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As if stunning fanart wasn't enough, temperance_k has written fanfic inspired by my post about the dynamic between Eames and Arthur. Oh, my heart. This fic is so lovely and smart and sad and full of longing and gorgeous painful character insights, and it's basically everything I was trying to say about this pairing and couldn't dredge up the words for. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did, because, oh.

*flails and flails*


also, you guys, i've figured it out, i've figured out what i can feasibly compare Inception fandom to.


- Source: DUBAI IS NUTS!!!

Dubai in 1990 prior to the craziness

The same street in 2003


Fandom in 2010, prior to Inception

The same fandom, end of July-Present

Conclusion: THIS FANDOM IS NUTS!!!
Tags: 2010, inception, recs

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