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Guardian of the Dead - Review + Giveaway

- First things first, I'd like to announce the winner of my Magic Under Glass giveaway: kagyakusha! Congratulations! :D

Okay. So, last week I read karenhealey's debut YA fantasy, Guardian of the Dead.

Look at this gorgeous cover *__*
The thing about me that frustrates, not just myself but I'm sure the people around me, is that I hate, or at the least am completely uninterested in 90% of what I read and watch. The fact that I tend to squee so loudly about the 10% is partly because I'm always just so grateful when I run across something I love, because I start feeling like the problem isn't in what I read, but in the fact that I'm just a Hatey McHaterson who Hates Everything. I read a lot of YA. And most of the time, I'm gritting my teeth or eyerolling or giving up halfway through because I just. don't. like. what I read. And afterwards I'm like, well, maybe it's just the genre, maybe the genre is not your thing! But there's something that draws me back to it over and over, like I keep looking for something in it, and on the rare occasion I come close, I get really excited.

And then I read Guardian of the Dead. And it's NOT ME. It's not!!!! Because this book exists and it has given me everything I wanted, and everything I didn't know I wanted, and I LOVE YA FANTASY AFTER ALL.

I didn't know that I had an absolute list of what I wanted in a good YA fantasy until I read Guardian of the Dead, and then I realized that I did. In fact, my review of this book can best be summed up by all the things on my Idealistic Impossible List of Things I Want from a YA Novel, That I Never Knew I Could Have, That GotD Miraculously Gave Me, Like a Bingo Card From The Gods.


    Guardian of the Dead is one of the best YA novels I've ever read.
    You should buy it if you like horror-tinged folklore-rich urban fantasy.
    You should buy it if you want to celebrate strong female characters doing incredible things.
    You should buy it if you want to celebrate diverse characters, cultures, and mythologies in your young adult literature.
    You should buy it if you want to encourage writers who are aware of issues of privilege and how to combat them, and writers who seek to incorporate multicultural narratives into their stories without appropriating them in harmful ways.
    You should buy it because if you buy it, there might be a sequel, and I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THIS.
    You should buy it because it's about three subgenres of fantasy rolled into one, and it excels at all of them.
    You should buy it because it has an asexual main (supporting) character. An ASEXUAL MAIN CHARACTER.
    You should buy it because it is everything you ever wanted YA fantasy to be after you read Twilight and despaired at all that YA fantasy had become.
    You should buy it because it's amazing. AMAZING. After she was done [personal profile] effex sent me an email just to flail about it, because after you finish you need to flail at somebody. That is such an amazing feeling. I LOVE YA, REALLY <333333
But, in case you can't afford to buy it right now, I'm giving it away, because this book is phenomenal and important and there need to be a million copies circulating around the world, in eager giddy hands, right now.

To enter to win a copy of Guardian of the Dead, comment here by Noon EST on Friday, April 16, 2010.

You can also buy it:
- from your local independent bookseller
- from The Book Depository (Free shipping!)
- from Powells.com

And after you're done reading, you can ask the author questions and participate in the book discussion right here.

Just. You guys. I can't even talk about this book properly yet, I'm still overwhelmed at how fantastic it was. It was so good. So, so, so good.


You can also read the discussion on LJ!

ETA, 4/16: congratulations to the WINNER, [personal profile] esmenet! :DDDDDDD

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