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Blog Recs! :D

alg asked us to rec blogs and feeds we follow to her, so I made this list and figured I'd post it here. Which means I get to ask the same question of all of you: what blogs are you reading and following that you love and/or find the most informative/entertaining/relevant to your interests?

I am really sporadic about reading most of my feeds. I took them all off GReader and made LJ syndicates for all of them, and I've divided them into 4 general categories: blogs about reading, blogs about writing/publishing, blogs about socio-political issues, and blogs about other random stuff. I'm still working on finding a workable way to read everything regularly, but I think my most-loved blogs would prolly be:

Blogs about Reading:
The Story Siren (do i even need to link this) aka thestorysiren
in which a girl reads aka inwhichagirl
My Favorite Author aka myfavauthorfeed, though the updates are a bit sparse these days
guys lit wire aka guyslitwire
Black Teens Read Too aka blackteensread

Blogs about Writing (or by writers):
Tribal Writer aka justine_musk
Query Shark (queryshark)
Justine Larbalestier aka larbalestier <333333333333
Kristin Nelson aka pubrants

Blogs about Sociopolitics:
Tiger Beatdown aka tigerbeatdnblog omg <33333
Fugitivus aka fujitivus
NK Jemisin aka nkjemisinblog
Ta-Nehisi Coates aka ta_nehisi_atl
Seeking Avalon aka seeking_avalon
TransGriot aka transgriot

Blogs about everything else:
Hey Oscar Wilde <3 - i think the LJ feed is broken :(
Caustic Cover Critic aka causticcovers
Desire to Inspire aka desiretoinspire <3
Everything I Know I Learned From Musicals aka from_musicals
Smashing Magazine aka smashingmagazin <3
Kiki Strike aka kikistrikeny. this is ostensibly a blog to promote the Kiki Strike series but it's so quirky and fun and great, i heart it.

Also (obviously) the Penny Arcade and XKCD feeds, and beatonna. And my flists on LJ/DW, because i learn from amazing people on a daily basis.

Okay: your turn!

(P.S. After this can we do a book recs post? Kara has been wanting one for the longest time.)


You can also read this discussion at DW!

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