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I. Am. SO. Sick. Of Horribly written H/D fics.

There's so MUCH of it out there, and it's all so BAD. *wails* I just want to have well-written fluffy H/D lurve. It doesn't have to be original! It just needs to be written half-way decently! That's all I ask for! Just good writing, and that you don't spell character's names wrong or call them "Dray" or "Har" or have them get pregnant! *weeps* It isn't that much to ask for! I know this, because there are people out there who are writing stories like *this* one: Augustus' 7th Best Enemies offering, which is so good it made me want to do nothing but drool myself into a little puddle of H/D-ness. I swear, augustuscaesar writes such polished and heartwarming and stylish H/D it leaves you breathless. *sigh* Thank you.

And then there's Sins of the Father, chapter 2, which has been posted to Schnoogle. And it's so lovely, tense, and angsty, and the ending of this chapter is such a bloody slap in the face! I love this fic. *swoons* ali_wildgoose is proof that there are still good NEW fics being written. The only question I have is, where are the REST of the new good H/D fics?! More importantly, where are the new H/D authors? I am thinking of Ndi (whose "Paths" only has one chapter so far but has me eagerly awaiting more), and SkySorceress (Need! More! Artful! Facade!) and Amalin, who has been writing up a storm lately, thank god.

I want more new fics like Quelle Chance! and It all started with a Valentine, and, and, Checkmate. Light no-strings good old H/D fluff. But all the new fluff SUCKS. :(( Help! Help! Someone give me a light and fluffy H/D fic that is no full of typos and doesn't feature Seamus as a prominent figure who runs around trying to convince everyone else that they are gay! Oh, and NO POETRY. *wail* I am not asking much! I just want to be able to click on a new PG H/D story at ff.net or FA and not CRINGE because I am afraid i will find myself staring at drivel, as is what usually happens. *wrings hands*

Honestly. And people wonder why we want Trilogy Slash. *wanders off to sulk*

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