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Okay, I'm just going to ramble on about everything. Okay? Okay.

I just have to say this-- clefnote is the coolest thing. And ailei and chiriko have the most awesome taste in music. :D I've been listening to Ailei's upload of the Witch of the West-mer-lands like, constantly. I just love it, and the lyrics remind me very much, in a vaguely indefinite way, of Draco Veritas. I even looked the lyrics up! It's just lovely and Celtic and I like muchly. :D So, if you read this ever Ailei, thanks. :D The Witch of the West-Mer-Lands

I cannot agree with iscaris or hautemonde or eleveninches about Jason Isaacs. Sorry. I think his long stringy hair looks ridiculous--it should be Draco who has the loose hair and Lucius who has the shalacked helmet on top of his pate-- and sorry, I really don't think the man is all that hot, even if he does have a strange Rosenbaum-ian penchant for dressing like a girl.

Fic Recs:

YAY! To Rule in Hell 4!!! YAY!!! OH YAY! God bless you and your productivity, Antenora! *worship worship worship*

Compliments of FanForum.net, it's the Big List of Best H/D fics.
Wow. I love this thread. The latest fic rec list by yiota is pretty much comprehensive, I think--I think the only major H/D author they left out was ailei and The Devil Wants. There are fics listed on the latest rec list that even I haven't read! *ponces off to read*

Some other things I've enjoyed recently, for anybody who cares:
The Left Hand Path by koanju. Not sure this is going to be H/D, but it seems pretty interesting so far...

Silent Chaos --a really sappy but kind of strangely-entrancing-like-techno-music story, nicely written. Features Clubbing Harry and Draco, never a bad thing. :)

Gingerbread House Hee, I really really like this one by Koanju. Harry and Draco get stuck in a cross between Thirteen Ghosts and Hansel and Gretel. I hope she updates it soon.

Also, if you guys haven't read sylviakundera's fic Double Dare, then you must go read it right now. It's fluffy, it's lovely, it's got Consternated!Harry and Overconfident!Draco, it's just PRICELESS. *swoon*

I worship antenora. I'm going to be on a high from To Rule in Hell all day. *sigh*

deche is so sweet. I hope she knows how much she is appreciated around here. Muah.

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