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re: my opinion piece on fandom and the fourth wall

Things tend to get lost on Tumblr and left out of the discussion, so I am re-posting, here, the two statements I made from yesterday and today about my recent opinion piece on the fourth wall.

The decision of the Daily Dot to use a photoshopped image of the Berlin Wall in this article was an editorial decision, not mine. When I learned that the photo was to be used, I requested that my editor add in the following opening quote to the article, to provide greater context for our use of the photo as a metaphor:

“The fourth wall is like the Berlin wall at this point. It’s only a matter of time.” —iaddedarainbow

I have read many concerns and complaints about the image from various Tumblr users, and they are very important to me. I have brought your concerns to my editors and they are taking the matter under review.


This was the first opinion piece I wrote for the Daily Dot. I wrote the first draft in mid-November, weeks before the incident mentioned in the article and the subsequent breaking of the fourth wall by one of that fandom’s subjects. I requested that this op-ed piece be delayed out of respect for that fandom; once we had reported on that fandom’s fourth-wall break, however, there seemed to be no reason not to publish this piece.

I realize that my opinions are not held by everyone, and that’s why I want to emphasize that this is an opinion piece only, not a statement of intended behavior towards fandom or a stated wish to disrepect fandom conventions or codes of etiquette. I hope that anyone looking at my articles will see that I have always tried to conduct myself with respect towards these things, up to and including choosing not to publish articles that disrespect the community.

I hope you will read this piece, if you read it, as a letter from a fan sharing their thoughts on the fourth wall after having watched the gradual mainstreaming of fandom over the last 15 years. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you.

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