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let's get the seven lines.

i think i'm getting a little better! i am making myself do drawing exercises and then rewarding myself with an actual drawing of a face instead of a bunch of circles or a vase, lol. NOSES ARE HARD. :(

It's been a while since i've done more of the musical theatre tarot deck that i started last fall, but earlier this month I added a few cards into the mix. I feel like this card is one of the most important ones. It's important to me to use all of the major composers in the canon in the major arcana, and ideally only once each for the 22 cards--which will be hard when it comes to Rodgers & Hammerstein. Others I anticipate having trouble with are Cole Porter, Irving Berlin (because really, where does Annie Get Your Gun fit, argh), and Porgy & Bess. I might also leg Rodgers & Hart sneak into the major arcana, because, come on, Rodgers & Hart.

Anyway, here's 17, The Star:

I'm really happy with the cards I have done so far, I think they all work really well. This card is married really well to the show, I believe, though it took me a long time to really see it. I thought using Carousel for the star because there is a literal star in the show was really silly. Then I was doing the help_haiti reading kessie won from me <3! and while I was in the middle of it I realized that Carousel's real connection to this card is in the idea of communion and renewal. This is the card that tells you that you'll never walk alone.

This makes me happy. And the fact that there is a literal star involved just makes it that much more awesome.

Other cards I'm toying around with:
The Tower - Mama Rose's nervous breakdown (lolllllllllllll but seriously i love this i think it's perfect)
The World - Cabaret <-- still waffling on this but I really like the symbolism here

minor suits:
the 10 of cups: this is the sound of music FOREVER, i mean look at this card, is that not just asking for the von trapp family singing on a mountaintop.
queen of swords: this can only be Evita. I think of this as the BNF card, lol.

and finally:

Sir Alec Guinness would be enraged that I called him a character actor! Apparently he was plagued to the end of his life by people who only knew him from Star Wars. Some say he grew to be quite bitter about it. Oh, the hardships of being universally beloved.
Tags: bad drawings, tarot, theatre
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