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INCEPTION RESOURCES for basically everyone on my flist, bc it is ALL ANYONE CAN TALK ABOUT :D

So I've had like 5 requests for Inception-related things today, which is hilarious because I HAVE YET TO SEE THE MOVIE. hopefully going tonight. But my delicious network has literally been inundating me with links about this movie non-stop for 10 days, so I feel pretty confident about the following roundup:

The Kink Meme:
  • Enormous Prompt Post #1 (6k comments & up)
  • Enormous Fandom friending meme.

    The Communities
    [community profile] inception on DW
    inception_bang - obligatory Big Bang community

    Inception has fucking taken over my delicious network, no lie:

  • lilynjodus's inception recs (100+ links)
  • [personal profile] amber's inception recs (25+links)
  • audiopilot's inception recs (10 links)
  • thatspotonthe's inception recs (10+ links)
  • animeartist's Eames/Arthur recs (10+links)
  • [personal profile] effex's inception recs (7 links)
  • search_soleil's inception recs (20 links)

  • All items matching "Arthur/Eames" on Delicious
  • All items matching "Arthur/Ariadne" on Delicious

    hackthis, who is traditionally generally one of the first people to write brilliant fic for trendy fandoms, has 2 fics up that have been making the rec rounds (both Arthur/Eames):
  • Hotter Than Tales of Crack Peddlin'
  • You Can't Hide the Sun with Two Fingers

    aaaaand here's some arthur/eames fanart:
  • Dream of Me
  • Arthur/Eames and Arthur/Eames sketch by littlemute

    Inception-related meta / reaction posts:
    (this is mostly for [personal profile] nny, who was asking. Note: have been desperately trying to keep myself spoiler-free so I haven't even clicked on any of these posts! I don't think most of these are too spoilery, but I'm not sure what spoilers even *look* like for this movie because I feel like EVERYONE EVERYWHERE is casually talking about it, so, ahhh, YMMV):
  • glitterati's reaction post and second reaction post (note: locked)
  • riddering's reaction post
  • effervescent' reaction posts: one, two, and three.
  • [personal profile] jlh's reaction post
  • potter's reaction post
  • buffyx's reaction post (note: locked)
  • svmadelyn's reaction post
  • [personal profile] amber's reaction post
  • [personal profile] effex's reaction post.
  • [personal profile] tongari's reaction post with bonus fanart!
  • [personal profile] ethrosdemon's reaction post and follow-up

  • Inception Explained: Unraveling the Dream Within the Dream
  • Roger Ebert: The Myth of a Perfect Film
  • Flicksided: 50 Things About Inception
  • CinemaBlend: Inception Analyzed by Dream Experts
  • Never Wake Up: the Meaning & Secret of Inception
  • ONTD: Dreaming As Filmmaking and The Ending (of Inception)

    Aaaand that's me finished. If you have any more resources for all of my obsessed flisters, feel free to share them in comments!

    (But please, please, PLEASE do not spoil me, ONLY A FEW MORE HOURS AND THEN I CAN PROBABLY BE AS OBSESSED WITH IT AS THE REST OF YOU. *bites nails*)

    (eta: Okay, spoiler alert for all comment threads on the LJ post. Feel free to dive in and join the discussion, all!)

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