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This is of interest to no one but me

but I was looking for this HORRIBLE fic that I read once (and I can't find it but I KNOW IT EXISTED)--it was this awful Yuletide fic, a Sky High Will/Warren fic that I think must have been written by a troll, because it was horribly written and ended in ONE OF THEM MURDERING THE OTHER, haha, and I was trying to show the twitter peeps that YES! HORRIBLE GIFTS REALLY DO EXIST, HAHA! but it seems like the fic has been justly deleted off the archive.

Does anyone else remember reading this fic? Just to validate that it existed and I'm not crazy? :)))


Anyway, I was hunting around and instead I found all the copies of my Yuletide signups since 2004, which I think is very sweet. :D So, HERE THEY ARE, FOR POSTERITY.

I don't have a copy of the signup, but I remember I requested L.A. Confidential, The Usual Suspects, The Philadelphia Story, and I think The Thin Man.


and i've felt horrid about it ever since, especially because I got wonderful fic that year, and so i've pinch-hit every year since to make up for it. :)

no requests because i was attempting to be eligible for the fest again, so this year I pinch-hit only! :D And enjoyed it so much I've done it ever since.


RequestFandom1: Nobuta wo Produce
RequestFandomChar1: Any/Bando/Kotani Nobuko aka Nobuta/Uehara Mariko
RequestDetail1: it would be impossible to write a fic for this fandom i didn't love! I love the possibility of femslash for this series even more than the undeniable OTP love of Shuji/Akira. So if some lovely soul wanted to write Nobuta/Bando or Nobuta/Mariko or any variation therof, I would love it; but really Nobuta/Shuji/Akira genfic where they are BFFs would make my heart swell with gratitude. As long as anything for this fandom is written out of love for the show and its beautiful character dynamics, it will be wonderful. <3

RequestFandom2: The Philadelphia Story
RequestFandomChar2: C.K. Dexter Haven/Tracy Lord
RequestDetail2: I'm not familiar with the character of Sandy Lord, so I would like any fic for this fandom to be movie-based. There's so MUCH you could do. I would love Tracy/Dex backstory, or Liz/Mike fic or, mmm, maybe a bit of Mike/CK slash when Mike gets drunk and goes over to the mansion. Oh, and Dinah and Uncle Willie as guest commentators = big bonus. This is my favorite movie ever. I love all the characters, so anything you wrote I would love. <3

RequestFandom3: Arsenic and Old Lace
RequestFandomChar3: Any
RequestDetail3: This is one of my favorite films and I watch it every Halloween. I would love something in the vein of the film - quirky, zany, fastpaced and fun. You can write about any of the characters, het, slash, or gen, though I really really love the dynamic between Mortimer and Dr. Einstein, and, well, just Dr. Einstein in general. But really, everyone in this story is impossible not to love. <3!

RequestFandom4: Company of Wolves
RequestFandomChar4: Any/Huntsman/Rosaleen/The Devil
RequestDetail4: This movie/novella fascinates me. I love Angela Carter's writing and would love to see more done with her strangely exotic dreamlike style. the feminist fairytale aspect is less interesting to me than the exotic sexuality of the forbidden in this story, and, well, if you've read the book or seen the movie you know there are plenty of ananswered questions. I'm not picky about rating, slash, het, gen, or kinks (if you have a wolf kink feel free to indulge it), but in general, the sexier the better! Thank you! <3

RequestFandom1: Bones (tv)
RequestFandomChar1: Any
RequestDetail1: I just love the show so much. Anything that captures the spirit and cameraderie of the original would be lovely. Slash/het/anything would work, really. Thank you!

RequestFandom2: Hot Fuzz
RequestFandomChar2: Constable Danny Butterman/Sergeant Nicholas Angel
RequestDetail2: slash and have fun, that's all I ask. :)

RequestFandom3: The Philadelphia Story
RequestFandomChar3: Any

RequestDetail3: I can't resist requesting this fandom again. I love it so much. I would really this is my favorite movie ever. stay true to the characters and you can't go wrong. Tracy/Dexter forever, but I do so love slash. ;)

RequestFandom4: Company of Wolves
RequestFandomChar4: Any
RequestDetail4: i would love something smutty and slutty and spooky and in-keeping with Carter's weird and wonderful feminist fantasyscape. :)


RequestFandom1: Danielle Bennet and Jaida Jones - Havemercy
RequestFandomChar1: Rook/Thom
RequestDetail1: I want dirty, dirty, fuck-your-brother-and-still-feel-perfectly-all-right-about-it-while-you're-doing-it-again-in-the-morning Thom/Rookcest please. In canon, post-canon, I don't care. (If you want to write in-canon, anywhere's great, but I'd LOVE to see that amazing UST-filled balcony scene at the ball taken to its logical conclusion. Guh.) Anything with Have and the other (remaining) DC members would also be great, but really, just have fun! I'm easy when it comes to these two characters: I just want porn! :D But I'll also, if slash isn't your thing, be perfectly happy with more of the conflict-ridden dynamics that fill the books, especially if set post-canon. :) :) :)

RequestFandom2: Lloyd Alexander - Vesper Holly
RequestFandomChar2: Dr. Helvitius/Vesper Holly
RequestDetail2: I love Vesper - she's my favorite ass-kicking heroine. And I really, really want to see shameless, down-and-dirty, ruin-your-childhood Vesper/Dr. Helvitius porn. Dubcon is okay, but I'd really like to see Vesper, who's such an amazingly sensual character, just get it on with the ever-suave Dr. Helvitius just because she wants to. (As part of a mind game? Who knows!) .Honestly, though, Vesper and Brinnie on adventures and Vesper generally being brilliant and hot and sexy and putting the 'arch' in archaeology would make me really happy. I love Dr. Helvitius, though, and if you can find it in your heart to revive him after the last book (what's a little drowning to the great doctor, anyway?) I'd be awfully pleased to watch him sparring with Vesper again. In any case, if you write this, please just have fun with the characters and the series and I'll be elated!!!! <3

RequestFandom3: Company of Wolves
RequestFandomChar3: Any/Huntsman/Rosaleen
RequestDetail3: I was lucky enough to get fic for this fandom last year but I'd love to see more yuletide fic for this story (either the fantastic Neil Jordan film or the brilliant Angela Carter short story). I'd love anything that captures the surreal, eerie tone of the original, and the surprise endings and overtly sexual feminist twists on familiar fairy tales that Carter is known for. Or you can just write werewolf porn. ;) Seriously, just have a good time. :D If you actually write fic for this one I'll be overjoyed no matter what.

RequestFandom4: Strangers on a Train
RequestFandomChar4: Bruno Anthony/Guy Haines
RequestDetail4: Gay. Serial. Killers. Everyone loves them; everyone wants gay serial killer fic! :D And as amazing as this movie is, you know you don't watch it for the tennis. ;) Feel free to use elements if you want from the original Patricia Highsmith slashfic, er, I mean short story, if you want. The point is: Guy/Bruno. Run with it, baby, it's all yours. <3

(lol so i redid this signup at the last minute to add in:)

RequestFandom1: RPF - 20th-21st c Politics
RequestFandomChar1: Any/Barack Obama
RequestDetail1: RAHM EMANUEL, dear yuletide santa. the 2009 presidency is ALL ABOUT RAHM EMANUEL. please see my LJ for the glowy details, because i will include them and they will be many. I won't lie, I want Rahm/Barack as my preferred pairing. They are perfect, the laidback/snarky/deadpan/dork/star trek fan civil rights lawyer who is like *HUGS FOR ALL MANKIND*, and the uptight hypertense edgy mafia boss jew who sends dead fish to his enemies and thinks everyone is "a fucking idiot." SO PERFECT. But it can be as cute/whimsical/porny/serious as your heart desires. Someone just said "I want to see Rahm fucking {character X} ironically," and just. yes, please let Rahm fuck someone ironically, dearest Santa. Rahm Emanuel commands you. Do you want to lose your fingers? Rahm Emanuel doesn't want to have to take your fingers. :( God he's amazing. His history is currently plastered all over the internet, and what a history it is. Really, I say I want porn but mostly I just want more of him. You could write 1500 words of him standing in one place with his hand on his hip and just screaming "FUCK" over and over again. I would love you forever. I am so easy. HE MAKES IT SO EASY. It is impossible not to fall in love with this guy, so please have fun and fall in love with him too, I WANT YOU TO <333333. OH RAHM EMANUELLLLLLL oh, P.S. I also love him when he's a giant slut.


RequestFandom1: Justine Larbalestier - Liar
RequestFandomChar1: Any
RequestDetail1: I don't really know where to begin with this one!!!!! There's so much you can do and so many places you can pick up the framework of the story. Or you can abandon it altogether and give us something new. But please just give me more of broken, determined, troubled, beautiful Micah. <3 And/or--explain the ending to me. Or tell me what "really" happened. Please see my yuletide letter(s) for details! http://bookshop.livejournal.com/tag/yuletide

RequestFandom2: Requiem Masses
RequestFandomChar2: Any/Brahms Requiem/Schnittke Requiem
RequestDetail2: What I want for this request is something that feels very fluid and in-keeping with the feel and characters of the Requiems themselves, but which allows you, the writer, to exercise a lot of creativity in how you interpret the music as set to text. Please see my Yuletide letter here for details: http://bookshop.livejournal.com/1008953.html <3!

RequestFandom3: Once on This Island (musical)
RequestFandomChar3: Any
RequestDetail3: I would like for you to feel at home in this universe, in this story; to feel as though you could use the mythology and folklore of this story to create a story of love/community/quest/dance/creative expression of your own: one that's still tied to Ti Moune's, but which continues on, or maybe begins long before hers, or possibly even runs in parallel with hers. Feel free to build up from the existing storyline to something new, something apart. Please see my yuletide letter for details: http://bookshop.livejournal.com/1008953.html and my musicals tag also might be of use: http://bookshop.livejournal.com/tag/theatre

RequestFandom4: Strangers on a Train
RequestFandomChar4: Bruno Anthony/Guy Haines
RequestDetail4: Hello, Santa! I am going to write a yuletide letter for this amazing movie, but I am also going to babble a bit here, too. I would love anything that captures the creepy, dangerous, enthralling, seductive, sexy homoeroticism of this film. I love all Hitchcock, but this one is pretty much my favorite. As I was saying to a friend the other day, to me this film's power hinges around Robert Walker's incredible performance as Bruno and the believability of his hold on Farley Granger's Guy! Guy punches him and then *picks him up and carefully dusts him off and stands intimately close to him and offers to get him a ride home*. When he finds Bruno in his father's bed, he sticks around chatting almost like he's waiting for further instructions! (Which, going off Highsmith's version, he may well be?!) And omfg when Guy's just learned about Miriam's death and Bruno calls his name from (again) the shadows outside the townhouse, look at the way Farley Granger plays that moment - there's this close-up on his face and he almost looks eager, excited, *turned on*. And then he joins Bruno behind the gate when the cops pull up and they stand so close together their shoulders brush. asdfjk;jd. THE END, WHEN GUY LEANS OVER BRUNO AND SPEAKS TO HIM SOFTLY, LIKE A LOVER. What I love about it most is how the whole story depends on Bruno having this complete compelling influence over Guy, and Guy's inability to just turn away from him and leave. And when he's in the park and he works that charm on Miriam without her even knowing who she is, just like he did with Guy on the train (which incidentally is a TOTAL. PICK UP. SCENE. The way the next scene after the dining car shows them in Bruno's cabin with Bruno stretched out looking like afterglow. omg.) I think many people are too busy being creeped out the first time they watch this film to really get the homoeroticism, but it's so thick, even for Hitchcock who is rarely subtle about homoerotic subtext. I l ove gay serial killers in fiction, and this movie is the direct cause. I love the way the homoerotic underpinnings of the film simultaneously increase both your sense of horror *and* your sense of sympathy for both the main characters. I think we're supposed to be horrified at how drawn we are to Robert Walker and how much we empathize with him, even as he's showing us how sociopathic and dangerous he is. We're supposed to find him every bit as sexy as Guy does, *and we do.* And ultimately that empathy leaves the question of whether the homoeroticism really *is* the driving sinister force of the film, or whether it's is a necessary outlet and reaction against the *real* driving sinister force of the film, the restrictive heterosocial conformity that Guy is being forced into and from which Bruno tries to free him. I love this film. DID I MENTION that it's available for Instant Watch on Netflix? So even if you signed up for one of the other fandoms on this list, santa, you can watch it easily and feel the gay serial killer love! :D Also, here's my request from last year, which you may consider as being held over: Gay serial killers. Everyone loves them; everyone wants gay serial killer fic! :D And as amazing as this movie is, you know you don't watch it for the tennis. ;) Feel free to use elements if you want from the original Patricia Highsmith slashf--er, novella, if you want. The point is: Guy/Bruno. In-series, post-series (fake deaths????!), gen, porn, creepiness, subtext, whatever you think fits the awesome that is Hitchcock + Highsmith + Robert Walker + Farley Granger + gay serial killing madness (with carousels! ^_^) Run with it, baby, it's all yours. <3333 _____ Finally, did I mention: I love smut? I LOVE GAY SERIAL KILLERS HAVING SEX. um. sorry, maybe a little too much death note for yours truly. Please also see the 2 relevant tags on my livejournal! :DDD AND HAVE FUN, SANTA! <333333

2009 again (um, i kind of cheated and signed up twice. BUT I WROTE 2 FICS AND PINCH-HIT, DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT. D:)

RequestFandom1: P G Wodehouse - Jeeves and Wooster series
RequestFandomChar1: Any/Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves
RequestDetail1: I would love Jeeves/Bertie slash! I don't really like this nonsense about them dithering over first names, though. It's "Jeeves" & "Sir" forever, as far as I'm concerned! Especially since "sir" is obvs. a pet name. ;) I will say, though: the one piece that's still missing for me is the "why" for Jeeves. He calls Bertie 'mentally neglible' even though this isn't the case at all. No one with observations as hysterically informed as his about the people and things in his life can be truly dumb. I think Bertie is sharp as a tack and just chooses to be clueless about certain things in his environment, where being more cynical would be unkind. Because no one is kinder than bertie. <3 have i mentioned I love bertie? i love bertie. he's so hilarious! But, so, Jeeves doesn't think so, and in 'Bertie Changes His Mind' we see him being very manipulative & controlling so that Bertie will (be his one and only forever) give up thinking about marriage/adoption; but the whole impression is sort of that he's only invested in his relationship with Bertie because Bertie is so easily managed. I would love to see the other side of their characters: I'd love to see what Jeeves loves about Bertie, maybe even see Jeeves *falling in love* with Bertie much to his surprise; and I'd love to see the tell-tale signs that Bertie's not as dumb as he acts, haha. (Or, you know, if he actually *is* as dumb as he acts, I'd love to know how he gained such a literary knack for sketching the world around him). I'd settle for a quiet exchange in an evening at home, anything that shows Bertie & Jeeves together and happily domesticated. Or, if you like plottiness, I also love rollicking adventures across the countryside in the Aston-Martin. Setting is wonderful; trips to Manhattan during the broadway season are highly pleasing; anything featuring Honoria Glossop is DELIGHTFUL (Gussie Fink-Nottle, less so; oh, Gussie. *shudder*). But above all, I'd love to see their intimacy & companionship, and anything that gives us the sense that they are actual domestic partners and both of them are perfectly aware of that fact. (Like in canon, any time Bertie consults Jeeves as an equal, not like "my valet will nag until I throw out these socks" but more like "if you don't like these socks, how can i like these socks?" my HEART SWELLS UP FIFTEEN SIZES, GOD.) Ahahaha. Naturally, if slash is not your bent, it does not matter, because even writing them as they are in canon they are already basically married, so if you want to just play around with their gen dynamic, i'll love that too. basically, i'll love whatever you write. Oh, and also one last thing: nearly every J&W fanfic ever resides in Bertie's first-person narrative, or occasionally Jeeves's. I'd love to see 3rd-person! Especially I'd love to see how Bertie's hilarious wit translates outside of his head. (This is the only thing that disappoints about the Hugh/Stephen adaptation, btw: Bertie's hila
 rious narrative isn't really there, and I miss it.) Or, if you wanted to, idk, write postmodern fic where Jeeves & Bertie travel through time and meet Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry & discover that they are both famous and gay, I would love that too. Or where FIGHT CRIME! What i am trying to say is, basically, anything goes, in the most Cole Porter-ish sense of the phrase! OH AND BERTIE SINGING = A++++++++ JOY. <3 have fun, santa!

RequestFandom2: Shakespeare - Macbeth
RequestFandomChar2: Any
RequestDetail2: I confess I am request this fandom because I am sad that out of all the Shakespeare plays it has no requests. The Scottish play is hilarious. This play is on SO MUCH CRACK, oh my god. It's so amazingly melodramatic and bloody and fucked up and awesome. FORESTS WALKING ABOUT. INVISIBLE FLOATING KNIVES. GHOSTS WHO SHOW THEIR VENGEANCE BY POPPING ROUND FOR DINNER. MYSTERIOUS THIRD MURDERERS. POSSIBLE GENDERBENDING ALA UNSEX ME HERE???? I love this play and would love anything you can do to capture the zany wtf sense of it. I also recommend reading some period Gothics, things like Horace Walpole's Castle of Otranto, or The Mysteries of Udolfo, or even Edgar Allen Poe, the ones where shit is wild and freaky and no one bats an eye, to get you in the mood for Macbeth. I would love a closer look at any of the action inside the play, or maybe even a crazy modernization of it (in Shakespeare Retold, which I am not offering up as a model, lol, they have this amazing bit whe
 re the three witches are SUPERNATURAL BINMEN. SUPERNATURAL BINMEN!!!!) where macbeth is, idk, a desperate college student totally tripping out due to too many all-nighters, who murders his best friend so he can steal his term paper; or maybe a drug lord in war-torn darfur who's desperately trying to keep his sanity intact while maintaining his sovereignty in the power struggles happening around him. IDK but you get where i'm going with this: CRAZY. EPIC. ZANY. WTF!!! (and also with possible potential for amazing socio-political commentary about the corrupting influences of power, or, like, the masculine trope of violence and bloodshed as a way to achieving greatness that *cannot* be sustained without more violence & bloodshed.) That is macbeth! Just have fun, whatever you write, and I will love it as well! :D

RequestFandom3: Whip It (movie)
RequestFandomChar3: Any/Bliss Cavendar aka Babe Ruthless/Iron Maven
RequestDetail3: I want post-film Bliss/Maven like burning. I want them to continue their rivalry on and off-track, with hot sexy bantering and more of Maven in those cowboy boots oh my god, and Bliss one-upping her and totally taking the upper hand (or does she?) and Maven being wary but falling for her anyway. Maybe Bliss even goes for the seduction attempt and pulls it off, or maybe everyone else can see what's going on long before either of them can; or maybe Maven just decides she's had enough of Ruthless being a constant little *tease* and just takes what she wants. GUH. OR MAYBE ALL OF THE ABOVE? *flails* I just want hot hot hot Ruthless/Maven action, with or without plot (though I would love to see more of the entire community)!

RequestFandom4: Mystery Science Theater 3000
RequestFandomChar4: Any/Crow T Robot/Mike Nelson/Tom Servo
RequestDetail4: Okay, so, what I think would be AWESOME here would be an MST3K crossover with an MST3K movie. like, say, Gypsy gets bored with punishing the guys by making them *watch* the movies and transports them into the *plot* of one of their movies! Like Pumaman! (omfg maybe they can set up Tony/Vadinho FOR THE GOOD OF ALL MANKIND, i am just saying.) Or Day The Earth Froze! THEY CAN BRING BACK THE SAMPO AND LEAVE LEONINICAN'TSPELLTHAT STRANDED IN HIS TREE-BOAT OR WHATEVER. Or maybe they can just be sent on a mythical quest to Bring Back Joel! :)) Or maybe THEY CAN MEET THE RIFFTRAX GUYS AND. no, wait, i don't think I can make my brain bend that far. But you get the point, right? Wacky hijinks ensuing for our guys across the galaxies and beyond! :DDDDD Anything & everything is welcome.

2010 - I signed up last year under a sockpuppet because I was so afraid I would default due to writers block, and I did :((( but I still got AMAZING fics. <3

Request 1: Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout
I love Nero and Archie together so much. I think their relationship is completely sensual and mutually seductive, and I think Archie (in addition to being totally sapiosexual and getting turned on by Nero's brain) is totally turned on by Nero's size and his physical appearance and shape. It seems like fic I've read of these two tends to make Nero shy about his weight; I would love fic where that isn't the case, where Nero is just as confident in bed as he is anywhere else. I'd love fic where the two of them are totally aware of what they do to each other. Fic where Archie only *thinks* he's seducing Nero because Nero has been seducing him since the moment they met.
I'd also basically love porn for these two. Good Nero/Archie porn is hard to come by, and I think we all know why, but I really want to read something that indulges in the sensuality of Nero's shape and size and everything about him that Archie finds irresistible. Because he is *so obviously in love.* Additionally, friend of mine once called the Brownstone "a paradise of middle-aged queens," and I really love this description, and would love anything that captured that ambiance of decadence and pleasure and blatant queer sensuality. Also, if you can't write porn, don't worry--I'll love anything you can give me for these two. They are so in love, and even if you just write a random scene between the two of them, talking about a case and enjoying each other's company, I'll be happy.

(but porn is always a bonus.)

Request 2: SNSD / Girls' Generation

I'm not sure how Yuri fell off the character list, but Tiffany, Yuri, and SooYoung are probably my favorite of all the SNSD girls. Really though I am interested in them all and I'd love whatever you did with this prompt. If you want to go femslashy that's more than okay. if you want to go cracky or AU-licious (maybe write something based off the Gee or the Hoot MVs, for example), go for it.

If you want to get more complex, too, i'm all over that. if you want to, for example, write something that explores what it's like to be a young girl functioning as dual role model to young girls everywhere and a sex object performing for the gaze of older men, let alone what it's like to have achieved international pop stardom by the time you're 20, plus korean sexual politics, plus the whole problematic aspects of idol groups in and of themselves....

--lol yeah maybe you'd just better stick with happy, pretty girls being happy and pretty. (No, seriously, whatever you want to write, be it pairing-centric (I don't have a huge ship preference but maybe Tiffany/Yuri or Tiffany/SooYoung???) or Gen or AU or a crossover with one of the other idol groups, or anything, really. I'll love it all. :)

Request 3: The Room (2003)
Oh, HAI, Yuletide writer!

Is there life after The Room? Does Lisa ever go outside? Does Denny ever graduate, or does he succumb to his tragic drug addiction? Does Peter continue to exist or does he just vanish into the ether? What about That Guy Who Just Shows Up At Lisa's Party? Is he still sitting on an atomic bomb waiting for it to go off? Does that girl on Guerrero Street ever wake up from her coma? Does Michelle defriend Lisa as promised? Does Chris R ever get his fucking money? Does Johnny come back and haunt them all (oh ~hai~ Mark)? DOES CLAUDETTE HAVE BREAST CANCER?!?!?! Is there any connection between The Room and The House That Drips Blood On Alex (CROSSOVER?????)? Do Mark and Lisa continue to have hideous sex--with each other or with other people--and does Denny continue to like to watch? Does Johnny's death haunt them all daily, or is everyone just kind of pretty much okay with it? Does Lisa ever want to talk about anything? Is there ANYTHING WORTH WORRYING ABOUT?

if you want to go totally meta/fourth-wall-breaking/parodic/whatever with this, i would be more than okay with that. answering any of these pressing questions, or any of the many, many more raised by this modern dystopic social masterpiece, will make us both total hipsters me a very, very happy fan.

Request 4 - Vesper Holly
I've requested Vesper Holly fanfic half the years I've done yuletide. I've never gotten it but every year my request grows more shameless.

What I really want is shameless, wanton Vesper/Helvitius hatesex. :D Really I just want to see Vesper take her clothes off and have hot sex with someone, anyone. You could write a sexy femslash crossover with another hot chick (I love these books so much, but it's ridiculous that she's the ONLY GIRL IN THEM).

I love Vesper - she's my favorite ass-kicking heroine. And I really, really want to see shameless, down-and-dirty, ruin-your-childhood Vesper/Dr. Helvitius porn. Dubcon is okay, but I'd really like to see Vesper, who's such an amazingly sensual character, just get it on with the ever-suave Dr. Helvitius just because she wants to. (As part of a mind game? Who knows!) And really who doesn't love hot villain sex? And we all know Vesper has a soft spot for Helvitius. I'd love to see him seducing her (or at least her letting him think he's seducing her) into taking over the world. I'd love to see her really let go and give in to her sexy side.

(And if you wanted to really be kinky, well, the books *are* always written from Brinnie's pov.... )

Honestly, though, Vesper and Brinnie on adventures and Vesper generally being brilliant and hot and sexy and putting the 'arch' in archaeology would make me Honestly, though, Vesper and Brinnie on adventures and Vesper generally being brilliant and hot and sexy and putting the 'arch' in archaeology would make me really happy. I love Dr. Helvitius, though, and if you can find it in your heart to revive him after the last book, I'd be awfully pleased to watch him sparring with Vesper again. In any case, if you write this, please just have fun with the characters and the series and I'll be elated!!!! <3

In any case, if you write this, please just have fun with the characters and the series and I'll be elated!!!! <3

The number of times I have requested Vesper Holly and Strangers on a Train fic is hilarious. ONE DAY. ONE DAY! But not this year, because I requested neither. :))
Tags: gay serial killers, yuletide

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