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thinky thoughts

Things I am thinking about.

- gendered language, and language that expresses complicated and/or problematic power dynamics. i am trying to use less strongly gendered words and phrases. it's pretty easy, so far, for me to notice when i use certain words pertaining to the traditionally female. it's easier for me to check and/or correct myself. i'm having a much harder time noticing when i use traditionally male-centric words. it is really hard to analyze speech patterns when thinking about the connotations of words makes you realize just how much of your vocabulary is rooted in expressions of complicated power dynamics. i've been thinking a lot more about that lately, too, especially in the ways we're encouraged to express women relating to each other (the catfight, the bitchslap, the wife versus the other woman, the cheerleader vs the nerd with glasses; all these relationships that force women into power struggles that are male-instituted); but it's nothing i can really even critique at this point, just stuff i'm trying to be more aware of.

- whether Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the rest of the Millennium trilogy is anti-feminist; whether it exploits women with pervasive themes of violence, or whether its point (wake up to the war of violence against women) makes the extremity of violence in the books/film unnecessary. i am torn about this, honestly; i've thought about it a lot internally in comparison to Watchmen, to figure out where on the spectrum it lies between "casual exploitation," "conscientious use of exploitative themes to make a point," and "exploitation to make a point that ultimately gets lost in all the exploitation."

i think ultimately Larsson's story (at least the first book; i've not read the rest yet) is largely problematic but saved by the presence of several strong female protagonists, especially Lisbeth Salander. paceus has a discussion going about the movie v/s the trilogy. i'd love to hear thoughts here as well. (i also share more of mine in my mini-review of the book.)

it sounds like, from what P said, that the film leaves out a lot of extenuating nuances that the book left in, and gives us a more shallow & exploitative storyline. i think Larsson very carefully tried to make women anything but catalysts for male violence fantasies in his book; whether they fell victim (the murder victims), escaped (harriet), stayed to fight (lisbeth), or found a way to navigate between the superimpositions of male desire (erika), they definitely weren't pawns.

- i tend to keymash and use text-based emoticons as i type, very casually. have done so for years. i have not thought about how this could potentially impede communication for readers, but gnomicutterance has just put up a post that touches on how vital adaptive technology is in a computer-based enviroment.

i think the only thing to do is to recognize that adaptive technologies are not generally equipped to parse things like gibber-speak and d-facing. and since there aren't enough spoons to go around as it is, i will have to find a better way of communicating flail-based emotions.


but enough thinking. What I would really like, if there are any country music fans out there? are country music recs. Lately I have been wanting tons of Jace Everett & Taylor Swift & Trisha Yearwood & Alan Jackson in my life. Who else should I be listening to?

finally: this is the most awesome thing i've seen all week. Zombies vs. unicorns? Zombie unicorns, of course.
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