So proud of my sis Fallon Fox, who was named to the 2014 class of inductees for the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame!

The National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame was the brainchild of Bill Gubrud and several other founders to celebrate the sporting achievements of LGBT people. 

The Chicago-based National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame is housed at the Center on Halsted and unveiled its inaugural class last year.  It has garnered letters of supports from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, MLB commissioner Bud Selig and NBA commissioner Adam Silver. 

In addition to Fox, the other 14 inductees in the Hall's Class of 2014 are my Houston homegirl and WNBA baller Brittney Griner, retired NBA player John Amaechi, retired MLB player Billy Bean, 2012 Olympic diving medalist Tom Daley, Executive Director of You Can Play and retired NFL player Wade Davis, endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, retired rugby player Gareth Thomas, retired NFL player Esera Tuaolo, triathlete and founder of Chris Mosier, Nike, and the Stand Up Foundation.

The persons in the 2014 Class being inducted posthumously are San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, NFL player Jerry Smith and rugby player Mark Bingham, who was one of the heroes of Flight 93.

The induction ceremony will take place Friday, July 11 with a VIP reception at 5:30 PM CDT, a general reception at 6:30 PM with the induction ceremony starting at 7:30 PM.

Price of admission includes hosted bar and hors d'oeuvres. Tickets are $30.

Congratulations Fallon!  Here's hoping we have more of our trans sporting heroes and sheroes inducted in the Hall's Class of 2015. 
09 July 2014 @ 07:49 pm
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Ok, cutting myself off before I really get rolling on this topic.

I guess anyone who watches Teen Wolf is over on the tumbles? Too bad since the crack is hitting Epic this season. I think DOB might be a real life supernatural creature with his luminous, angelic skin--or conversely the make up people are really good and he hangs out in spas when he's not working (also: that's a tax write-off).

45th streetHey, folks. 

Here are my latest posts for Lots of fun info here regarding what to see on Broadway this summer, which recent cast recordings to buy, whether you spell in "theater" or "theatre", and how to read the Broadway grosses. (Well, I happen to find reading the grosses to be fun...) 

Broadway Cast Recordings You Should Buy Now

Is it Theater or Theatre? 

How to Read the Broadway Grosses

What to See on Broadway Now - Summer 2014

Is there anything you'd like to see me cover for Please let me know. I've got lots of ideas of my own, but I'm always open to suggestions. So, if you could suggest one article that you would like to read, whether it's about Broadway, Off-Broadway, plays, musicals, or any combination thereof, what would it be? 

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You have got to head over to All Items Loaded and check out the full story of this incredible home, Casa Mollino, in Turin. Here is a snippet:

A house should be a reflection of both the essential and what is really important to you. If that is the case, good luck with deciphering the home of Italian designer Carlo Mollino (1905-1973 Turin). The apartment located in a picturesque two-story 18th century villa on the Po River, was never his actual home. He simply never lived there. Mollino designed the rooms from 1960 through to 1968 as a lavish and intricate settings for one of his more obsessive photographic interests, female portraits to create an inexplicable, vast collection of erotica.

(Text: Magali Elali Photography: Bart Kiggen)

Title: Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square (12714 words)
Author: Speranza
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Time Travel, Wartime Romance, London, Episode: s01e28 The City on the Edge of Forever, World War II, Soldier Boys, First Time, It's A Long Long Way To Tipperary

Natasha wanted to tell him the whole story of wartime London and the pub and seeing who Steve Rogers was before he lost everything, and meeting The Winter Soldier only to find out that he was just a young charmer named Bucky Barnes.

You can also read this entry on Dreamwidth (comment count unavailable comments)
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Hello, everyone, and welcome to my journal. I'm pretty sure you know who I am, my name being in the URL and all, but just in case, I'm Seanan McGuire (also known as Mira Grant), and you're probably not on Candid Camera. This post exists to answer a few of the questions I get asked on a semi-hemi-demi-regular basis. It may look familiar; that's because it gets updated and re-posted roughly every two months, to let folks who've just wandered in know how things work around here. Also, sometimes I change the questions. Because I can.

If you've read this before, feel free to skip, although there may be interesting new things to discover and know beyond the cut.

Anyway, here you go:

This way lies a lot of information you may or may not need about the person whose LJ you may or may not be reading right at this moment. Also, I may or may not be the King of Rain, which may or may not explain why it's drizzling right now. Essentially, this is Schrodinger's cut-tag.Collapse )
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Photo: Chicago's TransLife Center is placing billboards throughout the city promoting the idea that just because you see a trans woman of color does not mean she's a sex worker.I believe we have been given another opportunity to attack and destroy another meme deployed against us that feeds into the unjust treatment being aimed at us.

It's the 'all transwomen are sex workers' meme.

TransGriot, April 15, 2014, 'Attacking The All Trans Women Are Sex Workers' Meme  

Nice to see someone was paying attention to that post.

One of the things that is a microaggressive (and sometimes macroaggressive) irritant in the life of a trans woman of color is some idiot assuming that we are all turning tricks. 

It's an assumption that plays into triggering much of the anti-trans animus aimed at us and I suspect can be one of the precursors that leads to the anti-trans violence aimed at us.

That tired meme has also led to po-po's behaving badly when it comes to encountering us as the Kenneth Furr case in DC was an egregious example of, along with the Monica Jones 'Walking While Black Trans' case  in Phoenix.    That meme was why stop and frisk police stops were aimed at non-white transwomen simply minding their own damned business.  

So it was nice to hear about a billboard campaign TransLife Chicago launched July 2 with the simple but powerful message "She’s just walking, not working. Respect Transgender Women.”

It was needed especially in the wake of the Chicago Sun Times republishing the foul June article attacking the femininity of Laverne Cox they later apologized for.   There are also several transfeminine murder cases in the Windy City that have yet to be solved, much less see the perpetrators of them be arrested.   

TransLife Center Care Coordinator Channyn Parker said in a Windy City Times interview concerning the billboard launch, “Transgender people constantly live under the cloud of an assumption that us taking a simple walk down the street means that we’re actually out doing solicitation or prostitution.”

She said: “[It] couldn’t be further from the truth. I sincerely hope this message gets down at the base level that trans people are human.”

Ten of these billboards are being deployed on Chicago's South and West sides and like Channyn, I hope they convey the message to the rest of cis society what transwomen already know.  Transwomen are human.

We're also just trying to live our daily lives without added drama or BS.
09 July 2014 @ 10:53 am
this is an extremely image heavy post and may be updated over time!

lots of goodiesCollapse )

sources: fiingylive, ouroptimusprime, marbleteethmusic, thenuest fancafe trans and album info, pledisnuest, 1theK for comeback spoiler episodes 1 and 2, ohmy-busan for the bonus jacket photos and bts pics, and nuestfan for the mv bts photos: 1, 2, jr, baekho, minhyun, ren, 3

not much has been translated/subbed yet except for the comeback spoilers but as subs arise (they may not) i'll update this post as needed.
this was a good load of stuff so let me know if i didn't source anything properly!
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Source YT: Audio Plus
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Sources in order of appearance: Fyjunho; Twitter: JYPEJapan; Twitter: dlwnsghek; FyJunho(2)

Even if you're not a fan take a listen and I think you will be happily surprised by what you hear. It's upbeat, fun and a little old school in the sound. He hit #1 on the Oricon chart!!!!!! Kimi no Koe hit #3 at it's height. Track list will be in the comments. Details on purchasing the album below.

Purchase details...Collapse )Fyjunho
OMG, freaking out. It is glorious guys. I was so afraid I'd be let down but this is a banger of an album. Turn it Up, Dangerous and Zutto are personal favorites. He's so talented!!!! And the best part is that all the 2pm members were together for his achievement. Crying and sobbing at the brotherhood tbh (if they came just to support his album drop I will literally never be able to turn in  my stan card). I'm so happy. I judge 2pm and it's members hard sometimes because they can be sooooo good and I hate it when anyone falls under expectations but Junho has not let down. I'll let the album speak for itself though.

You can follow Changsun & RYU on twitter.

Sources: ktmusic, Jkspace Entertainment Group

Apparently they were formed by the (former?) head of rookie development at Cube.
Winner & now Legend, I'm not sure if I prefer acronym names beginning with B or these types of names.
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Along with this post comes a little story. The other day I noticed some fabulous interior photography by Ottawa photographer and the king of lighting Justin Van Leeuwen. He mentioned the spaces were created by local interior designer and small renos firm Grassroots Design. While perusing this firm's impressive website, I noticed they are located a few blocks from my house. Then while snagging some photos for this post, I discovered that the first 5 photos of this post are the kitchen and bathroom of the house next door to me! (The brick seen through the window in photo #4 is the side of my house). CRAZY! Anyway, their kitchens and bathrooms are the bees knees. LOVE!

09 July 2014 @ 11:00 am

bananasOnce upon a time, I didn’t believe in monsters under the bed. Boogeymen were also make-believe, and hostile, big-eyed aliens were only real in movies. I didn’t want to believe in scary stuff so I chose not to believe in it. Behold, Ladies and Gentlemen . . . da Queen of de Nial!

I applied the same head-in-sand mentality to Writer’s Block. When my high school English students claimed Writer’s Block rendered them unable to write their Hamlet essays, I rolled my eyes and called them pribbling, beef-witted pollywockers. When, in 2005, I had the pleasure of hearing Dorothy Allison speak about her paralyzing, three-year Writer’s Block, I didn’t yell Shakespearean insults, but I didn’t quite believe her either. Lionel Messi doesn’t suddenly find himself unable to play soccer. Meryl Streep doesn’t suddenly find herself unable to act. Barbara Walters doesn’t suddenly find herself unable to ask nosy, semi-inappropriate questions. And three years? Surely Dorothy Allison wrote something over those three years.

But let’s get back to the monsters.

While I didn’t want to believe in monsters, deep down I have always known that they exist. They come in the form of pediatric cancer, domestic violence and chronic mental illness. They look exactly like political leaders who don’t care that their country’s people are hungry and voiceless. They are the terrorists who lob bombs into crowded public spaces. They may not live under my bed, but they do exist.

And, as I have been writing over the past fifteen years, I see Writer’s Block is equally real. My students did feel paralyzed. Dorothy Allison was unable to write for three years. It’s a monster that resides under my bed after all . . . under your bed too.

How do I know? Because Writer’s Block is almost always the result of doubt, and doubt loiters and lollygags in the heart and head of every serious writer.

Let me share some examples: Finding yourself stuck in the murky bog of a problematic plot? Doubt. Wanting to give up—no, I mean seriously give up . . . for real this time? Doubt. Feeling paralyzed by the fear of success? Feeling paralyzed by the fear of failure? Worrying that, perhaps, you are a lousy writer who’s been wasting time and money honing your craft? That’s all doubt, and left unchecked, it’ll push open the door so Writer’s Block can stride in like it owns the place.

But don’t panic!

Doubt, like bananas, is healthy! Too many bananas (and too much doubt) will stop you right up. But a banana a day? Yes sir.

Writer’s Block is just a less-gross term for Literary Constipation. It is not going to kill us. It is simply a time where our writing course is altered, or as Dorothy Allison calls it, a “correction.” Writer’s Block is just a correction. A disruption. A few speed bumps. Corrections make our stories (and our skills) more correct. That’s a good thing.

Still, Dorothy Allison was paralyzed by Writer’s Block for three years. THREE YEARS!  Three years of staring at blank paper and screen. Three years of sitting on the literary loo and being able to produce nada. Not even crap-ola. Ack!

May I share what works for me when I’m blocked?

First, I try to figure out why I am blocked. Am I listening to Ron, the all-in-my-head voice that tells me what a crummy writer I am? Am I writing to please and impress the whole wide world? Am I missing something important in my story? Oh, right . . . like PLOT?

Once I determine why I am blocked, I deal with the blockage. Sometimes it’s simple; I spend a few days taking better care of myself. I eat fewer bananas. Drink more water. Increase my fiber.

You have heard all the standard solutions: Go for a long walk. Draw your story on really big piece of paper. Read your writing aloud. Write a scene from the perspective of another character. Vent to a trusted writing partner. Take a break. Work on another project. Organize your junk drawers. Go through old photo albums. Clean your house. Write a letter of resignation, carefully detailing why you will never write again. Sign it, then mail it–snail mail–to your writing partner. By the time she receives it, you’ll probably be writing again.

But sometimes nothing works.

That’s right. Complicated blockage requires calling in the big guns. Two big guns.

Gun #1: When I get really mired in the muck, I remind myself to be kind to myself. (As opposed to screaming, “WRITE, YOU IDIOT! WRITE! NO, SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T STINK!”) Kindness is paramount.

Gun #2: While Writer’s Block is the result of doubt, of tunnel vision and the apparent absence of creativity, it’s also the result of feeling cornered. Boxed in. When I need to free myself and tickle my brain, I read Pablo Neruda’s The Book of Questions. Neruda’s poem-questions remind me that words and language are playful, that I am not at the mercy of the world . . . nor at the mercy of Publishing. I’m also not constrained by the world’s (or Publishing’s) constraints.

A few examples of Neruda’s words:

Tell me, is the rose naked or is that her only dress?

Why do trees conceal the splendor of their roots?

Who hears the regrets of the thieving automobile?

Is there anything in the world sadder than a train standing in the rain?

How many churches are there in heaven?

Why does the hat of night fly so full of holes?

How many bees are there in a day?

I am not suggesting that Dorothy Allison could have unstuck herself with a few Neruda poems. I am not suggesting that poetry is the solution to an AWOL plot. I am simply consoled and invigorated as I witness others playing with language.

Look, writing fiction is really hard work. Being a writer requires tremendous endurance and courage. During the correction times, we need to be kind to ourselves, we need to rediscover the beauty of language and the joy of story, we need to endure. We must, as Dorothy Allison said, “Write dirt until it becomes mud. Write mud until it becomes wine.”

How do you, dear readers, cope with paralyzing doubt? What do you do to unstick yourself when you are blocked? Please share so we know we’re not alone when monsters peek out from under the bed.


Photo compliments of Flickr’s Ian Ransley

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