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let's get the seven lines.

Yahoo is shutting down Delicious.com

Yahoo's PR department has all but confirmed.

You can export all your existing bookmarks to html here. After that, ........well.

Diigo lets you import links from delicious and it's free; however its search and tagging functionality are limited, and apparently it "doesn't play nice" with dreamwidth links? eta: not sure what "doesn't play nice" means; any details would be helpful. Apparently you have to have an existing account to see shared links; another minus--Diigo doesn't import the full text of delicious notes--apparently it only incorporates Delicious's old shorter character limit for the text field. D:

Pinboard is supposedly an excellent service that lets you do most things for free, but there's a one-time signup fee of $6 that will mean it may be unlikely that fandom en masse is going to move there. However, according to meiface, "the fee increases with the number of users, so if you want to hop on this bandwagon, hop on it ASAP." Pinboard allows for importing or mirroring of your Delicious bookmarks. FYI this is probably what I'm going to go with as a safeguard against losing my existing links. No telling about uploading new ones, though.

The Archive of Our Own has a bookmarking system for anyone with an account, but I believe it only applies to fics posted on AO3. (?) eta: no, apparently it does allow for external bookmarking (on the general bookmarking page, the globe indicates external links), but i'm not sure how functional or searchable this feature is. Also, it does not currently have an import functionality for delicious, and it does not allow for non-fandom links.

Google Bookmarking allows you to save links and share them, but I don't think it has import functionality - also i don't think this is automatically searchable or public, is it? eta: according to ailelie's very handy post breaking down free delicious alternatives, this is a weak social feature but a great personal tool.

Instapaper supposedly works very well as a bookmarking tool but I'm not sure about its tagging/search functionality, or whether it allows for importing links.


(no seriously, you guys, i've been using delicious for 4 years. I have eleven thousand bookmarks. I use it for work, for fandom, for everyfuckingthing. ohmygodohmygod.)

- I've had Netvouz recommended as a nice alternative to delicious? And it seems completely functional (and free) but also it looks like the interface is not ideal, at least not compared to what we have/had in delicious.

- XMarks is another alternative people are bandying about, but as far as I can tell it's a browser extension (works in FF/IE/Chrome/Safari, maybe others?) which requires signing up with an account to access shared links. via this commenter on cleolinda's LJ: "install the extension Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) in your browser (it's got IE, Firefox, and Chrome covered). Then login at my.xmarks.com and one of the tools in the dropdown is 'Import Bookmarks from Del.ici.ous.' " However, several users report that it only imports the "first 100" bookmarks from Delicious? So that's not even 1% of my delicious usage, sigh.

- Mister Wong has most of the functionality of Delicious but you need to be signed in with an account to view links.

- Faviki is a very good option, except that it doesn't allow a customizable tagging system. :(

- Former Delicious staff member and forum support specialist Britta is tentatively planning a fandom-friendly delicious clone. Please go there to offer suggestions/find out updates.

- I have gotten a Pinboard account here, but nothing is there yet.
- I can't remember my old diigo account sdkjf;djf so i've gotten a new one under bookshipper. Still nothing there yet either.

I may be updating this post as more info and other alternatives pop up. Right now, Pinboard seems like the easiest solution. Maybe those of us with the money to chip in can pool resources to buy accounts for those who can't afford it????

eta2: oh, and it looks like evernote is another good feature-rich alternative with a tiered system of options for free/paid users. See this thread for info and this for importing instructions (thanks, ana!)
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