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"Oh, God, darling, yes," Eames moans. "Uh, no," says the bartender.

OMG YOU GUYS. So, like, on Twitter a little bit ago I asked, "is there fic where Arthur and Eames try really hard to have casual sex & keep failing because they're TOO MUCH IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER? :)))"

and obviously there are 8 jillion fics where this sort of thing happens unbeknownst, but i was thinking of something A BIT MORE HILARIOUSLY UNSUBTLE THAN THE NORMAL.

And then, AND THEN, omg, [personal profile] mirabella wrote it. OMG SHE WROTE ARTHUR-AND-EAMES-FAIL-AT-HAVING-CASUAL-SEX FIC. AND (obviously, because it is Mira) IT IS HYSTERICAL AND HOT AND SWEET.



SHIT, OH, AND I FORGOT TO MENTION: way way back in October I posted this awesome prompt (if I do say so myself) (come on, it has picspam. and as [personal profile] cobweb_diamond put it, Arthur's Cock Montage) on i_k, which basically was requesting Shop Around the Corner /anonymous internet sex fic, mingled with a helping of size kink. :D And LO AND BEHOLD, [profile] trololoception is filling it and it is fabulous so far! Hot and funny and I can't wait for more. GOSH. IT IS A NICE DAY TO BE AN INCEPTION FAN. :D

my fandom is the best fandom <333333

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