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I have just realised why I have always had a soft spot for Peter Pettigrew. It is because in my mind's eye he has always been played by Peter Lorre, ala Arsenic and Old Lace. *grin* I love Peter Lorre. He'd make such a quintessential Wormtail. Good old Wormtail.

Had the loveliest chat with zed_adams earlier, and also with seren_himitsu--and then of course my computer froze. and I got dragged off to dinner anyway. (ali_wildgoose, it is a sign from the gods: no whining for Aja.)

I am back now, sort of. Only I want to write write write! I am starting to realise that my plot is not a) some hopeless Leviathan that i cannot conquer or control, and that b) it's actually going to be a lot of fun to write. So I'm eager to get started on it. Haha. I say get started like I'm not 12 chapters into the story. But it is taking shape more and more every day, and becoming a *saga* rather than a story that is completely focused on two people. This is a significant development for me because if you've noticed my fics tend to be very very H/D-centric. Why write about other people when you can write about these two? :) But no man is an island, sayeth Mr. Donne, and neither are Harry and Draco. So my story expands despite my fears. I think there might be *too* much of a good thing, though-- I have actually given Ginny Weasley something to do in LUW. God help me.

lunacy, you have made my night. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. And whoo to the hoo, I actually managed to write something ON-topic for once at the Armchair. *is pleased with self's ability to obey self's own list rules*

And now, your mandatory diatribe on DV Slash:

vanityfair: i don't think she could get away with killing off either of them.
seren_himitsu: The other would probably commit suicide or die of something else, a la Hephaistion/Alexander.
vanityfair: yes, and then the epilogue would have Draco waiting for Harry on the shores of the river!
seren_himitsu: Awwwwwwww!
seren_himitsu: *sniff*
vanityfair: and they'd walk up to one another and join hands and smile
seren_himitsu: And of course they'll be buried together, with a mushy latin quote on the monument.
seren_himitsu: *bawls*
vanityfair: of course. amor vincit omnia. *wail*
seren_himitsu: And Hermione et all would cry bitterly at the funeral, but they'd know that Harry and Draco are together now, and they're happy.
vanityfair: yes, and she would think things to herself like, 'i know you're happy now, draco, because now you can finally take care of him the way you always wanted.'
seren_himitsu: *sobs*
vanityfair: *wrings hands*

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