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Yesterday, I read cesperanza's amazing "Sheppard's Law," which I had been putting off for some unknown and ungodly reason. If you haven't read it and you're at all a fan of SGA (or even if you aren't), you absolutely shouldn't miss it, because it's long and fantastic and amazingly plotted and heartwrenching and awesome. Afterwards, I wrote a story tag which you can read here if you want - but it's very much connected to the fic so you definitely want to read the fic first.

(Mostly I am only posting about this because I think 'To Say Nothing of the Dogtag' is the greatest title ever. Everrrrr. copinggoggles will agree with me.)

Tonight I took a plunge I've been thinking about for many years, and bought a tablet!!!!!! A Wacom Bamboo, nothing fancy. I am not an artist by any means, I am buying it solely to mess around with and maybe remember how to draw at roughly the level I was at in 7th grade, lol--because I ..haven't really drawn at all since then.

Anyway, I did something messy and artistic with my tablet and Artpad and now I will show it to you!

It is not much but I am happy :D

Ask me a question and I will answer you with sloppy tablet handwriting! :D
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