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The world is full of money, full of money

So, eleveninches wanted to know if I was going to do another fluff meme any time soon and i was like PEOPLE ARE STILL COMMENTING ON THE FIRST ONE KSJFA; at her, and then we gibbered at each other about how much we love this fandom.

So, a) I want to point out that there are a bunch of new commentfics you might have missed, in addition to the great Catboy Meme, also still going strong, in case anybody wants to drop by and give love/enjoy the reading/pitch in.

b) I also would be most remiss in not pointing out Bina's RIMMING MEME, HOLY CRAP. And I feel it goes without saying that the world needs more Arthur/Eames rimming fics, but I also need to specifically encourage everyone to give Eames' ass a go, because I have very strong opinions regarding Arthur's thoughts on what he would like to do to said derriere. Um.

c) Also *also* -- omg acidpop25 is hosting an Inception Genderqueer Meme. EVERYONE GO AND SUBVERT YOUR LEAST FAVORITE HETERONORMATIVE PARADIGMS. preferably with porn.

This fandom has been so great this week. i have been caught out grinning like a loon every day because of the fics and the conversation and the general hilarity and awesomeness and the love. A couple of my friends are experiencing fandom fatigue, which is totally natural given how completely intense this fandom has been; but personally, between the fluff meme and the catboys and the general feeling of cameraderie, i'm getting a second wave of energy, and it's all wonderful. Inception fans, you are all wonderful, every last one of you. ILU A LOT. <3

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