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02 June 2013 @ 04:03 pm

Hi, LJ. I miss you so much. I feel displaced constantly on the Internet these days. My heart is like a grounded fledgling, staring longingly back at its far-away nest, knowing it needs to fly away but unsure where to go.

(Do you like how we can't blockquote things on LJ anymore because now they auto-format as shitty fucking italics? I KNOW I SURE DO!)

Anonymous asked you:

aja, i just watched inception for the very first time (I KNOW) and now i need all of the arthur/eames fic. what's the best you'd recommend? where should i start? #latetothepartyproblems


*Deep breath* Okay. Ahaha wow. You don't know what an overwhelming question this is for me to be asked 3 years into a fandom whose fics are as good as Inception's. I don't know if I just turn my critical filter off more, or if the fics are just objectively better (i like to think both), but you should know my rec rate is about 40% higher in Inception than in any other fandoms I read in. (I calculated this on Pinboard once, it was ridiculous, haha.)

So when I say you should READ ALL OF THE FICS I mean that with a kind of desperate urgency because they're all so good, haha. Read all of the fics on Phen's enormous 600-strong rec list, read all the fics on Mementis's rec lists, read all of the 2,000-something fics on my Inception pinboard bookmarks, read them all because Inception fandom is amazing, and Arthur and Eames are just. There's nothing quite like them.

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16 October 2012 @ 07:09 pm
This will be of interest to no one but me; I've just been wanting to document, for my own navel-gazing interests, what fics I've written and received for Yuletide over the last 9 years. :)

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29 July 2012 @ 03:15 pm
Hello, LJ! Hello, Dreamwidth!

Fic Rec!

So eleveninches has posted her latest Inception fic, When a Man Loves a Pasiv! And it's not like the other boys! By which I mean it's a Cobbfic. By which I mean, like Cobb, it's a really, really impressive blend of pathos and dark comedy and sociopathy and cluelessness and sympathy. It's a wonderful, smart fic.

Usually when I beta Erin's fics I know where they're going to end up. This time I didn't, and so when I finally read it through, it left me really satisfied, emotional catharsis ringing deeply. I really, really love this one, and if you've ever looked at Cobb and thought:

(source: the mighty beatonna, of course <3

--but still liked the bastard anyway, then this is the story for you. :D

Book Rec!

omg omg omg omg you guys. So, there is this book, Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge. and it is THE MOST WONDERFUL BOOK. *_*

It first came to my attention when I saw jibrailis wistfully tweet about how incredible the writing was, and I thought, 'wow, okay, any book that has Nance envying the writing style is a book I have to pay attention to.' And then chibi_lurrel chimed in to agree with her, so that's two fantastic writers I know talking about how amazing this book is. So I bought it without knowing anything about it, which turned out to be the best decision I made in ages!

(time out to rant about how much i hate that they placed the BANNED banner over this edition of the book. it covers up the gorgeous artwork and makes you think you're in for some kind of YA dystopia, which is not what the book is like at ALL.)

Unbeknownst to me, my lovely friends over at The Book Smugglers had also heard about this book around the same time I did, and they wrote a fabulous review of it here, which you can read! Or you can check out the excerpt-heay review by The Eager Readers on YouTube!

The Smugglers went on to get their eager hands on all her other novels, including the sequel, Fly Trap / Twilight Robbery (UK title), which I am finally reading even as we speak. Quoth Ana: "I am bolting at high speed to buy ALL THE BOOKS by Frances Hardinge and proceeding with great alacrity to read them AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE." This is exactly how I felt, EXACTLY, which is why I now have a blessed stack of Frances Hardinge novels courtesy of the Monroe County Public Library, because the bookstore could not order them fast enough.

The Smugglers' review of FxN says everything I could possibly want to say about the book and also includes my favorite writing excerpts! But I have to add one thing, which is: ZOMG EPONYMOUS CLENT.

This is the first description of Eponymous Clent that we get in Fly by Night:

A week before, a man named Eponymous Clent had arrived in Chough and talked his way into every heart and hearth. He had bewitched the entire village with one urbane twinkle. Clent had brought phrases as vivid and strange as spices, and he smiled as he spoke, as if tasting them. That afternoon, however, Chough had fallen out of love with him just as quickly and completely. Word had spread that a visitor to the magistrate's house had exposed Clent as a notorious trickster and cheat.

....are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Of course you are.


People always talk about how such-and-such book makes them experience joy in the act of reading, but it's so rare that I feel that way when I'm reading a book, taking delight in the way words fall on a page. But I know I'm going to feel that way with all of Frances Hardinge's writing, so: heads-up, there may be more incoherent babbling from me about this author in the near future.

At the very least, I am nowhere near done babbling about my opprobrious love for Eponymous Clent.



Webseries rec: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

I've never really gotten into web series before this. I watched nearly all of The Guild and was like, meh. Then The Lizzie Bennet Diaries happened, omg.

They're exactly what you'd expect them to be from the title: that is, a modernization of Pride and Prejudice in vlog form. But they're also witty, cute, modern without being ~edgy~, and often laugh-out-loud hilarious. Bing Lee is a doctor who carries around stuffed elephants and wants to watch period romance with Jane. Charlotte is a pedantic film school nerd, Collins is a blogger who awkwardly follows Lizzie around Vividcon :DDDDD!!!, the coming of the Regiment has now become Swim Week :D and Jane is........... still Jane and Lydia.............. is still Lydia. :D

It's so so brilliant, and fun, andover 30 eps in we haven't even met Darcy yet, and I'm just enthralled. Caroline is not a bitch REPEAT, CAROLINE IS NOT A BITCH!!! AND SHE AND LIZZIE are FRIENDS and they MAKE FUN OF DARCY TOGETHER AND IT'S THE GREATEST THING EVER!!, and Lydia and Lizzie love each other so much (okay I totally ship Lizzie/Lydia in this P&P AU, but not as much as I ship Lydia/Goth Nerd Cousin Mary ahhhh) and can I just say this is THE GREATEST THING IN MY LIFE right now I love it so much. Deep down all I really want in life = endless quality retellings of Pride & Prejudice. Right now, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is on its way to becoming the best non-fanfic fanfic of P&P I've ever seen.
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27 December 2011 @ 01:13 pm
Regarding my previous post about LJ deleting all comments from deleted users: the comments appear to be still there if you switch to an S2 customized comment page. it looks like if you have an S2 style and you turn *off* the LJ universal default, the comments are still there. However, I am also being told this does not work for all S2 style pages, so you might need to experiment.

Of course, given that many S2 customized comment pages destroy usability, this may not be the best option for many people--it's certainly not for me--but it's a temporary measure if you're trying to do a backup or a DW import.

Dreamwidth account creation is currently open to all without an invitation code through the end of 2011. To create a Dreamwidth account, go here. To initiate a Dreamwidth import, go here.

Per [staff profile] denise, if you are trying to import your Livejournals over to Dreamwidth, and you previously did an import with comments that are now deleted on LJ, those comments will not be lost or overwritten in this new import.

eta: aaaaand we have confirmation from [personal profile] starcrossedgirl that new/first imports from DW are importing the "deleted" contents with no problem. So the data is clearly still intact, and the new LJ default style is just hiding them. D: If you've been hesitating about whether to import your journal over to DW, it may be time to take the plunge.

I cannot find confirmation anywhere as to whether this is a coding glitch or an accidental preview of an upcoming LJ change, or whether it was intentional and unreported to the LJ userbase, but there are several support tickets in and I will update this post as I know more.



It's been a distracting holiday so I haven't gotten a chance to do too much reading yet, but I absolutely love, love, LOVE the fics I got for Yuletide. The gods of Yule blessed me with 5 amazing fics in 4 different fandoms:

  • [Ten]-Four. Summary: It's 2009. Roya's hair has grown out, the elections have come and gone, and Iran has met the Green Wave.

    This is fanfiction for the film Ten (2002). Ten is a brilliant, mesmerizing feminist film by Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, and you can watch the whole thing online here.

    The fic returns to two of the film's characters 7 years later. Whether you've seen the film or not, you should still read this fantastic look at two Iranian women in the middle of the Green Wave. Don't be put off by the downbeat narrative style. It's a perfect recreation of the narrative style of the film, which reveals the lives of Iranian women in short sequences just like this one. It's so fabulous, and its take on both the characters and their position within Iranian society is spot-on. I am so delighted by this fic, and I really, really hope you all read it, and thank my Yuletide Santa for writing something so thoughtful. ♥

  • I also got two AMAZING fics for The Room, oh my gosh. O, HAI, HILARIOUS META-PARODIES!

    First is The Room 2, which takes us on a tour of the characters from The Room 1 via the POV of Ghost!Johnny. Featuring such hilarious and accurate Ghost!Johnny observations as ""Bagels still taste good, even when you are a ghost" and "I love Denny like a son. He takes drugs," this fic will take you on a FABULOUS JOURNEY THROUGH THE AFTERLIFE, Wiseau-style. The narrative pov in this is hysterical. I laughed and laughed. <3

    Second but no less brilliant is The Room: Post-Mortem. This fic takes a look at Lisa's life after canon, with such sheer brilliance as “Why, Johnny, why,” she gargled into the scotchka and "Isn’t it time you get up and go find yourself a new husband?  Someone has to pay for my breast cancer treatment!”! AMAZING. I screamed "U.S. DOLLARS!" out loud and then had to explain to my relatives why I was talking to the air. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, relatives.

  • "I'm Here. You're Here. Someone else actually nominated Cruising this year, which totally blew my mind because I have had no luck ever getting people to fill my requests for gay serial killer fic before. But of course since someone else nominated it, I HAD to request it, because next to Strangers on a Train, the Al Pacino/William Friedkin flick Cruising is my very very favorite of all gay serial killer films. Beneath all the rampant homophobia and gay panic it's a really smart, layered, and ambiguous mystery, and I was overjoyed to get a fic that represented all of its darkness and complexity as well as this one did. It's absolutely fantastic, and if you've seen the film--or even if you haven't, but you just like dark and twisted stories (WHO DOESN'T??), then you should definitely, definitely read this, omfg.

  • Sweet Smell of Success: Sidney's Revenge. Oh my gosh, this fic! My head was spinning just like it was when I saw the film! If you've never seen Sweet Smell of Success, drop what you are doing and GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW oh my gosh. (Or you can wait for next month's movie nights because it is definitely on the menu.) And then after you've watched it, go read this fascinating spin on what happened next between Sidney and JJ and Susan, enjoy the twisted barbed dialogue that's so in-keeping with the original film, and geek out over the subtext. :D :D :D This was awesome.


    I wrote 5 fics and 1 short treat for Yuletide/Yuletide madness this year. 3 of them were for pretty obscure fandoms, but the other 3 are pretty well-known. 3 of them are super-predictable if you know me at all; 2 of them I'm actually really fond of, and 1 I'm really proud of having written, so. Yay. :D

    I don't expect anyone to guess what I wrote; but if you do guess at least 1 of the 6 fics, then you get a ficlet from me, any pairing of your choice as long as it's a fandom i'm in. (Or one of my past yuletide fandoms!) If you guess 2 of the 6 fics, then, uh. idk, I WILL DECIDE THAT WHEN IT HAPPENS. :D

    I wanted to do dream_holiday recs in this post, because they are all so wonderful, omfg, but I'm out of time, so I'll just say READ! READ THEM ALL!

    Also there are so many exciting things happening in Inception fandom right now! [community profile] inception! [community profile] arthur_eames! [community profile] reception! insearchtion! oh my gosh, so much to do, SO LITTLE TIME.

    Update soon - hope you all are enjoying your holidays!

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    let's get the seven lines.
    OMG YOU GUYS. So, like, on Twitter a little bit ago I asked, "is there fic where Arthur and Eames try really hard to have casual sex & keep failing because they're TOO MUCH IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER? :)))"

    and obviously there are 8 jillion fics where this sort of thing happens unbeknownst, but i was thinking of something A BIT MORE HILARIOUSLY UNSUBTLE THAN THE NORMAL.

    And then, AND THEN, omg, [personal profile] mirabella wrote it. OMG SHE WROTE ARTHUR-AND-EAMES-FAIL-AT-HAVING-CASUAL-SEX FIC. AND (obviously, because it is Mira) IT IS HYSTERICAL AND HOT AND SWEET.



    SHIT, OH, AND I FORGOT TO MENTION: way way back in October I posted this awesome prompt (if I do say so myself) (come on, it has picspam. and as [personal profile] cobweb_diamond put it, Arthur's Cock Montage) on i_k, which basically was requesting Shop Around the Corner /anonymous internet sex fic, mingled with a helping of size kink. :D And LO AND BEHOLD, [profile] trololoception is filling it and it is fabulous so far! Hot and funny and I can't wait for more. GOSH. IT IS A NICE DAY TO BE AN INCEPTION FAN. :D

    my fandom is the best fandom <333333

    You can also read this entry on Dreamwidth, where there are currently comment count unavailablecomments!
    let's get the seven lines.
    Hi, el jay. I should have all kinds of updates and recs and flail here, but instead I just have this one thing, and that is:

    In Certain Light, Arthur/Eames, WIP, currently up to 23 parts

    In my head I compare this fic to calligraphy -- slow, finely wrought, so smooth and painstaking and gentle, with a long slow build to the finish. This fic. Oh, this fic. It's so cleanly written, so perfectly in-character and painful without ever losing faith; and the picture it gives you of Arthur and Eames and how well they both know and (yes, love) each other is breathtaking and confident and so beautiful. I love this fic so much. Currently it's one of my favorites in the fandom.

    I know it's a WIP but there is a strong trend of people finishing their WIPs in this fandom, and this author has been updating pretty regularly. So, yeah. If you aren't reading it, then why on earth not? And, I mean, in terms of amazing WIPs, I love Table Stakes, and the Military AU, and of course the newspaper AU, but so far this fic is my new standard for Inception fandom WIPs. :D


    Oh, and since I'm reccing WIPs (shut up, i'm kind of in over my head with WIPs at the moment), I might as well go ahead and tell you that amazingly_me's WIP where Arthur is the son of Santa Claus is the most wonderful thing ever to exist as a fandom holiday fic. Omg. *_* And Try To Keep It All the Year, Arthur/Eames.

    It is snowing today in Norfolk. Omg snow. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    let's get the seven lines.
    26 October 2010 @ 12:49 am
    I've been posting my Inception recs on Sundays, or trying to--so I apologize for messing up my own schedule. I especially was eager to post all last week because oh my goodness I loved every last fic I read last week, Inception fandom, all of you artists and authors are getting better and better all the time and you all make me so happy to be here watching it happen. <3

    I'm not sure how handy these recs are, because really they're just repeats from my Delicious account, but I guess I'll keep doing it (for lack of anything better to do) until I get bored or no one reads them, whichever comes first. Be that as it may, EVERYTHING I READ THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME. EVERYTHING. So, although you've probably all read everything here by now, here's the straight-up list of shit I loved, in no particular order:

    • So, I'm actually secretly glad that I waited til tonight to make these recs, because tonight eleveninches reminded us all why she's one of the best writers in this fandom or any fandom, and posted ten thousand words of Arthur and Eames engaging in the dorkiest, most redundant game of blackmail-you-for-sex ever to exist ever. It's amazing. It's adorable. It's intimate and sweet and hysterical and totally hot, and it has all the deadpan droll horrified Cobb moments any fan could ask for. Also, it has a kitten.

      How Do You Talk To A Point Man

    • And since I'm reccing Erin, I'd be completely remiss if I didn't point out the giant epic (totally plotty, whatever) PWP she posted on Bina's meme: I fail at the P part of PWP, in which Arthur and Eames snail mail each other into a blithering frenzy dskj;fd. So epic. so fucking hilarious. So gorgeously long and fun and hot, did I mention hot. So hot.

    • Oh, and then she wrote fic where Cobb actually helps Eames cope with Arthur instead of warning him away, and I think EZ/Fandom!Cobb may be my new OTP, and oh, my god, I have missed sharing a fandom with this girl so much.

    • BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! because she also wrote life-changingly epic team karaoke fic, featuring Ariadne/Yusuf and Arthur/Eames, lady gaga and a korean love motel. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED FROM LIFE? SERIOUSLY?

    • Porn! Be My Thrill aka FISTING fic from hermette, and holy crap have you ever read anything so hot! certainly i've never read fic with this particular kink that managed to be so completely intimate and infuse such passion and desperate longing between the characters. it was, dare i say it, ~symbolic~ fisting. and it's SO GOOD :D

    • Um. You guys all know about sickletongue, right? And you've seen her stunning and incredible Mafia AU Arthur/Eames fanart, right?!?!?! (psst! there's a bigger version here for all ya'll who are greedy for high-res like me.)

    • skyvehicle's Roadtrip 'Verse got a *fantastic* update this week, in Part three: panic bells, it's red alert. And she promptly got that song stuck in my head for the next fortnight rocked this series up into one of my favorites in this fandom. Seriously, she started us off with this unbelievably tense Eurotrip and then gave us equally shaky but smoking hot sexual tension, and in this update she gives us fistfights and miscommunication and EVERYTHING VIOLENT AND HOT AND SNARKY AND INTENSE that we love about Arthur and Eames, and i just, ahhh, I can't wait for the next installment in the series, but I could be satisfied with this trilogy alone, because it's so fantastic. <3

    • Really, there's no need to even tell you all to read tequilideas's Fashion Week fic, yes? I mean. You've all read this because it's the HOTTEST MOST HILARIOUS WONDERFUL SUIT PORN IN THE UNIVERSE, correct? THOUGHT SO.

    • Oh my god and then there was even more catboy fic, and jibrailis' roundup just keeps growing and growing and it's so wonderful, what in the WORLD IS GOING ON. And if you're still following her post then you've already read these, but if not, then you definitely don't want to miss chibi_lurrel's Inception/Loveless fusion. Even if you're not a fan of the catboy meme, this fic is so subtle and charming it's just delightful all by itself. MROW. oh my god and then there's lifeasacloud's KITTENFIC CONTRIBUTION, and i just. went to pieces. Not to mention pointwoman's gorgeous genderswapped catgirl!Arthur. And then she followed up with more, here! I don't even have to tell you that this is why we're hot. :D

    • Three words, fandom. Care. Bear. Wedding. I am the last person on earth to read angelgazing's fic, and I suppose that the only explanation is because I hate beautiful things, including puppies, children and stuffed animals, and Arthur kissing Eames on his stupid fuzzy cheek. But it's okay, because reading this fic is the actual equivalent of an actual care bear stare. It's like a long line of Funshine Eameses lining up to glow at you. I THINK MY SKIN ACTUALLY STARTED TO SPARKLE LIKE A CULLENBEAR WHEN I READ THIS. in short, you should read this if you love beautiful things, because your life will be better for it. and you should read it if you are two_if_by_sea hate beautiful things, because your rotten and decrepit heart will expand like freeze-dried potatoes. Just add love. <3

    • Stamina by apiphile. This fic is so refreshing, because Apiphile is all about them being men--specifically men who are shit at communication but all about getting to the porn, and this is hilarious, hot, and engaging on multiple levels.

    • Every time atomicskull writes anything I do a private dance of joy, because whatever it is is going to blow my mind, and this fic, "lady of war," is no exception. It's Philippa, grown and taking on her mother's challenges, and finding herself, and moving straight into the unknown with a little help from people who've been there before; and it's terrifying and exhilarating, and exactly what you want to read.

    • this whole post but especially the last sketch by sandrocks/onthecount is SO ENDLESSLY DELIGHTFUL. Arthur's smirk and Eames' self-satisfied expression just say SO MUCH. I think this is one of my favorite depictions of them ever. <33333

    • I read 2 longer epics by mami_san this week that everyone else has probably already read; but I'm slow, so bear with me. They're two separate fics in two separate universes, but I read them back-to-back and really enjoyed both.
      One is The Perfect Recall Series, which starts with a story called Black Jack.
      The other is the Military backstory 'verse, The Music Makers.
      I think both of these fics are really interesting and ambitious, and flawed in different ways; but taken as a whole I'm pretty impressed, holy crap. There's a fascinating military history in "Music Makers" that posits that Arthur and Eames were basically marooned together after the Somnacin Project was abruptly scrapped; and the whole slow buildup of their relationship is very nicely done. And there's some plot stuff in the Perfect Recall 'verse that I don't think makes technical sense in terms of how dreams work, and some things I feel could have been far better developed--but overall I just devoured this fic and enjoyed almost every bit of it: the detailed job descriptions, the awesome UST, and the meticulous worldbuilding.

      I especially think Black Jack is the best of the fics and can stand alone as an excellent fic all on its own; so if any of you want to read a long, smoldering UST-filled Arthur/Eames fic, do give this fic a try. And then if you want to keep reading, know that you have a whole long plotty story ahead of you to enjoy. :D

    • gyzym gave us not one, not two, but three amazing installments of the Domestic Verse since my last update: take the long way home, life long local foreigner, and having let go forever the fallacy of ever being alone.

    • so two_if_by_sea went on an "anything but Arthur/Eames" kick, and I can't even regret the loss, because seriously. seriously. Arthur/Saito, Arthur is Saito's beautifully sulky, inexorably hot, kept man. just read this shit and marvel. And her contribution led to weatherfront writing more of the same, and oh my god, kept man!Arthur really is as hot as they keep telling me he is.

    • (this link is not work safe. (if this link *is* work safe, where you work, ARE THEY HIRING?) UM. UM. UM. UM. innueneko, weatherfront, and jibrailis tear the roof off the place, basically.

    • AND SPEAKING OF WORK PRODUCTIVITY: the best fanart ever about what's *actually* inside Arthur's moleskine. :D

    • nami86 gave us the world's hottest Arthur/Ariadne fanart, and I've been looking at this all week and it never gets less gorgeous. <3 Also check out her Arthur/Ariadne/Eames sandwich, mmmmmmmm yes.

    • dkaj;da okay, i don't really have like. fics of the week or anything, BUT IF I DID, THIS WOULD BE MY ~DRUMROLL~ FIC OF THE WEEK!!!

      It's amazing, it's color-coded, it's ~specially formatted~, it features cute little pixellated fawns, it comes with its own glossary of terms and definitions, IT'S BASICALLY AN ANONYMOUS CHATROOM FIC, ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FIC TROPES EVER, and it's, oh, yeah, an Arthur/Eames WoW fic. AND IT'S SO AMAZING. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON AND I WAS LIKE "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER READ PLEASE NEVER STOP." ALSO, [Mordeci-Dreadmaul] TOTALLY SHIPS THEM. JUST SAYING.

      And!!!! omfg now there's adorable omake art by red_rahl to make it even more inconceivably perfect. I just. HOW CAN ANYONE HATE THIS FANDOM, YOU GUYS, IT'S THE MOST AMAZING PLACE EVER EVER <3333333

    • So Cathy and I were talking a while back about what it must be like to be a random projection, just going about your business, and all of a sudden you're COMMITTING ACTS OF VANDALISM AND VIOLENCE AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. so then I prompted that for the kink meme: and it got the most wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent fill I could ever have asked for. Unaware projections in love. please read it and tell the author how amazing they are. ♥

    • another older fill that i've somehow missed til now, which is a shame because it's wonderful: Going South by Anonymous. It's ostensibly about surviving international temperatures in great suits, but it's really about how Arthur and Eames learn each other, casually and sweetly, over time. i loved Arthur so much in this, not repressed or stodgy or anything except casual and confident and patient, and I loved the dynamic between them, how real and quiet and comfortable it was, and i LOVED the crazy jobs in the background, and the way they were watching and waiting each other out, all the time. Just. lovely.

    • loobeeinthesky drew Arthur/Eames, and it's awesome.

    • jibrailis gave us one of the most wonderful Ariadne/Yusuf fics I've yet to read for this fandom, The End of Science. I love this pairing, and this is so, so fierce and quiet and awesome.

    • This quick and dirty Arthur/Mal meme fill by Anonymous is absolutely everything I love about this fandom in under 500 words. Fabulous.

    • AND YOU GUYS. months ago chibi_lurrel wrote the most fucking phenomenal Arthur/Eames -> Arthur/Robert fic and stashed it away on her LJ, and I didn't find it til now, and oh my god, my mind was blown just like it always is by everything she writes. BUT SERIOUSLY HAVE YOU READ THIS? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR, OH MY GOD. oh my god. Infornography. READ THIS FIC. *beats things*

    • gyzym wrote Don't Feed Me, Seymour, which actually has nothing to do with Little Shop of Horrors and everything to do with Arthur and Eames being pants at communication. I read this fic while I was at work and laughed for like TEN MINUTES. OUT LOUD. it was the best day ever.

    • you guys remember earlier when i made a post about a few Inception fandom Guys & Dolls-related fics, yes? Well, amazingly, i have more to add! because of all wondrous things that wonder, dybji has written an inverse Guys and Dolls AU: The World-Wide Weakness, in which Arthur is Adelaide, and Eames is Nathan Detroit, and it's so marvelous that if I were a bell I'd be ringing.

    • I don't know anything about this artist, other than that they are from the Japanese side of fandom, but I do know that this portrait of Eames with his hand on Arthur's cheek is one of the loveliest pieces of fanart I've ever seen. ♥

    • I FUCKING LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH. last time i recced fics I recced addandsubtract's hysterical bear trap fic. Well, she's written a sequel / parallel flip side to the same, and it takes everything hilarious and light about the first fic and shifts it into something just a little deeper, wiser, and more unique. If the first fic was bear-trap!Eames, this one might be called mental-trap!Arthur. And if the first fic was all about Arthur saving Eames from certain danger, well, this fic is all about Eames saving Arthur from himself. It's brilliantly considered and so well-written, and Arthur is amazing. with a rifle or a gun. Read it, read it now. (and obviously read the bear-trap fic too, because, uh, BEAR TRAPS. what other excuse do you even need.)

    • so, believe it or not, my fluff meme's walking on air still going strong at 2900 comments, holy crap. And people keep adding to it, as you can see for yourself! You may find fics you haven't read yet, so feel free to poke around! :D

      That said, one of my favorite recent fills is this subdued, lovely Arthur/Eames ficlet by cobweb_diamond. Arthur and Eames are in Monte Carlo, and in love.

    • Another reason I am glad I waited til later to do these recs is because yesterday amazingly_me posted the world's greatest political AU, and idek honestly why I'm linking this because you've all already read it a dozen times over by now if you know what's good for you. I love what she brings to her AUs in this fandom. She reminds me a lot of Pru, with her invigorated writing style, her penchant for snappy dialogue, and distilled moments of conflict and emotion, fueled by love and raw energy that just glue you to your seat. It's wonderful. I hope she keeps writing for us forever.

    • Inception fandom, you guys are unfailingly lovely and encouraging, and you give each other good things with boundless energy. So, to honor your tremendous giving spirit, I feel there is no better rec I can leave you with than this fic where the team has a snowball fight, by towel_master.

      A few statistics, for fun:
      - The fluff meme has a ridiculous 2883 comments in just under 19 days.
      - Yesterday I tagged my 900th Inception link on my delicious account.
      - That's not counting the 375 Inception fics I've saved privately, the 200 inception fics I've saved as duplicate urls, and the 289 Inception fics that I still have tagged to read.
      Thank you, fandom, for staying so busy, and keeping me on my toes. :D

      Until next time, lovely fandom! ♥

    let's get the seven lines.
    15 October 2010 @ 05:49 pm
    Now THAT'S What I Call Suit!Porn!

    skldfskfj;jfjdkj;sdadjd ahhh this fic is amazing, NEVER HAS FASHION RESEARCH BEEN PUT TO BETTER USE
    let's get the seven lines.
    Disclaimer #1: I already know I am going to miss including some things that have made me super-happy lately, because there's just so much. I am trying to round up a lot of things, but I pre-emptively apologize for all the things I am leaving out. Fandom, you are so vast and amazing and you renew yourself daily, and I do pretty good but I just can't keep up with you!!!!! <3

    Disclaimer #2: I've had a lot of conversations about recs lately, so I just want to reiterate that reccing something means that I read/saw this and it made me really happy. My recs are about sharing joy with each of you, not claiming any kind of aesthetic value. (i mean, i have a "bestficever" tag on delicious, but to give you an idea of what you're dealing with, that tag includes a fic where david cook buys david archuleta a giant stuffed teddy bear, okay. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HAVING GOOD TASTE.) In short, I hope this list makes you guys as delighted as it makes me. <3

    surely this list will in no way contain DOOM!Collapse )
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