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My inception tags: a primer???

So summertea was complaining that my pinboard tags are impossible to use, which is a complaint I've heard from numerous people. That's fine; I've never pretended to tag for anybody but myself, and, honestly, I hate logical categorical organization methods too much to start now. :D

But in case anyone out there really is interested in using my tagging system to actually find fics, here is the run-down of what the tags are and what they mean.

Note: to find these tags on delicious, replace the http://pinboard.in/u:bookshop/t: in all the links below with http://delicious.com/bookshop/ followed by the given tag name. E.G. http://pinboard.in/u:bookshop/t:inception becomes http://delicious.com/bookshop/inception.

First, the organizational tags:

  • inception: for all things inception-related.

  • inception:crosslink: this is purely an organizational tag that helps me note when I've recced something already, but am saving a different version of it so I'll never get confused about whether I've read it or not. i generally private this tag except when I really want to denote that I've recced something, even though I may have recced the version of it posted on LJ instead of AO3, etc.

  • inception:read: my backlog of fics I need to read. Though some of those are fics I've read but haven't got around to organizing yet. Fail.

  • inception:meta for anything related to inception that isn't fic or fanart. This generally includes essays, articles, additional canon stuff, and, of course, the inception:eye-candy tag and the tom-hardy-how-are-you-even-real tag.

  • love~joy~inception: i tagged so many fics with "love" and "joy" early on that it greatly skewed my usage of those tags. so i went back and made a just-for-inception tag, so that I could accurately document the number of times this fandom filled me with, well, love and joy. :D

  • inception:thisthisthis!: same with my general tag for extra-enthusiastic recs; my recs:thisthisthisthis tag is supposed to be for a select few fics that I really like because i try to discriminate based on quality--consistent high level of writing, innovative characterisation, intense, well-written porn, laugh-out-loud hilarity, just, singularly wonderful fanfics that I would highly recommend to anyone regardless of fandom.

    But in Inception fandom, I just fucking love everything, either because everything is amazing or because I have no quality filter because I'm too in love, and the number of extra-special recs that I reserved for that tag started skyrocketing. So to cut down, I made an Inception-only tag for extra-enthusiastic recs, so that I could still maintain (or at least try to maintain) a semblance of dignity about whatever I gave the general "recs:thisthisthisthis" tag.

The specific 'verse tags:
for some reason it's been hard to get inception fandomers to wrangle their in-verse fics together with interlinking posts, so I made these tags to help me.

Then the basic description tags:

  • inception:backstory: any story that builds on canon with significant backstory.

  • inception:canon-AU: any story that builds on the universe of canon but alters it significantly--for example [profile] starlingthefool's wonderful Calvin & Hobbes AUs <33333

  • inception:AU: any AUs. I try to tag canon-AUs as a subcategory of AU & not separately. (though it looks like i accidentally just deleted all my instances of this tag due to a unicode mixup. SIGH. will retag at some point. They're all still on delicious here.)

  • inception:mindfuckery: i'm surprised i haven't used this tag more, honestly. it's for fics where there's some kind of mindfuck! - generally meant to encompass any fic dealing with limbo, ambiguous reality, betrayal, projections, or any other thing that fucks with your head in a particularly inceptiony way.

  • inception:genderqueer: someone in the story is genderqueer.

  • inception:hookers~rentboys~escorts: self-explanatory.

  • inception:jailbait: also self-explanatory. Note: this tag also includes high school AUs because I lump them all together in a general DNW category. (Unless Versy is writing them. SORRY.)

  • mal-can-spin-my-top-whenever-she-wants: fics where Mal figures prominently. Usually when she's alive. :))

  • inception:the-military-always-sucks: ALWAYS. WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.

Now for the tags you're probably confused about:

  • arthur's-life-is-so-hard: probably the crazy-descriptor tag i use the most. for fics where arthur is longsuffering, hates his life, is the brunt of many jokes, or has to endure many hardships, such as getting shot at, insufferable teammates, or Eames being ridiculously sexy at all times. D: D: D:

  • arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts): my very favorite tag! This is for fics where they fall in love gradually, accidentally, inevitably, inexorably, or inadvertently, while life is happening in other directions. also for fics where they're just plain besotted <3

  • arthur-when-will-you-realize-(vienna-waits-for-you): this tag is for the many, many fics where a major theme is arthur resisting his own happiness, or resisting Eames for no good reason except fear/guilt/uncertainty/reluctance.

  • arthur-leads-eames-on-merry-chases: a new tag, but i made it for the many fics where arthur makes eames work to win him, lolol. I will probably wind up applying it to everything, because Arthur is ALWAYS making Eames work for it, haha.

  • eames-is-the-bamfiest-bamf is for fics where eames is a BAMF and/or notably brilliant.

  • except-for-when-arthur-outbamfs-him: obvious. I use this tag only in conjunction with the previous tag, because for some reason in Inception fandom, Arthur is rarely a BAMF on his own, without Eames there beside him.

  • arthur-is-the-bottomliest-bottom: for fics where arthur takes it up the ass for Eames like he belongs there. :D :D :D

And may I just say there are not nearly enough instances of that last tag.

Finally, for cherrybina who helfpully suggested that I put a gigantic picture of Tom Hardy on this post, for purposes of elucidation:

oh, hell, here are some more.

here are just a smattering of the zillion pics where T-Hard feels very Eamesish to me. I would have had a trillion more pics here but LJ refused to upload them all. Be thankful.

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