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Hey everyone. If I'm not around over the next few days it's because I went home. Home being West Tennessee. Love to everyone.

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Vanity Fair is a Criminal Mastermind whose only goal in life is to take over the world and convert it to the worship of Harry/Draco sex, Stephen Sondheim musicals, and Random Questions. She is housetrained but often forgets to brush her teeth. When she is not writing fanfic she is reccing fanfic, which usually means threatening people with leg-breakings if they don't read The Losing Side. She enjoys converting people to H/D, drooling over H/D, talking about H/D, and throwing tomatoes at bad actors.
Strengths: Exuberant, passionate, and has the ability to make people believe she writes good smut--without actually ever having written smut.
Weaknesses: Seems to be cursed with an unwitting martyr complex, aka the Charlie Brown Syndrome. Also tends to run and scream from fics without "H/D" in the summary.
Special Skills: asking questions, motivating people, starting discussions and/or fandom wars, converting people to whatever cause i'm engaged in at the moment.
Weapons: Gauzy Armchairs; A dazzling list of H/D fic recs; Rabid Zeal, and a horde of Rabid Zealot Followers which I hide in my attic while they await my bidding; Top Ten Lists; and Slashed Trilogy Inserts.
Things you don't know about me:: -- When I get mad I lapse into a southern accent -- I have an unhealthy love/obsession with uncooked blackberries -- I love collies and Siamese cats. -- I own every Thin Man Movie, and have a thing for Alfred Hitchcock. -- I won't actually be disappointed if the Trilogy doesn't end with Harry and Draco madly in love. -- in 8th Grade, I dropped out of the National Spelling Bee on the word "narcissist," an irony which amuses me daily. -- I once offered to sing a duet with Kevin Spacey. He said he'd keep it in mind.

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