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LJ Users: unfortunate heads up

In case you've missed it:

LJ has just announced its latest public beta release. In this release:

  • LJ is doing away with customized friends pages and turning everyone's friends pages into a default style (yes, like on your Tumblr dash). It is supposed to look like this (via twissie) --

    --but in actuality looks like this:

  • LJ is also implementing endless friends page scrolling (yes, like on your Tumblr dash) with no ability to opt-out.

  • LJ is also adding a new post notification button (yes, like on your Tumblr dash)

  • LJ is also adding the ability to pay to promote your entries in other people's journals (yes, like on your Tumblr dash)

  • LJ is also inserting a scrolling nav on the sidebar with a giant pop-out calendar to follow you as you scroll (wtf)

  • they need the giant pop-out calendar because along with non-optional endless scrolling, they're also doing away with the "previous" and "next" ability to navigate your friends page.

  • twissiehas more screencaps / comments on their journal.

  • Note: The first comment on lj_releases' post links to the Daily Dot article announcing that LJ has quietly downsized its U.S. offices (including terminating its U.S. General Manager and media relations positions) without any kind of public announcement.
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    Wtf! I'm so cancelling my subscription after my year is up :(
    And this is why I didn't re pay for my paid account.
    Mine looks like your first picture - so far. But the endless scroll did not scroll any further for me after like what used to be two pages (previous LJ style). However, I have a choice at the top of my screen to switch between old version and new version. That is how I got to go to the previous page or else I would not have been able to see the postings. The choices may change though.
    I have a slim hope that they might listen and change things, but I honestly don't think they will. Considering how loud the howling was about the comment page and it's what I'm having to use to reply to you... We're not their main revenue stream anymore, I'm guessing, so they can afford to piss us off and lose all of us to other sites.

    Most of my e-friends are still on LJ, but at this point it's tipping over into becoming actually unusable as a fandom/networking site. :((
    I've basically figured I'm with LJ until the bitter end, but it does feel weird to be so forgotten and uncared-about.

    I hate endless scrolling. I turned it off on my tumblr 'cause it crashes my browser. I never thought I would be thankful for having an un-busy friends list, but I am now.

    GODDAMMIT. I really do not want to switch to Dreamwidth, but it's looking more appealing by the day.
    Time to move to DW for real.
    Man, if people want a tumblr dash, they'll go to tumblr. And if they wanted to give the option of this stuff, fine, but make it optional. :/