post from my phone. If you want to follow me, I’m here, but let me know, since if I don’t recognize twitter handles I usually don’t follow back. I also haven’t been on Tumblr in ages mainly because my relationship with Tumblr can best be described by this gif:


Anyway, back to writing—I have a couple of H/D projects bubbling away right now which feels really good. Fannish writing, I have missed you SO MUCH.


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wneleh July 28 2014, 10:42

N recent things

- Was lying in bed feeling guilty about things I needed to do, and maybe a little anxious about our meeting with our financial planner this morning, since we're such slackers. So I got up and did some emailing; and now it's too late to go back to sleep. Anyway, I think a quick to-do list would help, so: shower, banana, email work that I'll be late, throw soup makings into pot, get dressed, get clothes out of dryer, maybe fold some, dishes out of dishwasher, dishes into dishwasher, G to camp. There I go. Completely manageable.

- I think I finally have made Python do what I want it to do.

- Kittens eating your toes is pretty cute, until it isn't anymore. Fortunately, kittens are distractible.
seperis July 28 2014, 02:44

spnfic: it's the stars that lie, 1 & 2/11

Title: It's the Stars that Lie, 1 & 2/11
Author: Seperis
Series: The Final Age of Man, Book 2
Codes: Dean/Castiel
Rating: R
Summary: We fight, we lose, everyone dies anyway, I know. However, I don’t see why, if we're going to fight anyway, we shouldn't believe we're going to win.
Author Notes: Thanks to nrrrdygrrrl and obscureraison for beta services, with advice from lillian13, scynneh, and norabombay. The series name will be changed, literally, the moment I think of something I like. Untitled bothered me even more.
Spoilers: Seasons 5, 6, and 7

Series Links:
AO3 - The Final Age of Man
Book 1: Map of the World

Story Links:
AO3 - All, Chapter 1, Chapter 2
DW - Chapter 1, Chapter 2
wneleh July 27 2014, 23:58

Media References to Fanfic, the week ending 7/26/14

In The Independent, Adam Sherwin wrote that yet another work of Twilight-based fan fiction [is] promised the same literary success as 50 Shades of Grey. This one is called A Pound of Flesh, by Lancashire schoolteacher Sophie Jackson.

For NBC News’s website, Keith Wagstaff wrote that Thanks to 3-D printing technology, custom toys could become the new fan fiction, a way for obsessives young and old to connect with the TV shows, movies and video games that they love.

In a piece for The Wire about the New York Times’s decision to endorse marijuana legalization, Adam Chandler shared that This latest Times crusade is already inspiring some fan fiction in which all of the paper's editorial voices are stoned.

Reporting on Comic-Con 2014 forThe Guardian, Emma-Lee Moss wrote that she found the authors she spoke with warm and approachable. After all, a lot of them started out as fans, flexing their literary muscles on fan-fiction forums before attempting to break into publishing.

Julia Lllewellyn Smith wrote a vaguely accurate - though quote-filled! - fanfic 101 piece for The Telegraph.

Knotting, tattoos (and Gene Kelly), Anna Todd, Angela Carter, Game of ThronesCollapse )

Jacob Demmitt wrote about a small fanfic con for Roanoke Times.

In a TIME article on “The Rise of Fangirls at Comic-Con,” Eliana Dockterman wrote a plethora of cool female characters in [Sci-fi and fantasy] — from Deanerys in Game of Thrones to Mystique in X-Men — have connected with fans and inspired them to create their own badass ladies in fan fiction or even within the industry.

For Forbes’s Quora, teacher Peter Kruger wrote I’ve had students create fan-fic blogs for book projects in the past, write and direct webisodes for scenes from plays or important book moments, or make their own classroom wikis about novels.

Finally, Erin Anderssen discussed the impact of online activities, including fanfic writing, on women’s public lives in a piece for The Globe and Mail.

- - - - -

FYI, I've posted me reading a subset of last week's roundup to Youtube: http://youtu.be/klpb-sUaD3k
noeon July 27 2014, 22:28

Friending, Memes, Subscriptions, and Malarkey!

There's a Friending Meme up on Generation Kill. The comm posts are members only, but with open membership.

In the process, I've realized how many different platforms there are to be active on. I keep track of people on tumblr and really enjoy the pictures / graphic interface but am shy of the interaction style. I love twitter, and I know many people use this for primary contact, but I haven't been on in a while. I'm also finally reading properly on DW and realizing how many people are posting here.

So what do you use preferentially? Any particularly reason? Also, please poke me if I haven't friended you on a platform and you'd like to be added. My DW is noeon, my tumblr is noeeon (did anyone else have that freaky thing happen where people took their LJ name for tumblr? but didn't use it?), and I think twitter is noeon too (but I have to check x_0).

This entry crossposted from my dreamwidth account, http://noeon.dreamwidth.org/103487.html .
irisbleufic July 27 2014, 18:29

Two PSAs:

1) Due to the fact that I've done a lot of structural/minor word-change edits to Anthology on since completing the series in June but have neglected to make many of these changes to the LiveJournal postings, I've decided I'm going to delete the postings here and let this series be available on AO3 only. If you left comments on any Anthology installments here on LJ, don't worry: I've archived these over on AO3. If any of you are still catching up, I apologize that you will not be able to read or comment on this particular series here. AO3 permits commenting even if you don't have an account. It's causing me far too much grief, having too many posted versions of long stories/installments and having to worry about edits across platforms. My life's complicated right now, so I'm trying to simplify for sanity's sake.

2) Similarly, I'm in the process of archiving old comments on all CoT installments over to AO3, and I'm only up through BBSG so far. As you can imagine, this will take a couple of weeks, but due to some similar issues with edits I've made to AO3 but not to LiveJournal, CoT will, similarly, once the comment-archiving is complete, be available on AO3 only. For any of you who had missed it, a new story has been added to CoT this month (World Without End; 17,000 words across two parts; R). Having to maintain two different numbering systems (LJ-post reckoning and AO3-post reckoning) on the installments has been too troublesome to keep track of.
wneleh July 27 2014, 12:30

N recent things

- The plan for yesterday was to spend it attacking the front porch, which is enclosed, and basically used for storage. (So, yes, the first thing you encounter when you come to our house is a room full of disorganized storage.) But, then we realized that a decent % of our neighbors' tree was dangling over our backyard, so we instead spent the body of yesterday dealing with that (which involved our neighbor up our ladder leaning against his fence using our chain saw at the end of a 10' pole); then, since we had momentum, we and neighbor continued to hack at unwanted foliage, mostly at the weed trees growing out of an offset in the retaining wall on the other side of the yard. Then C and I continued to cut and rake and trim, and now our entire property about as tidy as it ever is. We're trying to decide what to do about lawn furniture - we have a bunch of plastic chairs given to us when friends moved to Seattle in 1999, and I'm tired of cleaning them all every year - and we want to set up a basketball hoop. The hoop will be straightforward, but G also wants a surface for dribbling...

So, a good, productive day - and our back yard is much brighter now (though it still feels very private). We may get to the porch this afternoon, but we have other things that need doing, so we'll see.

- Other house thing - there seems to be water upwelling right in front of the washing machine. It hasn't rained in a few days - I'm v. puzzled.

- I put up a video onto youtube of me reading a subset of last weekend's media refs: http://youtu.be/klpb-sUaD3k
mizzy2k July 27 2014, 09:58

Sunday Six Sentences [180]

Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever.


The elf and the boo stare at Ely like he's the answer to life, the universe and everything.

That sort of omnipotent power would certainly make Ely's job much easier. He rubs the bridge of his nose and resents his past-self for turning down the cushion Miranda offered him before the meeting began. The wooden seat that had seemed so delightful on first sight is now digging uncomfortably into Ely's thighs. My kingdom for a moment's reprieve, he thinks sadly, and slaps the negotiation table with both palms.

"You're both speaking utter rubbish," Ely says.


"I'm kinda picturing that right now," Stiles says, tilting his head. "Hi, sir, ma'am, we're here from your local animal clinic to spray liquid in your face."

"I don't think that would entirely help Deaton get more business."

"Couldn't hurt — it's totally Deaton's milkshake that brings all the bored forty-something housewives to your boss's clinic."

"My boss is hot," Scott deadpans. "Plus it's also the only animal clinic in town and the next nearest one is half an hour's drive the other side of Beacon City."

"That reason too," Stiles allows.
drinkingcocoa July 26 2014, 02:28

Ah. More on that baby-monster in King's Cross.

Seven years after I read it, I'm still figuring out new things about Deathly Hallows.  That makes me so happy!  Awwww, I even feel a flush of fondness for my usual worry that my brand-new-to-me realization is completely old hat to everyone else!  Heh.

It bothered me for so long.  Why didn't Dumbledore and Harry pick up that snuffling horror-baby in King's Cross?  How were they -- that is, how was Harry -- so sure that it was beyond help?
Coming back to King's Cross.Collapse )
spywindow July 25 2014, 12:57

I am not down with this heat

I've just met my weather match, and it is 98 degree weather with 80% humidity. It's almost 10 PM now, and the weather is still in the upper eighties. I have the fan on full blast, and it is just blowing more hot air at me. Popsicles don't help. Nothing helps.

... But otherwise, today has been a huge relief, because I finally taught my adult lesson I'd been stressing about (it wasn't a disaster), and I also had the opportunity to go to two different offices before they closed in order to file time-sensitive paperwork. This means I'm almost done with every part of my big move except for the actual packing and cleaning -- which is of course the biggest and most important part of moving -- but I'm telling myself that that's what this weekend is for. Ganbare, myself!

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wneleh July 24 2014, 11:44

N recent things

- I played soccer last night, for the first time in a couple of weeks. I wish I could properly describe what it feels like! I play fullback - my job is to disrupt the ambitions of the (faster, usually-but-not-always younger) forwards. I wait, and wait, and then they come, passing the ball ahead-between, and I charge (or try to catch up), and then try to do SOMETHING - cause a course change, a pass not to happen, maybe get a toe on the ball, changing the break-away to something more controllable. Then it's about marking, and blocking, and keeping the shot from crystalizing.

When the action is at the other end of the field, OTOH... the breeze was coming from five-miles-distant ocean last night, smelling salty and green. And sometimes a train would go by. I could have stood there forever.

- I've been thinking (based on listening to Rhett & Link's Ear Biscuit podcasts of interviews with internet pioneers) that I might try reading my Media Refs posts aloud for a few weeks and posting them to Youtube. Because I don't have enough hobbies.

- Yesterday, as I was parking at work, I realized I was still wearing the Rob Gronkowski t-shirt I'd thrown on right after I'd showered. I don't wear logo t-shirts to work. Fortunately, though the mall was closed, Kohl's opens at 9 a.m.

- Today: drive G to camp, work, get veggies, back to work, home to take-out seafood (C has a plan) and Warehouse 13 (as G will be working a play tonight).
eibbil_libbie July 23 2014, 21:10


He's home from surgery and doing okay. It's going to be a rough few days until the bandage comes off (his foot is covered, so he doesn't like putting that foot down - plus sedation - but it will pass.)

I've moved the daily blog I'm keeping over to here if you want to follow his progress.

xposted from DW
astolat July 23 2014, 20:32

Captain America: Off By Two (Sam/Steve)

Off By Two (8832 words) by astolat
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel), James “Bucky” Barnes
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Camping, Huddling For Warmth, Bears, Wilderness

“Who sent you?” Steve said.

“Colonel Rhodes tapped me, specifically,” Wilson said. “But pretty much all your friends were behind the idea.”

“All my friends are dead,” Steve said.

You can also read this entry on Dreamwidth (comment count unavailable comments)
drinkingcocoa July 23 2014, 18:32

Artscow.com bags, mousepad, keychain

Look what Husband posted on his blog for our wedding anniversary!  :-)  A similarity analysis about the quilt blocks he programmed for me when we first started dating, which I later used for our wedding quilt.

I just got a shipment of freebies from Artscow.com, including a keychain and a zippered bag I ordered for him with graphics from the cover of his book (front of bag) and those quilt blocks (back of bag).  I also got pennswoods' Kidlock Totoro fanart printed on zippered bags, as well as a mousepad.  I love the way those turned out.  My freebies included two eyeglass wipes with my choice of printed art.  What on earth would I -- Ah!  Yes!  Charles Augustus Magnussen, that creep!  Turned out well, I think.

bags and cam eyeglass wipes

quilt blocks back
eibbil_libbie July 23 2014, 01:05

Dex's TPLO - Surgery day

Dropped him off at 8.30 this morning...and it sucked. Had to sit in the doctor's waiting room and have a little cry before I went off to work.

Still not sure how I got through the workday - exhausted and worried - but I don't think I made a colossal hose-up of anything. Tonight I'll go to bed early and sleep in my actual bed. Might be the last time for a while. Depends on how he does at night post-op.

(In happy personal news, I got my work laptop today - complete with VPN - just in time for me to be working from home for the next few days. Have I mentioned my boss is awesome about this shit? She is. Not even a blink about me working from home for a while so I can be home with him.)

It's so hard being in this house without him. I ate dinner without him sniffing at the wrapping and drooling onto the couch. There was no jingle from his collar or woofing for his dinner when I came home. No happy thump of his tail when Zach came home from practice.

Tomorrow morning we pick the baby up and start the process of recovery and rehab. Not looking forward to it but...one day at a time.

xposted from DW

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