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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am more excited about this Yuletide than I have been for any out of all the last 7 years! (and wow that is a long time!)

Watch this space for a detailed letter, but in the meantime, for you and everyone else, please enjoy the awesomeness:

Stuff about me: I really will love anything you choose to write for me, and what I really want more than anything is for you to have fun and indulge your creative side or your whimsical side or your angsty side or whatever side you want!
And maybe check out some of the other fandoms I signed up for if you have time!, just because they're all such wonderful films+girlband and I love the idea of sharing them. :)

I know it's apropos to mention our squicks, but I don't think any of these fandoms really lend themselves to things like necro--lol WELL, OKAY, MAYBE IN THE CASE OF THE ROOM--or noncon or, you know, vore or things like that. But as long as you warn me what I'm in for, I don't really have many squicks, tbh, not even regarding age differences or incest pairings--basically, I come from HP fandom, okay, you will never be able to shock or squick me. Actually, no, I take that back. BABIES. BABIES SQUICK ME. please don't put babies in your fic. Apart from that, there's not a whole lot, really, so feel free to write whatever you like. :)

Oh, and I should say: please don't be ableist/sizeist/racist/homophobic/genderphobic/misogynist, or, if you must have a character be any of those things, please do your best to ensure that the story narrative clearly condemns it.

Okay! On to the requests!

Request #2: Boy (2010)

(aka the greatest thing in the entire world ♥)

I originally had Michael Jackson as my fourth character, but the Yuletide gods rejected it, so I'm not sure if it made it into my final details. What I was thinking was some sort of whimsical scenario (maybe real, maybe imagined by Boy or his dad) where Michael Jack-son comes along and saves the day, or they somehow get tickets to travel to see him perform, or have some kind of visionary encounter with him or his spirit, etc. I just love the way he's portrayed in the film as being kind of divine, in the sense that he is ALWAYS THERE WITH THEM (and for that matter, all of the 80's in general - the trio of siblings named Dallas/Dynasty/Falcon Crest always kills me, for example), and it would be awesome to see fic that plays with that somehow.

I love all the characters in this film and would love to see fic that delves into the family relationships, or follows Boy or his brother as they grow up; or even just fic that toys with the idea that Rocky actually does have powers! :D Anything that taps into Maori culture would be amazing, but obviously the film is about Boy and his Dad and his family, and I'd love any fic that followed that--especially if we get more glimpses of their grandmother, who is clearly awesome. Or fic that plays with Boy's crush on Chardonnay and Dynasty's quiet-but-imo-obvious crush on Boy. Or anything that explores the opening epigraph ("you could be happy here... we could grow up together" from E.T.) and how Boy and the people around him, adults and children, all grow up together in Te Whānau-ā-Apanui. ♥

(Also, this is totally irrelevant, but isn't the soundtrack fabulous?)

Request #1: Miss A

Miss A! I LOVE THEM. :D :D :D :D They are my favorite K-pop girl band, and I love my K-pop girl bands. Min is just, nghhhhhh, I love everything about her, her attitude, her style, her amazing voice and dance skills. Same goes for Fei, who's so beautiful and polished and quiet but not shy, and who has the world's greatest smile, and looks so happy when she dances.

I ship Fei/Min hardcore, because I think their personalities complement each other really well, and they both clearly love dancing so much, and they are gorgeous together /shallowness--but I also love Jia (!!!), and Jia and Min together, and Fei and Suzy together--I think Suzy is adorable and smarter than she gets credit for (and omg when she wears her giant round glasses I die of love). I love all of them together as friends, but feel free to write shipfic, in any combination you want. I have read and loved Jia/Suzy as well, and I'd be open to all pairings/triads/quadrangles. I just want more fic for Miss A! :D

For the Asian pop fandoms, I always love exploring the restrictions placed upon the performers by the studios - JYP, SM Town, JE, etc - and how the very deliberate public personas created by the studios for each band member compare and contrast with who they really are. Like, how does Jia *really* feel about having to change her hair color every five minutes? Does Fei really fit the mold of the older, more sexually experienced one while Suzy is the virgin? etc etc. I'd love anything that shows how the four of them form bonds of friendship (and more!) while subverting the ways in which they basically are constantly on display for the pleasure of the male gaze. Like, how do they behave differently once the cameras are off, etc etc? OH, ASIAN POP STUDIOS. I love to hate to love you.

I also love that the group has that multi-national quality/background, and didn't necessarily come together organically--for example, I think Fei is more comfortable (she seems more open, talkative, natural) when she's in China, and I wonder if Min's time spent training in America while the rest of them were training in China makes her feel less connected to the group overall. I'd love anything that explores that aspect of their team dynamic.


P.S. My own Miss A fic (Fei/Min) is not very prolific, but it's here, in case you're interested. :)

Request #3: Ten:

because the internet is an amazing place, click here for the entire, phenomenal film.

So, I'm glad that I'm not the one writing fic for this film, because it's so powerful I wouldn't know where to begin. One of the great things about it, though, is that it gives you so many things to work with--there are so many stories and so many directions to take. Is there any way she can salvage her relationship with her son, and/or is there any way to deter her son's path as he becomes a mouthpiece for the sexist politics of his country? Is her friend able to successfully begin rebuilding her life following her declaration of independence? Does the main character ever meet up with the hooker again (and, if so, what happens? Obviously this should not just be about sex but is that a possibility, and if so, what does that mean for the main character's continual exploration of her own sexual and political independence, as well as the hooker's?)? What about the old lady who journeys to the Shrine? Does the Driver ever meet with other people as she drives through the city? What is the rest of her backstory? What kind of job does she have, and how does she feel about it? How does the rest of her family feel about her divorce, and in what ways does she bond with her newly single friend?

This is obviously a really loaded film to deal with, but it's a hugely rewarding one, and I would love any take on it that honors the spirit of the film and continues to explore the many questions Kiarostami raises about gender, class, generational gaps, and power politics, while giving us a closer look at these characters.

Request #4: Sweet Smell of Success:

have I mentioned the internet is AWESOME?

Run, do not walk, to this fucking masterpiece of American cinema.

(Dear Yuletide Author, I wound up not requesting this fandom, but some kind Yuletide fairy nominated and requested it anyway, so you should totally watch this film when you get a chance, because: amazing!)

P.S. A bonus in case I decide to sub out one of my requests with the following:

Request #4: The Room!

O HAI, YULETIDE WRITER! I already gave you a bunch of details for this one in my yuletide letter, which I could include because I asked for (and received) The Room fic last year. Normally I don't request the same fandom after I've just received fics for it, but I felt like all my other choices were way too serious, and I really wanted something to lighten the mood. And nothing lightens the mood (or crushes it into miserable oblivion???) like Tommy Wiseau!

There are so many hilarious places to go with The Room. The great thing about it is that the more seriously you treat the original subject matter, the more hilariously over-the-top it becomes. (I have this whole post in my head somewhere comparing The Room to Sweeney Todd: no, think about it, it works! Johnny=Sweeney, Lisa=Lucy/Joanna/Mrs.Lovett, Mark=Anthony/Judge Turpin, Denny=Toby, and The Room=The Barber Shop!) There's always something more to explore in this hilariously deadpan and unironic plebefic, and whether you treat it as a farce or as a melodrama, you're guaranteed to please. :D Just have fun, and remember: it is not the Spoon that gets thrown, it is only yourself!
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