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LeakyCon 2012!

I am back from LeakyCon! I got to stay with my wonderful friend Cathy / two_if_by_sea and I got to say hi to Chicago, and I got to hang out with flourish and brimtoast and franzeska and more at LC and then later at Vividcon, where awesome folks were kind enough to let me crash hotel rooms and nose around doing interviews!

I also got to watch the Green brothers swordfight and meet the cast and director of THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES, OMG! They were so nice and so surprised by the support fans showed them, and it was just really lovely :D :D :D

Look! it's Lizzie and Charlotte! I mean Ashley and Julia! I mean OMG I GOT TO MEET THE CAST OF THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES! :D

I was continually reminded over the weekend what a great group of people Harry Potter fans are. The con attendees and the LeakyCon staff were all so gracious to me when I pestered them for interviews and made a general nuisance of myself. I'm very happy that I went, even though I got really sick and am thus currently imbibing something like my 80th hot tea of the weekend.

Plus, I got a hug from Mark Oshiro of Mark Reads Harry Potter, which is legit the primary reason I went. :D SUCCESS!

Bonus: check out the hottie Cathy and I saw on the streets of Chicago Sat. night:

Tags: 2012, hard-hitting journalism, hp fandom

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