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the uproar rising, no way out, no end--

  • i saw blood done sign my name last week. it's a film about advancement of civil rights and a hate killing in the small-town South in the 70's. i feel i need to warn for random white privilege (it's based on the autobiography of a white child whose father, a pastor, was an ally, and there's a lot of 'look at the white guy rock the boat' that detracts from the story's larger theme of how the black community came together and demanded action and change in their town). and it definitely had its share of flaws as a film. but it had strong performances by a very talented cast, and i found it earnest and moving. if you get a chance, do try to go see it.

  • Does anyone know if there's a public version of deepad's entry where she talks about the cultural misappropriation of Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty? I was trying to explain to someone why I have issues with Bray's writing the other day (I've talked about this, and especially her toying around with the dead lesbian trope, before); but when I went to pull up the post as a reference point it was locked.

    Although "WE DON'T FUCKING EAT SNAKES!" sums it up pretty nicely, I think. ETA: here it is! Thanks, _fx (whose journal you should all be reading.)

  • Signal boost, courtesy of @kathlit on Twitter: the campus of UC San Diego has been plagued by ongoing race-related incidents for the last month. It started with 2 extremely appalling 'unsponsored' frat parties designed to mock Black History Month, one of which, spearheaded by members of Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity, called itself "Compton Cookout."

    It escalated into what seems to have become a horrific spiral of racefail: students using racist symbology all over campus, including hanging a noose in an on-campus library, and using the n-word to describe student protestors on a campus radio show. In response, minority students walked out of a teach-in in protest of the university's attempts to deal with the situation, and the community has been scrambling ever since to deal with the fallout. It's my understanding that UCSD had a very small minority population to begin with, and recent events have brought to the surface a number of deep-seeded issues and underlying racism, as well as sexism and other issues of minority discrimination.

    StopRacismUCSD has been documenting the events and urging action.


    I am reading The Iliad, and there is this one passage that I can't stop thinking about.
      Book 12
                They rushed to obey him,
      Some swarming over the top at once, others streaming in
      through the sturdy gateways -- Argives scattering back in terror,
      back by the hollow hulls, the uproar rising, no way out, no end --

      Book 13

      But once Zeus had driven Hector and Hector's Trojans
      hard against the ships, he left both armies there,
      milling among the hulls to bear the brunt
      and wrenching work of war -- no end in sight --
      While Zeus himself, his shining eyes turned north,
      gazed a world away to the land of Thracian horsemen,
      the Mysian fighters hand-to-hand and the lordly Hippemolgi
      who drink the milk of mares, and the Abii, most decent men alive.
      But not a moment more would he turn his shining eyes to Troy.


    lately i've been feeling that i am doing exactly nothing with my life. And by "nothing," I mean: nothing that's a betterment, either of myself or the world around me.

    I think I need to break clean away and start over.

    Poll #1532894 Hello, my friends. I have a srs question

    what should i devote most of my time/energy to? how do you think I could be my best self and make a difference to the world? :|

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