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Leviosa and the calling of Harry Potter

You guys!

So I went to leviosa2016 over the weekend and I guess the fruits of that labor are best summed up by the fact that i just spent several hours downloading a bunch of handwavey tech magic that would allow me to install Semagic on my Mac. Semagic! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH, Semagic. (Semagic is to LJ what XKit is to Tumblr, I suppose. Long may it reign.)

Anyway, I'm hoping this will make it easier for me to feel comfortable updating LJ and subsequently interacting on LJ again. I really have missed the community here and I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep up with so many of the lovely people I met this weekend!

I'm also super-lucky because I actually got to have an INCEPTION FANDOM MEET-UP while I was there, sort of! This is all thanks to bicrim, who was so fantastic about letting me try to indoctrinate her into the world of Inception by watching the whole crazy movie with me. During the ball, we commandeered a room and I was so delighted that so many people dropped by to hang out with us and indulge in my crazy love for this dumb stupid terrible great movie. rurounihime and snottygrrl pretty much let me squee at them about Arthur/Eames all weekend. And red_rahl not only stayed for the whole movie but joined me in my inarticulate, frantic attempt to explain to Bicrim why we loved the movie so much, and then GAVE ME THIS HOLY SHIT.

Isn't it the most gorgeous? Aren't they the best *__* Isn't she just incredible :D :D :D :D

A few people I have to call out for being so amazing this weekend:

  • dicta_contrion for being so lovely and nice and so smart and articulate, and for getting me excited about new H/D fic while also preaching the gospel of Not Being Afraid of Tumblr to all the old-timers. If you haven't checked out her LJ post about how to use Tumblr, it's a really nice intro!
  • oceaxe, who I had totally lost touch with and was totally delighted to meet and get to spend lots of time with this weekend. You're awesome. :)
  • femmequixotic and noeon for convincing me to do a bunch of panels that all turned out to be a really great time
  • writcraft for being such an amazing mod and contributor in all of her many panels, and such a smart, articulate thinker with so many broad areas of interests and such a fabulous ability to listen and process the conversation. I'm so happy I got a chance to meet you!
  • furiosity because I had never gotten a chance before to meet her despite our many years hopping around HP cons, and it was really nice to have a moment just to chat! I hope your Japan tour is epic, F!
  • Stephanie and her mom!!!! Stephanie IDK if you will see this, haha, but you are both great. <3
  • of course my lovely hotel roommates Jill, Tracy, and Elizabeth, who put up with me and my social neuroses most admirably. :) And Lilah Vandenburgh, who probably won't see this post but who is supremely fantastic.

Stuff I wish I'd gotten to do more of:
- Squee about H/D, especially all the new tropes and fandom developments I have woefully been missing out on
- Rant more about how much I hate the Cursed Child spoilers
- Rack up some hot tub time (though I'm here through tomorrow morning so I still do have some time for that!
- Drink and party lol. I was so worried about losing my voice before the Hamilton singalong I mostly just hung back and was a fuddy-duddy. NEXT CON.

There were so many old H/D friends I ran into this weekend and it just made me kind of ache to be back in this community again. I'm gonna post this, finish the 18 Pokemon GO articles I have been assigned, and then finish reading "The Stately Homes of Wiltshire," which is an H/D fic recced to me both by Oceaxe and Elizabeth. It's so good. *__*

I'm still failing at replying to comments! And I'm still failing at cross-posting to Dreamwidth! (sob, Dreamwidth) But I guess while I'm here I might as well wish a happy birthday to the only Cathy, two_if_by_sea <3

So tell me about this Misti Con deal? :D
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