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omg say hello to my Yamaha P-85! She is new! (well, clearance discounted, but STILL SO NEW AND SHINY AND AMAZING). She has a pedal! she is sensitive to touch! She plays dynamics! She has a crystal-clear perfect beautiful sound and 88 beautiful keys and she comes with headphones so i can play her all the time as loud as I like, and I will pet her and hold her and love her and squeeze her and I'm going to call her Maayah! That's an anagram of Yamaha! OMG YOU GUYS SHE IS SO PERFECT! ALSO THE PIANO STORE GUY THREW IN THE PATHETIQUE SHEET MUSIC FOR FREE (y)!

but what i'm trying to say is basically omg i have not had a piano of my own in ten years and it is the best thing ever. ever.

and! best of all! this means that now i can start really focusing on writing my pseudo-parody all-girl feminist YA fantasy musical!
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