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This will be of interest to no one but me; I've just been wanting to document, for my own navel-gazing interests, what fics I've written and received for Yuletide over the last 9 years. :)

Requested: L.A. Confidential, The Usual Suspects, The Philadelphia Story, and I think The Thin Man. (I don't have a copy of my signup!)
Assigned: The Fugitive
Defaulted, no fic written, to my eternal shame
Received: "Two Heroes," amazing L.A. Confidential fic from Dira Sudis!!!! <3

Requested/Received: none because I was pinch-hitting only to get back into the challenge
- Pat Conroy - Lords of Discipline (book) (Tradd St. Croix) for Jae Gecko --> Waters of Aegeus
- Enigma (comic) for Falstaff --> Episode Nine: Creation

Requested: Nobuta wo Produce, The Philadelphia Story, Arsenic and Old Lace, Company of Wolves
Assigned: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid --> Colorado for smithereen
Pinch-hit: Keeping the Faith (movie) --> Something Worth Saving for Mazily
- home and heart by Cara (Nobuta wo Produce)
- Bando wo Produce by ghost_lingering
- Nevermore (Philadelphia Story) by Valderys

Requested: Bones (TV), Hot Fuzz, The Philadelphia Story, Company of Wolves
Assigned: Nobuta wo Produce --> Ugly Ducklings for Jain
Pinch-hit: Things to Do Before You're 30 for sandrine --> 8 Ways to Touch Him Before He's Sober
- Never Did the Course Run Smooth (Philadelphia Story) by Ion Bond
- Christmas Gifts (Hot Fuzz) by Jacki

Requested: Havemercy, Vesper Holly, Company of Wolves, Strangers on a Train, and RPF - 20th-21st c Politics.
Assigned: The Seven Citadels Quartet for Yhlee --> The Arrow in Exile
Pinch-hit: Live Free Die Hard for tosca --> Die Hard 4.5: I'll Be Hard for Christmas
- Five Times Rahm Emanuel Didn't Sleep with President-Elect Barack Obama by missstewart
- Witches Can Be Right, Giants Can Be Good (amazing Rahm Emanuel / HP crossover!) by mechaieh
- Sheep in Wolf's Clothing (Company of Wolves) by Deathofme <3!

Requested: Justine Larbalestier - Liar, Requiem Masses, Once on This Island (musical), Strangers on a Train, P G Wodehouse - Jeeves and Wooster series, Shakespeare - Macbeth, Whip It (movie), Mystery Science Theater 3000
- Monster for xiuxi --> Schutzwall
- Chopin/Listz for prosiidical --> Totentanz
Pinch-hit: Nero Wolfe for Soupytwist --> Two Turtle Doves
- You Think You Know (Liar) by lastwingedthing (omg amaaaazing fic)

Requested: Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout, SNSD / Girls' Generation, The Room (2003), Vesper Holly
Wrote: - I DEFAULTED AND EVERYTHING WAS AWFUL because i still received a deluge of amazing fics.
- The Circle I Made, fabulous Spy!AU SNSD femslash by elapses!
- The Room... At the Funeral Home by astrangerenters
- Oh, Hi, Reality by YesDruzilla
- SCP-4517-J - The Room by helarctos

2011: (Sob, this was the year that, to make up for last year, I signed up with 2 additional sockpuppets *and* also pinch-hit. Twice. NEVER AGAIN. (P.S. this was the best yuletide omg. <3333)
Requested: Boy, Ten, Miss A, The Room, Paranormal Activity, Cruising, Drive, Total Eclipse of the Heart (Music Video), Paranormal Activity, Sweet Smell of Success, House/Hausu (1977), The Usual Suspects, The Merry Widow
- Cruising --> Invisible Man for Nyssa
- f(x) (K-pop RPF / Fairytale x-over) --> The Prince Experiment for shabnam_e_maghz
- Paranormal Activity (Movies) --> Meus for Sailorhathor
- A Northern Light for bouquin --> Frisdom
- Floyd Collins for ipreferaviators --> the family tries to sing lullabies
- Madness treat: Different Than Good for Cherith (fairy tales)
- The Room: Post-Mortem by ElDiablito_SF
- The Room 2 by orangesparks
- [Ten]-Four by shabnam_e_maghz (OMG WE ACTUALLY WROTE FICS FOR EACH OTHER!!!!)
- Sidney's Revenge (Sweet Smell of Success) by ikindofrock :DDDD
- I'm Here. You're here. (Cruising) by Franzi! :DDDD

Requested: Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Fly By Night (Frances Hardinge), Strangers on a Train, Road to Morocco :)
Tags: books, fic, gay serial killers, recs, yuletide

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