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A fic rec. (or ok maybe a slew of fic recs but really just one)

Hi, el jay. I should have all kinds of updates and recs and flail here, but instead I just have this one thing, and that is:

In Certain Light, Arthur/Eames, WIP, currently up to 23 parts

In my head I compare this fic to calligraphy -- slow, finely wrought, so smooth and painstaking and gentle, with a long slow build to the finish. This fic. Oh, this fic. It's so cleanly written, so perfectly in-character and painful without ever losing faith; and the picture it gives you of Arthur and Eames and how well they both know and (yes, love) each other is breathtaking and confident and so beautiful. I love this fic so much. Currently it's one of my favorites in the fandom.

I know it's a WIP but there is a strong trend of people finishing their WIPs in this fandom, and this author has been updating pretty regularly. So, yeah. If you aren't reading it, then why on earth not? And, I mean, in terms of amazing WIPs, I love Table Stakes, and the Military AU, and of course the newspaper AU, but so far this fic is my new standard for Inception fandom WIPs. :D


Oh, and since I'm reccing WIPs (shut up, i'm kind of in over my head with WIPs at the moment), I might as well go ahead and tell you that amazingly_me's WIP where Arthur is the son of Santa Claus is the most wonderful thing ever to exist as a fandom holiday fic. Omg. *_* And Try To Keep It All the Year, Arthur/Eames.

It is snowing today in Norfolk. Omg snow. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Tags: inception, recs

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