let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

i just finished re-reading The Demon's Lexicon.

My real review to come later, or maybe just lots of meta, because i have been writing essays in my head all week.

but right now, i just want to say how much i loved this book upon re-reading. i loved it so much.

i didn't expect re-reading it to carry this much of an impact, because when i read the first time, i picked up the Key pretty early on. but even knowing in advance both times i read didn't detract from the experience for me this time around. if anything it felt even more like plotting points on a treasure map as i went.

and even more moving this time around was the emotional connection between Nick and Alan; last time i cried a lot, but somehow this read-through made everything feel so much richer and more intimate--maybe because i also knew and loved and felt at home with Jamie and Mae as well, so the entire team felt like a whole family to me.

and the other thing that just gutted me is how richly plotted and layered and complex this book is. It's so smart and fabulously executed, and you could probably draw about a hundred metaphors and allegorical comparisons straight from the character of Nick alone, let alone all of this book's secrets and hidden truths.

i just really, really loved it. i think it is difficult, and compelling, and emotionally wrenching, and both times i've read it, the ending has broken me into pieces in the best way. it's beautiful, brilliant, and deeply moving. it's smart and funny, and i love everyone in it. go on. ask me how much i love Mae, with her determination and practicality and amazing pink hair, wearing dozens of bracelets because that's who she truly is, who wears crop tops with her sexy round stomach and dances like an artist and climbs up ropes without using a harness, and will do anything, anything, to protect her brother. and jamie, beautiful, nervous jamie who uses humor as a deflection tactic, who has no problem letting everyone see his earring and his lavender shirts because those things, too, are a deflection; who has more in common with nick than either of them will ever admit--nick who uses canned sarcasm as a defense mechanism to keep from having to use real words to discuss real feelings; who fights dyslexia and sociopathy on a daily basis but knows what it means to be alan's brother. oh, nick. nick. nick. alan, who has a plan, really. oh, alan, who i don't know what to do with, who broke my heart a million times over this read-through. oh, alan, who always finds ways and reasons to keep hoping.

so anyway, this is me updating through my emotional catharsis to encourage everyone to read The Demon's Lexicon if you haven't already.

because it is amazing. and it really, really, can't have enough love.


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