let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

"There's no compromise that I can't fake, no indecision I can't make"

...am this close to installing Adobe Premiere so i can make a Holmes/Watson vid (from Holmes' POV, obviously) to "Bad Things." Yes, that would be the True Blood theme song.

Which is ridiculous because the first and only vid I have ever made was in 2002, on movie maker. s;fsd. I don't really think I am up for this challenge. And yet.

Actually I kind of want to vid all Jace Everett songs ever to this movie--most of them from Watson's pov. "I talk like a junkie, but I pray like a saint." *_____*
Tags: famous last words, it's not in your face it's in my hand, why am i like this

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