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let's get the seven lines.

It's like the Pon Farr of fic reading.

Here is a thing about me. About once every 3 or 4 months or so I start craving modern Arthur/Merlin AUs, and nothing will satisfy me but modern Merlin AUs, where Arthur is a business exec and Merlin his lowly PA, or Merlin is a starving hipster artist and Arthur his unlikely jock roommate from university, or any number of rom-com AUs, or someone is a rentboy, or oh my god Parliamentary AUs, yes, please, or-- you get the picture.

I don't get it at all, because I'm pretty much totally uninterested in
a) modern AUs in other fandoms (apart from Inception, obvs)
b) that special category of Merlin AU where they're somehow transported back into the middle ages and calling each other 'sire' and 'servant' as though they're actually medievel or something.

(Seriously, what's up with that, like anyone could ever believe Bradley James is from the tenth century.)

The only other weird quirk of mine that comes close to this weird fic craving is my weird thing about McShep, where I go for years without wanting to ever read another alien making someone do it again, and then go through massive month-long sprees where I hopelessly devour all the SGA fics that I can conceivably read without actually going blind. It's like the Pon Farr of fic reading or something dsklja;sd.

The sad thing about this weird Arthur/Merlin modern AU thing, though, is that because I routinely get this craving which nothing else can satisfy, I have read all the AUs. ALL THE MODERN AUS :( :( :(

At least I think I have. But I hope I haven't, which is why I am making this post. WHAT ARE THE BEST MODERN AUS I HAVEN'T READ YET? What are the best out-of-the-way off-the-beaten-path cliche-filled romantical AUs set in our present day and age? ooh ooh or GAY SERIAL KILLER AUs? :D :D :D You know like that one fic where Justin Timberlake is a serial killer and life will never be the same? YES?


i am so desperate that i might even be willing maybe to read modern AUs in other fandoms, if anyone is interested in fandom-pimping. Like maybe Jesse/Andrew if there are things that are really AUy and modern. :D (but not TSN ew ew get it off. and nothing that starts with fass and ends with binder. or starts with "gl" and ends with "ee.") But OOH, BUFFY/FAITH AUs :D or SGA? or some other RPF fandom? Show your cards, friends, I KNOW YOU HAVE THEM. WHERE ARE THEY HIDING :D

oh, and i don't mean to be like GIVE ME THINGS!!!! at you, so i will share my 'modern AUs' tag. most of them are Merlin, and there aren't many, but what is there, you may share! :)

eta: awwww, you guys. :D :D :D so many recs! so many wonderful things to read! thank you all! fandom is the best place, the best best best. Thank you. <3333333333!

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