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2009: Yuletide, Top 10 lists, Happiness, etc. (you belong with me)

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

  • YULETIDE!!!!!!!! I totally cheated and signed up twice (don't try this at home, kids), because I had too much love in my heart for YT this year, omfg. So I signed up twice and got two amazing

    - I got fanfic for Liar - the amazing YA novel by Justine Larbalestier: "You think you know" by Anonymous (aka my new true love).
    It's vital that you not be spoiled for Liar before reading it, so this is one fanfic I'm loathe to recommend for those who haven't read the book. (The book is fantastic, btw, one of my favorites of the year.)

    One of the things that I absolutely adore most about this fic is that it doesn't just pick up and keep running in circles with the complex themes of the original story--it could be so easy to do that. But instead this fic picks up the complexity of Micah's narrative, and all the themes of lies, identity, gender and sexual confusion, and expands them. Reading this fic is like seeing a whole new layer of the original story being carefully and deliberately peeled back while you watch. It's enthralling. It's also hot, creepy, and beautiful, just like the original fic. Micah's voice is tough, tender, and perfect. The writing is fantastic, and I love how much thought the author has obviously put into the many mysteries and unanswered questions of the original story. Sarah is also a joy to behold in this fic, and the relationship between her and Micah, as they struggle to deal with the aftermath of canon, felt believable and real and raw.
      But I still felt a shiver run up my spine when I had those clothes in my hands, when I looked Sarah straight in the face, at the challenge in her eyes, and started to put them on. Mostly I wear things that are neither male nor female, make me look half one thing and half another. But it always felt good when I was naked with Zach and he looked at my breasts and my belly and my hips and told me I was beautiful. It felt good, watching Sarah watch me, with the reflection of a well-dressed boy in the mirror at the corner of my eye.

    Guh. This is one story I don't want to let go of. It may be my favorite Yuletide gift ever.

    -I got absolutely brilliant Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fic!!!!!!!!! King of Your Satellite Castle by Anonymous
      I'm sorry, Mr. Nelson. We've contacted your previous 'enslavers''at the Gizmonic Institute. They claim that you are a ravening necrophiliac and cock-fighting aficionado with a penchant for enjoying Ed Wood films. And also that they've never employed … er, 'enslaved' you, in any capacity. Ever. Good day.

    I can't even really describe this fic. It's incredible. It's brilliant and funny and excellent. It is my new personal canon. Excerpt: No, he thought to himself, no. I'm not a prisoner anymore. I don't have to wake up in a cold sweat, dreaming of being strangled by celluloid. I will never again have to stare into the labyrinth of Tor Jonson's eyebrows. I mean. Just. *flails* It's post-MST canon, which is amazing enough on its own, its elegantly written, sparse, hilarious without being crackfic (!!!!), and it's PEARL/MIKE, OH MY GOD YES. It has amazing lines like periodic clouds of people, bedecked in trendy sunglasses and holding small dogs (!!!!!!!) and He found the spidery gold robot relaxing on the couch, a remote clutched in one implausible hand. He was watching the food network, his bulbous eyes shot through with simulated veins. CROW. omg i love crow, he is perfect in this fic. And Mike! oh, my god. There's such a terrible hilarious pathos to this fic:

      Every Wednesday night the local television station broadcast a terrible, terrible film. Crow discovered it first, shortly after Gypsy escaped from the basement and fled to the west coast to make her considerable fortune. At first Mike was scornful: why should I spend my Wednesday night glued to the couch, watching Bela Lugosi point at things ominously and John Carradine smooth his grossly over-oiled locks? But gradually, gradually he found himself drawn to the familiar cocoon of horrific cinema.

    it speaks for itself, really. i just. this fic. i don't have the words, and i love it so much. it's so smart and brilliant and hilarious, WHY ARE YOU NOT READING IT YET.

    Yuletide was so good to me this year.

  • Guess which fics I wrote, you guys! :D

  • my big christmas present this year was not, as i had been led to believe, a shiny trip to Europe or Japan. Oh, no. It was a shiny pan flute. A PAN FLUTE. :DDDDDDDDDD A pan flute with a terrifying bird/Wookiee hybrid carved on the front of it. I am calling it Chewbeaka.

  • am busily in the process of falling in love with my BRAND NEW SHINY TAYLOR SWIFT DVD OMG.

    ******actual scene at my house in TN over christmas hols*****
    Mom: I know you won't like this, but let me explain--
    Me: *shriek* OMG TAYLOR SWIFT!!!
    Mom: ...wait, really?

  • "I'm in a blissful state of like -- 'oh, i just put a corset on and i can still breathe!' " <-- please someone write me taylor swift/david archuleta fluff. please. the world needs this. i need this.

  • Friday Night Lights still amazing beyond description. this tumblr may be the best thing the FNL fandom has ever done (except where is Lyla Garrity???????) MATT SARACEN AND PRETTY LITTLE DRAGONFLIES. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.

    Top 10 lists, 2009:

    Top 10 12 favorite fanfics I read this year:

    (in no particular order because how could i even.)

    - Drastically Redefining Protocol by incomparable Pru, the fic universe I actually want to live in and write fanfiction about, screw Merlin, I'll take this Crown Prince. Jesus this fic has nine hundred delicious saves. Nine hundred!!!!!! rule on.
    - MERLIN! aka the amazing fratboy!AU by moonythestrals that changed all our lives.
    - Inexpert and Unexpected Things, aka The Hug Fic, oh my god, by amalin, quite simply maybe the best best best latter-canon harry/draco fic that exists.
    - Reparations, by saras_girl
    - the ones who were taught Petrov's defense, by two_if_by_sea, who can write all canon fics for me, forever.
    - Perfect Day by scrtkpr. It has been such a long time since an H/D fic both enthralled me this much and felt so completely like a synthesis of canon details. I love love love this fic. <3
    - Reparo, by amalin, quite simply the best eighth-year Harry/Draco fic that exists. I would not still be in H/D fandom if not for Amalin.
    - Taking Liberties by thehoyden, the jeeves & wooster fic of my heart *_*
    - Chains and Fetters by jaegecko, a Friday Night Lights genfic that gives me back Tyra Colette, which is all I want from life.
    - Three Tasks by syllic. This fic is my new favorite fairy tale.
    - the game of kings, by fahye_fic. Seriously one of the smartest and clearest, sharpest HP fics I've ever read. <3
    - Woke Up Married by celli, oh my god there are no words for how much I would never ever ever leave Cookleta fandom if only every fic were like this. GOD.

    (in no particular order because I am lazy.)

    - . Oh, you guys, this story, these characters, I love them so much.
    - , with love.
    - . i think this book made me cry more than any other i've read this year.
    - , and i begin to see what all the fuss is about <3
    - . I feel like I can't talk enough about this book.
    - , the novel that made me remember that at heart, I will always love period genre lit best, and sent me running into its beautiful arms.
    - /. when book 3 comes out i am going to go to the store selling it and wait outside with a pathetic TEAM DEREK sign until they let me in and give me my book, oh my god, and I will not be ashamed.
    - . I just. *flails* this book was so fantastic in every way I wanted it to be. I was not expecting it at all, and somehow that just made it so much better.
    - . this. this. this. i don't think i have laughed so hard or felt such sheer joy in reading in years. To Say Nothing of the Dog made me remember what that felt like, but with Wodehouse it was a religious epiphany.
    - and finally, there was Nero Wolfe. <33333333333333333333333333333

    I don't think I have any other lists to make. Oh dear. Perhaps I will crib an end-of-year meme. This year was hugely significant for me in a lot of ways, but they aren't really ways I can dwell on. I will just end by saying: goodbye and pax, 2009. Thank you for helping me grow.

    2010, you are shiny and perfect, and I will try my utmost not to mess you up. ♥
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