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yuletide 2008

don't mind me. I just wanted to stash my unfulfilled requests from last year's Yuletide somewhere so I can keep them. I always lose track of what I am requesting from year to year. Enough of that.

Danielle Bennet and Jaida Jones - Havemercy

I want dirty, dirty, fuck-your-brother-and-still-feel-perfectly-all-right-about-it-while-you're-doing-it-again-in-the-morning Thom/Rookcest please. In canon, post-canon, I don't care. (If you want to write in-canon, anywhere's great, but I'd LOVE to see that amazing UST-filled balcony scene at the ball taken to its logical conclusion. Guh.) Anything with Have and the other (remaining) DC members would also be great, but really, just have fun! I'm easy when it comes to these two characters: I just want porn! :D But I'll also, if slash isn't your thing, be perfectly happy with more of the conflict-ridden dynamics that fill the books, especially if set post-canon. :) :) :)

Lloyd Alexander - Vesper Holly

Any/Dr. Helvitius/Vesper Holly
I love Vesper - she's my favorite ass-kicking heroine. And I really, really want to see shameless, down-and-dirty, ruin-your-childhood Vesper/Dr. Helvitius porn. Dubcon is okay, but I'd really like to see Vesper, who's such an amazingly sensual character, just get it on with the ever-suave Dr. Helvitius just because she wants to. (As part of a mind game? Who knows!) .Honestly, though, Vesper and Brinnie on adventures and Vesper generally being brilliant and hot and sexy and putting the 'arch' in archaeology would make me really happy. I love Dr. Helvitius, though, and if you can find it in your heart to revive him after the last book (what's a little drowning to the great doctor, anyway?) I'd be awfully pleased to watch him sparring with Vesper again. In any case, if you write this, please just have fun with the characters and the series and I'll be elated!!!! <3

Strangers on a Train

Any/Bruno Anthony/Guy Haines
Gay. Serial. Killers. Everyone loves them; everyone wants gay serial killer fic! :D And as amazing as this movie is, you know you don't watch it for the tennis. ;) Feel free to use elements if you want from the original Patricia Highsmith slashfic, er, I mean short story, if you want. The point is: Guy/Bruno. In-series, post-series (fake deaths!), gen, porn, creepiness, subtext, whatever you think fits the awesome that is Hitchcock + Highsmith + Robert Walker + Farley Granger + gay serial killing madness (with carousels! ^_^) Run with it, baby, it's all yours. <3333


the only one of these I'm requesting this year is strangers on a train. Havemercy is popular enough I don't need to, and if I remember correctly, I've nominated Vesper Holly every year without any takers. So, meh. Maybe this time it will be my year for gay serial killers in love.
Tags: books, gay serial killers, yuletide

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