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First, I spent the weekend in D.C./Alexandria with _fx and her sister, and it was awesome. Awesome and intense! Intense sightseeing, intense eating, intense walking, and for one of us, intense reading.

See, I got a call from my local indiebound bookstore about an hour before i left, and they told me that my copy of Demon's Covenant was in!!!!!

And, okay, this made it inevitable that despite what I feel were my very earnest attempts at pretending not to be an antisocial bookworm, I spent every available moment of the last 2 and a half days with my nose deep in the second book of sarahtales' Demon's Lexicon trilogy.

and omg omg omg omfg.

I'll do another non-spoilery review later. i just need to say I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH HOLY CRAP. non-spoilery flailing behind the cut tag.Collapse )

I loved it. Hands-down, no negatives whatsoever. Any reservations I had, and more importantly all the reservations I've seen people express over the last 12 months, with regards to the first book? They're null and void. I've seen a lot of people say it has "middle book syndrome" (truth: i have no idea what that really means) but whatever, it was the strongest middle book of a trilogy I've ever read. Ever.


eta: Full spoilery gushing below has been moved to the spoiler discussion/squee post. The non-spoilery summation of all squee can basically be summed up as: CRAWFORDS FOREVER <33333333.


The Demon's Covenant comes out in the U.S. in a DAY AND A HALF. You would be wise to buy it and read it immediately, and then come and flail at me about it. The cover, by the way, is gorgeous in person, the bright blue is so bright and pretty and Sin is gorgeous and it's so thick but not hefty, it's just GREAT, THE BEST, PLEASE EVERYONE BUY IT. <3 x INFINITY.

Okay, so, now I am going to do that thing where I give away a copy of it. BUT since it's the 2nd in a trilogy, I am going to do a giveaway for *either* Demon's Lexicon (Book #1) or Covenant (Book #2).

So, commenting on this post has 3 rules:
1. to enter the giveaway for The Demon's Lexicon, please type "Lexicon" in the subject line and "entry" in the comment itself. :)
2. to enter the giveaway for The Demon's Covenant, please type "Covenant" in the subject line and "entry" in the comment itself.
3. to discuss the book, please click on this link directly and then DISCUSS AWAY OMG.


Also posted to Dreamwidth.


eta: Congratulations to both winners! the winner of Lexicon, jeeps, and the winner of Covenant, remula!
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