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And no matter how your heart's wings
Beat and struggle against the air,
He's wrapped his fist around it
And plucked it from where it fluttered
And squeezed
You breathless.

I know I am supposed to be liberated and Enlightened and realise that everyone is entitiled to write and enjoy every pairing. But dammit! Some authors I just wish I could strongarm into writing nothing but H/D all the time (with occasional forays if once in a blue moon they should get bored). The 3 authors who come to mind immediately here are Rube, Kickflaw, and chiriko. Especially chiriko. *glares* This is a purely selfish motivation, because then I wouldn't have to feel guilty about liking the most loathsome pairings (Oh, oh, oh! Today it's Percy/Harry, is it?! >:0) just because she happens to write them so fucking well! >:0!! Can you feel my wrath? Can you feel it?

And then she gives us exquisite pieces of H/D like "Quicksilver" and THIS (points up) and it just makes me wish i had a secret lair underground where I could keep all my favourite authors hostage and see to it that they churn out nothing but wonderful H/D fics for us all the time. Does this make me evil? Mean-spirited? Rabid and obsessed? I just want everyone to write H/D all the time! Is that too much to ask for? *wails* Can I help it if I keep hoping I will wake up and "Confection Carnage" will be Harry/Draco instead of Harry/Ron?

Go enjoy all the beautiful poetry--my favourites are Draco/Ron and Harry/Percy, and of course Harry/Draco. I will be over here in the corner, bewailing.

oh, and Happy Birthday, Kimmie. :D

Edit: "To Drown Is To Love" is by Kimmie, not Cassie. :-* Everyone, go read it and tell her how much it roqs, and wish her happy birthday!!

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