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I'm done explaining why fanfic is okay.

Edit, October 2013: here's the rebloggable version of this post on Tumblr. You have open permission to link/cite/reblog this post. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this post and shared suggestions and corrections. Thank you all, and thanks everyone for reading! Edit, March 20, 2012: This post has been updated with new additions to the list as well as more details regarding current listings. To understand the background context to this post, it may be helpful to read this post. (Or maybe this one.)

Dear Author of the Week,

You think fanfic is a personal affront to the many hours you've spent carefully crafting your characters. You think fanfic is "immoral and illegal." You think fanfiction is just plagiarism. You think fanfiction is cheating. You think fanfic is for people who are too stupid/lazy/unimaginative to write stories of their own. You think there are exceptions for people who write published derivative works as part of a brand or franchise, because they're clearly only doing it because they have to. You're personally traumatized by the idea that someone else could look at your characters and decide that you did it wrong and they need to fix it/add original characters to your universe/send your characters to the moon/Japan/their hometown. You think all fanfic is basically porn. You're revolted by the very idea that fic writers think what they do is legitimate.

We get it.

Congratulations! You've just summarily dismissed as criminal, immoral, and unimaginative each of the following Pulitzer Prize-winning works:Collapse )
Tags: fandom, fanwork 101, meta, my flist is sugoi, rants
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May 4 2010, 23:56:38 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  May 4 2010, 23:57:22 UTC

Not sure if you're wanting extra ammunition, but I didn't see Ten Things I Hate About You* in there ;-)

*Updated Taming of the Shrew

Brilliant, brilliant response that will probably fall on her deaf ears. Thankyou.
Oh, and add another Taming of the Shrew re-write - Kiss me, Kate
Brilliant. This post makes my day; I am struck by the immediate desire to link everyone who complains about fanfic to it. Er. I will resist that urge. But it's there.
Wow. Excellent response!
This is excellent. Thank you, thank you, thank you. &hearts
Fantastic post that has really made my day. I linked to it on my LJ as part of a larger rambling on fanfic.
I'm also here via DG's whiny rant about evil fanficcers. I would just like to say, we don't know eachother and likely will never meet, but THANK YOU for what you wrote! It was masterful and very true. Fanfic is all about love and a different interpretation of an author's work. The idea that anyone who writes it is some kind of lazy criminal is ridiculous! So thanks again for your defense of a shared passion!

Thanks for a well written post. As an addenedum, IIRC, Lovecraft was quite flattered when fans of his works wrote and expanded on them.
That argument is old, and in the meantime people are moving into their fourth decade of writing Star Trek fiction.
Bwahaha, my favorite sentence. Thanks for the post. :) There needs to be some kind of acronym like YKINMKAYKIOK, except applying to fanfiction.
Heh, that acronym reads like it ought to be Klingon :)
*claps*!!! Hear! Hear!
Thank you for this! I just wanted to let you know that I've included this post in a linkspam roundup on my blog.
You are totally awesome.
I'm saving this post with delight.
This is a thing of beauty!!
I love you just a little bit right now.
Thank you!

Tho her more level-headed response still makes her sound batshit insane to me. :P
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