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So, i casually went to take this survey about book blogging and then stared at it sadly, because i realized that they're talking about book blogging on a scale far beyond what I attempt here with my livejournal.

i've been thinking seriously about book blogging on a more regular basis.
if i did it, i would do it with concerns very different from most book bloggers that i read, i think; that is, i would be talking about what books do and don't do right from sociocultural standpoints, because that's typically how i critique books as i read them--at least YA, which i think is becoming more or less my genre of choice.
also, it would be with a fandom perspective, because i can't just leave that out.

i don't know if either of those things would make this hypothetical book blog suitable for reading ARCS or previewing books sent by publishers. there's the little matter of the way i tend to be very blunt if i don't like something. and i have a feeling that would be a little off-putting? maybe?

that said. i'm still seriously thinking about doing it, and have been for a while. so i looked at that survey with a wistful sigh before closing it out and coming to make this post.

Poll #1553061 Book Blogging: your opinion, please!

Should I start blogging about books more regularly?

yes; you kind of already are, so why not?
no; stick with fandom, it's what you're good at.

If I started posting about books more regularly, should I -

just keep everything on LJ/DW
make a separate blog just for books

anything else?

shortly to come: demon's lexicon stuff (Mae: i love her and i will TELL YOU WHY).
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