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Yuletide nominations blather!

The biggest challenge for me for yuletide this year I think will be figuring out what among my 6 nominations to leave off. Unless they change the rules, you can nominate 6 fandoms but you can only request 4? And I am in love with all of my nominations.

I redid my nominations twice. I started out with:
The Emperor's New Groove
Justine Larbalestier - Liar
Once On This Island (musical)
Strangers on a Train
Threadless T-shirt Designs
Whip It (movie).

I ended up with:

- Justine Larbalestier - Liar: I just did a book giveaway for this book, that is how much I love it! And if you have read it you know exactly how much potential for incredible fanfic it has. :D

- Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (album): they approved albums for this year, which means that I can nominate JEFF MANGUM/ANNE FRANK FOR YULETIDE :DDDDDDD My character list for this album made me so happy. Jeff Mangum! The Communist's Daughter! The King of Carrot Flowers! The 2-Headed Boy! Protagonist, "Oh Comely!" Antagonist, "Oh Comely!" Anne Frank! happiness!

- Once On This Island (musical): This is one of my favorite musicals. It's one that has lived with me as I've grown up, and I want to live in the universe for just a little more. There is a handful of adorable gen fic for this at ff.net which makes me ridiculously happy.

- Richard Connell - "The Most Dangerous Game": For 2 years running I have promised myself I would nominate this and then forgotten. I used to sit in tutoring EVERY DAY while I taught that short story and think about how much I wanted fanfic for it. :( And by "fanfic" I mean "dirty gay serial killer porn."

- Requiem mass (any): After I nominated NMH, I started thinking about how many transformative works have been based off instrumental or other classical works. We already have opera fandoms in the archive, and songs. Why not choral works? I performed 2 requiem masses this year and I have been thinking about them a lot. And the Schnittke & Brahms Requiems are my favorite classical works, period. For the "characters" of this category, I nominated a bunch of different requiems - I think I chose the Verdi, the Schnittke, the Mozart, the Faure, the Durufle, the Brahms, the Rutter, the Stravinsky, the Britten, and the Lloyd Webber. Because they all *are* different characters; they each live and breathe as different beings and transform the original subject of the requiem in profoundly different ways. I'm really hopeful that anyone who writes this will go interesting places with it!

- Strangers on a Train: this is my favorite Hitchcock movie. It is probably the whole and sole reason for my enduring love for gay serial killers. I have asked for this fandom at least 2 years running. Maybe this will be the year we finally get Yuletide fic for this fandom, because seriously, the world needs more Guy/Bruno love! The odd thing to me is that there's always enduring interest for Rope slash in Yuletide each year, but none for Strangers on a Train, even though SoaT is a much better film in so many ways. I kind of wish Leopold/Loeb RPF was just its own category, or maybe just "serial killer - RPF" :DDDD. Perhaps then the amazing Robert Walker might receive his Yuletide due for creating the most creepy, charismatic, loveable, memorable gay serial killer ever. :D

I am so pleased about this list! The only thing I am sad about is that somewhere in there I nominated and then un-nominated Vesper Holly. OH VESPER HOLLY. I have nominated this fandom 3 years running and never gotten it, and I figured I wouldn't get it this year either, so I shouldn't waste a nomination on it when so many other things were calling to me. Maybe next year.

This is the first year I've ever taken such care with my nominations! And I am actually really happy I did because I feel like thinking it through like this means that I actually have a decent shot at getting fic that the writer has a really enjoyable time writing. Also, I have a book, a musical, a movie, an album, a short story, and choral works in there! it is genre-licious! Also in each of these canons there is potential for het, femslash, slash, and potentially genderbending & even species-bending.

Finally, I am so pleased that there is double - no, actually, TRIPLE potential for gay serial killing in this list. GAY SERIAL KILLINNNNG. *runs around*

But - problem: how am I ever to decide upon just 4 requests out of the bunch? D:
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