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Okay, so, I have been away for what seems like YEARS. I am just now getting back in the swing of things and I have god knows how many kink meme threads in my "to-read" folder on gmail, and I have going on 200 inception fics to-read from delicious, and no, I have not heard JGL sing Bad Romance yet.

So this whole post is an exercise in DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.

5 Things You Can Do to Keep From
- Getting Totally Behind in Fandom
- Feeling Totally Overwhelmed With Your Post-Inception-Fandom Life
- Wanting To Cry Just From Looking at inceptiondaily
- Much Less inception_kink;

How to READ ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!

  1. Skip your flist and LJ memories and use Delicious to hunt down quality inception recs.
    - you don't have to filter through masses of fics to find the good stuff because fandom has already done the filtering for you.
    - The number of saves a fic has tells you exactly how many people loved the fic enough to save it. It's a cold impersonal statistic that removes all the politics from fandom recs, and it's awesome.
    - Not only do delicious users catalog fics for you, but they describe them when they do so, and the collective descriptions about a fic often tell you more than any single rec could.
    - you can subscribe to tags and tag bundles, so you can filter by ships, kinks, tastes, whatever suits you--or any combination therein.
    - you can follow the saves of specific people (aka in your network) so you can watch what people with reliable or similar taste are saving, which is another way to filter for recs.
    - it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. (No seriously, my internet life before Delicious is roughly akin to my life in the real world before they invented Clorox Wipes. Shut up. SEE, THAT CLEAN ALL THE THINGS ANALOGY= NOT ACTUALLY AN EXAGGERATION.)

    You can benefit from Delicious without even signing up for your own personal account. Go here to start browsing the inception tag.

  2. Don't bother with individual thread-tracking. Instead, track the Fills Post at inception_kink.
    - Why: It's neater and cleaner, and the kink meme mods have worked up an excellent format for fills listed on that post that tell you quickly if you want to read a fic or not.

  3. Combine tracking the Fills post with a special gmail tag.
    When a kink meme fill comes into your inbox, simply look over the prompt, decide if it's something you want to read, and tag it "to read" or something similar. Then archive it and forget about it until you're ready to come back to it. That way you'll have quick access to all the fic you could ever want, right there in your inbox.

    Okay, this next section for *** serious Delicious Users**** only! (read: Aja is a dork.)

    Take it from someone who has saved something like four thousand fics on Delicious: when you're scrolling through your subscription or network page or general tag pages, the best thing you can do for yourself is skim based on whether you've already saved a link or not.

  4. When you're using delicious, try to tag *everything* you come across, even if it's not necessarily something you want to read again. The more you tag, the more you save time later on, because instead of looking over fic descriptions, you can simply scan the page until you find a link that doesn't already say "Saved." That link = new fic. :DDDDDDDD

    4a. I have a private tag that's just "have-read" that I use for basically every fandom I read in. Even if I don't like something, I can tag it "have read" and forget it. That way, I never forget that I've already read it and accidentally click on it again and get halfway through the fic before I realize I've read this fic before.

    4b. The hard part about fandom and delicious is that you have so many different search strings and multiple locations a fic can be posted at: on the kink meme, on the author's personal journal, on the author's dreamwidth, on the author's AO3 account. And that's not even taking into account format=light and style=mine and #comments and so forth.

    The solution? Make a "crosslink" tag or something similar on delicious, and when you come across a fic you've already recced/saved, simply tag the other version of the url "crosslink" or something similar.

    Again, the goal here is to be able to skim quickly based on whether you've already saved a fic.

    4c. Use the "to-read" tag liberally, in your delicious account and in your gmail inbox. The more you let yourself save fics now to read later, the less you feel pressured to keep up with the fandom as it's passing you by. I generally try to take ten minutes or so every day just to go through my delicious network and/or my flist and tag fics to read. That way I can get to them on the weekend, or whenever I have a free moment.

    The result of doing all this tagging (which isn't hard at all, especially if you use Firefox with the Delicious extension--and really you shouldn't be using Delicious without doing both) is something like this:

    When I skim delicious, my eye is automatically drawn to the 3 links I haven't saved instead of the 4 I have. It's yet one more filter on top of filters, and it's a quick and easy way for me to find new fics quickly :D

  5. . Let the other high-powered fandom users do the heavy lifting for you! For instance:
    - meiface is tracking all of Superanon/weatherfront's fanfiction, here on her delicious.
    - hackthis has been posting a slew of fic recs every Friday, and it's a pretty nice quick view of the Arthur/Eames side of the fandom.
    - remula's Inception rec list puts everyone else's to shame, holy crap, (if i'm adding right?!?!?!) there are 900 Inception recs here. Follow them on twitter or at remula_recs/simplepleasures. :D
    - inceptiondaily. Obviously. ;)
    - oh, why not include myself: I've saved exactly 500 links tagged "Inception" on delicious since July 26th.

    P.S. The only thing close to this for me is the number of SGA fics i have saved, and it took something like 6 months to amass that many, *and* most of those aren't even public links. Counting non-public inception links, I've nearly maxed out the same amount of tags in 6 weeks for this fandom. GOSH, fandom. just. GOSH.

    p.p.s. YOU GUYS, I LOVE THIS FANDOM. :((( that's all :DDDDD
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