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1. Snowpocalypse! 2. Tarot yay! 3. Sherlock Holmes meta! (it's friday night & i'm bored.)

Yay! It's time for another round of what seems to be rapidly becoming a weekend tradition: sitting at home drinking wine, watching Sherlock Holmes, and playing around on the internet!

1. So it's like. Snowpocalypse all over the Southeast, apparently, and the gov. of VA has apparently already declared a state of emergency even though there is NO SNOW ON THE GROUND YET anywhere, lol, but supposedly it's coming zomg.

Thus, I have done the proper thing, and gone grocery shopping. Yes! I have gotten provisions. If I'm to be snowed in (and trust me, I'll believe it only when I see it) then I want to be well-stocked. So I have got things like chips and salsa, and lunchables, and ice cream!

2. I did one of my two Tarot readings last night for help_haiti and it was fun! I think I honestly enjoy doing readings for other people more than I enjoy doing them for myself. Sooo.... first 7 commenters to this post: ask me a question and I'll do a mini-reading, single card, for you!

3. Earlier this week I wrote syllic (I WON HER SHE IS MINE YAY :D) regarding the epic sherlock holmes fic i want her to write for me. I wound up babbling (she told me to!!!!) about holmes/watson, and it was fun. Specifically:
- It seems very evident to me, watching the two of them interact, that to both RDJ and his character, Sherlock Holmes, Holmes & Watson's love has an extremely sexualized component, while quite plainly to both Jude Law and his character, their relationship is platonic.  Idk, flisters, would you agree? I feel like their (many, many) interviews across the board are consistent, though there is one interview (when he's ALONE, which is, perhaps, significant?!) where Jude Law says something like "why do we have to call it a bromance, why can't we just call it a romance?" so maybe he is enthusiastically ambivalent on the subject??? 

- I also think it's really significant that, compared to the original canon, Jude Law's Watson is decidedly less the starstruck fanboy we traditionally see in him, and more the put-upon Oscar to Sherlock's Felix. But Downey's Sherlock basically wears his heart on his sleeve for Watson the WHOLE TIME, I mean come on. (I was telling Franzi this morning that I have great hopes that in all seriousness, they'll do a trilogy, in which the second film ends with Downey's Holmes passionately, desperately kissing Watson before he goes off to the falls to face Moriarty. Could you not totally see that? I could totally see that happening. And of course I want her to get her fake death reunion scene on screen, complete with snogging, in the third movie. TALK TO ME GUY RITCHIE I HAVE IT ALL PLANNED OUT.)

- but... re Sherlock's one-sided love..... Watson (Jude Law's Watson) has to know on some level that all that love is for him. So is Watson just stubbornly resisting this? Is he honestly that clueless/blind to what's there? Is he legitimately straight, closeted, or so repressed that he doesn't share Sherlock's feelings, or is he completely terrified of allowing himself to feel anything in response? OR maybe Watson is the all-too-aware one and Sherlock is completely clueless about his own heart, and Watson, with all the difficulty of someone who enjoys watching things be difficult for Sherlock Holmes, is determined not to make it any easier on him, and maybe all the frustration and aggravation that he bears in the film is a product of having waited so long for Sherlock to figure it out that he's finally said ENOUGH ALREADYand that's why he's trying to cut ties and move on?

(Again, that would be RDJ's OWN THEORY, oh my god, that "Watson's not pulling away, he's falling in love," jesus christ how is that a direct quote, how did they not make out in this movie, i think RDJ made a different movie than everyone else did and that's why his interviews are always like "LET ME TELL YOU HOW SHERLOCK AND WATSON ARE FUCKING! :D" and JLaw is always just like *facepalm*. No seriously it would explain so much.)

But what are your theories on all this, people? Is Watson just fronting or is he really just a straight fanboy destined to break Holmes's heart?
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