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It's May Fifth! You know what that means....!

Happy Hikago Day!!!

Technically this LJ is on hiatus until the end of June, but it's May 5th, and on May 5th, exceptions must be made.

For anyone new to this journal, Hikaru no Go is my true love. If you have never watched this show or read the manga, here's my Top 5 pimp post about why it is the best. Best, best, best. Best story ever, best characters ever, best epic metaphor for life turned into a shounen manga series ever. Oh, my heart. Hikago has a unique place in the annals of beloved manga/anime series for many people. There's just something about it that's truly special.

This year, Manga Bookshelf, a wonderful fan review site run by my friend Melinda Beasi, is doing a very special roundtable on Hikaru no Go to celebrate the publication of the final volume of the series' English translation (which was released, fittingly enough, on May 5th).

Melinda asked me to be a part of the roundtable discussion, which has been fantastic. If you're a fan of the series (or don't mind being thoroughly spoiled), please check it out. Those ladies are so smart and articulate, and we had a wonderful, fun discussion.

Every year since 2007, I have done a special Top 5 meme in honor of Hikaru no Go to celebrate May 5th. It's my favorite post of the year - Hikago fans ask each other for their top-5 Hikago-related things! It's so much fun and reminds me every year how wonderful this series is.

Melinda also asked me if I would like to do a very special Manga Bookshelf version of this year's Top 5 meme, the only answer was: of course! What better to celebrate the 5th anniversary of my meme? And what better way to celebrate a story that's all about connection than connecting with other people who aren't on LJ? :D

So! Hikago fans! You can find this year's Top 5 meme at Manga Bookshelf, right this way!

Bring your game faces, and LET'S FIVE! :D
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