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LOOK WHAT nickel_curry MADE ME FOR MY help_haiti AUCTION.

omg omg omg. *runs around*

Sherlock Holmes Theatre

by kuroineko on deviantART


      (and if you haven't checked out her art, please do so, because she is amazing. DN theatre is the joy of my life.)

      seriously, oh my god. WATSON'S DISGUSTED FACE. THE FLAILY HANDS. JUST. *______* FOREVER.

(turning comments off bc you should be flailing at her not me omg omg IT'S NOT A TAIL. DE-EVOLVING. EXPERIENCING WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A MONKEY. JUST. CRYING.)

p.s. she says she might do more of these omg that would make my life. PLEASE REVIEW AND ENCOURAGE HER.
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