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inception fandom, my heart is so full of you (there is no room for anything more)

How to become completely obsessed with the best movie fandom of all time (OF ALL TIME!) in 10 easy steps:

1. Decide that even though you are unimpressed with the trailer, the hype, and the buzz, and mildly resentful of everyone telling you it's the greatest thing ever, you might as well at least see the movie once so you'll know what all the fuss is about.

2. See the movie. Think, 'well, that was fun but it wasn't that great. And all the Arthur/Eames shippers are on crack.'

3. Realize after a few days have passed you're still thinking about just what the heck the stupid defibrillator was even for, and why does everyone think Eames' totem is a poker chip again? Reluctantly decide to see the movie a 2nd time, convinced that 2 viewings are really just you being magnanimous because you want to win arguments about whether the top fell.

4. See the movie again. Discover to your shock that Tom Hardy is actually in the movie. Realize that all the Arthur/Eames shippers are telling the honest-to-god truth. Be amazed at how much fun you have.

5. Realize days later that you've been humming Edith Piaf for days without succession, and that your co-workers are starting to give you odd looks because you keep making jokes about checking your totem and you've made your desktop background into chibi art of the hallway fight scene.

Insist you're just doing it ironically.

6. Attempt to explain to your friend that you already knew about the soundtrack kick overlapping with the song because you stayed through to the end credits, unlike all those other idiots who had to find out through the viral video.

Ignore your friend's blank looks. This means nothing.

7. Discover the squinting Cobb meme. Secretly practice the squint.

8. See the movie a third time. Tell yourself it's just for the soundtrack this time. Really.

9. Hesitantly approach fandom, dazed and shaken because you appear to be fixated on a cast of transparent, cardboard, flimsily written characters who are probably all projections anyway, and you no longer know who to ship because you're secretly in love with everyone and you think you might just want fic where robert plays with the pinwheel and they build sand castles on the beach and maybe there's, idk, a good genfic or something out there where you could just sneak a peak, maybe you'll just take a quick look at--.

10. inception_kink.


(i really, really want to make an inception recs post, but at this point it would seriously look like this:

hi you should read ALL THE FICS

this fandom. this fandom.)
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