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Yo Quiero Taco Hell.

DUDE. Check out the new layout for the HP Lexicon, if you guys haven't already. How kick ass is this?! Steve Vanderark is a god.

Have just added 4 pages of sex to chapter 12. This is all dahlia's fault, and also antenora's fault, for writing yummy cuddly sex scenes that I envy. Andrea, where is thy smut?!

taken from tobymalfoy.

  • Been in the fandom for: 2 years as a lurker, although I've only been active in the fanfiction part for a little over 10 months.

  • Fics written: FF.net says 19--i also co-wrote one for Draco_101, may it rest in peace.

  • Pairings written: HP/DM, and one lone Tom/Not-Underage!Harry

First time - fics

  • First HP slash fic I read: it was either IP or TwaV. I think it was TwaV. *blows kisses to Stacey*

  • I read them both in the same night at Diagon Alley. I credit DA and Ali for making me into a die-hard H/D slasher over a 2-day period of reading, oh, everything on her site. *hearts*

  • First NC-17 fic: Weather of the Heart, of course.

  • First fic that made me think 'wow excellent fandom!': the Trilogy, from afar.

  • First fic that made me think 'wow crap fandom!': every fic I read at ff.net over the first year or so I lurked. :D

  • First WIP that I started cheching for updates: TwaV, A Brief Interval, and Shatter. <--- *notices a trend*

  • First popular fic that everyone liked apart from me: The Devil Wants

  • First not too popular fic that I really loved: um. not too sure about this. Penguin and Antenora weren't really all that well known when I first started reading them...

  • First fic I never managed to finish: Democracy's Demise, and that one where they wake up in the hotel in New Orleans.... haha, good times, good times.

  • First fic that was so good it got me all depressed about my writing: Draco Dormiens, followed by Shatter *wail*

  • First fic I wrote: Strip/Tease

  • Fic I didn't like at first but changed my mind later: Coming of Age, and the Silver Chain--both of which I never disliked, but was in a holding pattern on reserving judgment on, til, in the case of CoA, it got slashy and suddenly I loved it, and, in the case of Dahlia, Power Play became such a strong work that it shored up the Silver Chain.

  • Fic I liked at first but changed my mind later: Unthinkable Thoughts, The Marks We Bear, Resolution

  • Fic that influnced my writing: the freakin Weather series, more than any other fic--and lately, Draco Veritas and The Losing Side.

  • Popular fic I never read: that's H/D? oh, Myr's huge-long fic *yawn*; Also, I will not read Mirror of Maybe. The part I did read I thought was laughable. I also refuse to read Telanu's epics, because I know that if I do it will be so well-written I will be scarred for life. No, no, no, no thank you.

First time-people

  • First person I contacted in the fandom: aome. *hugs Plu*

  • First person I fangirled: I think it was actually hirsch, closely followed by Slytherlynx.

  • First person who fangirled me: ... um. I don't remember. *feels sheepish* I do know that eleveninches was the first person I did the Mutual Fangirling with. :D

  • Person I never fangirled but I really should get my ass to: luciusmalfoy and chiriko, goddammit. Also, I always feel I never fangirl hautemonde enough.

  • First HP person I contacted out of the net: Hahahaha. My real life net-friend and stellar RQ Babe pinkocracy introduced me to Diagon Alley, shortly after we met Thursday September and divineshadow on November 16th.

  • First person who flamed me: Hahaha, all my flames have been anonymous, except for some guy named LimeJello, who, since he had the audacity to sign in, was immediately flamed by people who reviewed after him. He wound up deleting his story as a result, I think. We fans are a viciously loyal bunch.

  • First person I flamed: *grins* I just flamed the hell out of Just This on Deadjournal, even though I *read* that story. *laughs and laughs* To quote Billy Wilder and Sunset Boulevard, "it's fun to see how bad bad writing can be." :D

  • First writer I read everything by: Kick Flaw, undoubtedly.

  • Writer I didn't like but changed my mind: gah, I don't think I have one of these!

First time-random shit

  • First pairing I read: H/H, in Paradigm of Uncertainty.

  • First HP slash archive I found: Diagon Alley!!! :D

  • First HP slash related yahoo group I joined: Cassie and Rhysenn--Veela soon after.

  • First HP group I actually said something in: C&R

  • First reason for joining the fandom: way way way back when??? I was bored and I couldn't get enough Harry Potter discussion. This was May of 1999.

  • First reason I wanted to quit the fandom: I think that one is patently obvious.

  • First HP related dream: I only recently started having HP related dreams--so far I've only had two. One was a hybrid of Tom/Dan-Draco/Harry slash, and Maya's little brother Saul and his Draco-esque crush Jett. Then last night, completely at random, a topless Harry Potter appeared in my dream. That was really kinda cool. And my first thought, in my dream, was, 'damn. I wish Draco was here to take advantage of this.' ...

  • First HP related embarassment: haha, the Gin and Vomit. :D

  • First good debate: the merits and canon-ness of Dark!Harry, and also, the review debate on the Armchair. That was a kickass debate.

I was talking to thegraybook tonight and then suddenly I don't think she heard anything I said, so I am not sure whether I ever got to convey my fullest feelings on the whole 'following her to hell' issue. For the record, I'd probably follow Cassie anywhere, even to Gary.

Me: Would you follow your best friend to the gates of hell?

Clark (who is bisexual): That's a stupidass question.

Dave (who is straight): Well, being a dedicated friend, I wouldn't say that because I don't think that Clark is going to hell.

Clark: Listening to Aja's inept, inane, incompetent, and totally freaky question is like being in hell.

*grumble* *exit Clark*

Tom (straight as a board): I s'pose it'd depend on the circumstances. Like--if he'd killed my family? No.

Me: If he remained your best friend up til the time he died, would your soul follow him to hell?

Tom: Well, why's he going? If he wanted to just storm the place, sure, why not?

Me: Basically, would you want to be separated from him for all eternity?

Tom: Well, not particularly, but... is he asking me--or am I tagging along of my own initiative??

Dave: Yeah, has he just died and I found out through the grapevine that he went to hell, or did I know in advance he was going?

Me: Er...

Dave: And then you'd have to kill yourself to get there, right?

Tom: Well, no, you wouldn't have to kill yourself necessarily--you'd just have to do really nasty things, like beat up mimes.

Me: But eventually, you'd have to die.

Tom: Well, yeah-- wait, is this an immediate following him to hell, or is there a wait?

Dave: Technically you could follow him to Hades and not have to die.

Tom: Maybe I could bungee jump to hell. Grab him real quick and snatch him back out.

Dave: But what if you snatched the wrong guy?

Tom: Yeah, is hell still hell if the devil's not there?


Tom: Well, you didn't answer my question--Is there a timeframe? Am I going immediately or am I waiting like 80 years? And if I wait, is he going to know that I waited 80 years? And also, is it even possible to just, on a whim, follow your friend into hell? I mean, wouldn't there be like, border patrol? Suppose you go to the wrong level of hell? I mean, you won't have a map...

Me: which brings me to the second part of my question--the quote. Would you ever say something like this to him? "I always thought I would follow you to the gates of hell. And that, once there, I would ask the gatekeeper to take me instead of you. And if he would not take me, I would wait for you on the shores of the river." *recites from memory--they are not impressed*

Tom: ... ... ... I don't think I would ever talk like that.

Me: :-L

Tom: It's one thing to follow him, but to say, 'no, here--allow me'...? --I mean, if I'm going to hell for him, then he's coming with me!

Me: But that would mean he'd have to follow you!

Tom: Well, he's not here to ask!

Me: Under what circumstances would you say something like that to somebody--the sentiment?

Tom: the sentiment.

Me: yes.

Tom: I'll wait right outside.

Me: yes.

Tom: just waiting for him.

Me: yes.

Tom: hell--I could wait for him in heaven! I mean, what's this just hanging around on the shores of the river business? Does the boatkeeper play rummy?

Dave: there's always the three-headed dog you can play with.

Tom: oh yeah. I wonder what kind of dog it is.

Dave: well, it's the kind of dog that would be named Fluffy.

Tom: Maybe it's a chihuahua.

Dave: Maybe it's the Taco Bell dog.

Tom: Yeah-- Yo quiero taco hell.

Me: *on verge of giving up* If you heard somebody say that quote, what would you think?

Tom: *shrug* cheesy romance novel?

Dave: Pretty much.

Tom: I mean, nobody talks like that, and if they do, they don't really mean it. --'It's just pillow talk.'

Me: Well, this is different because-- *dave and I explain the mind link/polyjuice thing* -- they've been in the other's bodies.

Tom: *raises eyebrows* how exactly do you mean that?

Me: *explain explain explain*

Tom: ...so it's not necessarily following the other person to hell--it's following part of themselves to hell.


Tom: So, if I went to heaven without him, people would think I'm not all there. *pause* wait--this is something that Draco and Harry say to each other?

Me and Dave: *nod*

Tom: *skeptical* ...I couldn't see it.

Dave (who has read Draco Dormiens): *explains all over again*

Tom: ... but who talks like that?

Me: Exactly-- what would make you say that to someone, and mean it?

Dave: Well, being a dedicated friend--I don't think that's necessarily a gay thing--I don't think dedication equals sexual orientation. You can easily be willing to give your life for your best friend as much as for your girlfriend.

Tom: But we're not talking about giving your life to them; we're talking about giving your soul.

Dave: But Cassie's described Hades in the quote, not necessarily Hell. And Hades is where everybody goes in Greek mythology, so you don't really have a choice about going there anyway.

Me: assume that Hell is equal to Hades, and that the choice exists: you can choose Hell, or you can choose life.

Tom: I'd definitely follow him to the gates of Limbo.

Me: Would you give your soul for him?

Tom: So that he'd go to heaven, or that he'd live?

Me: I don't know, honestly.

Dave: Yeah, what if he were going to return to life just to be miserable?

Me: Well, see, you don't think he loves you as deeply as you love him, so you don't know this, technically--but he'd be completely miserable without you.

Tom: Well, I don't think so--he's married. And I don't really have anybody in my life at this point that would qualify for this situation.

Me: Do you know of any relationship that would qualify for that kind of love?

Tom: Not unless they were married.

Me: By the way, this is entitled the Send A Straight Boy to Hell Project.

Tom: ... Straight to hell??

Me: Any other thoughts?

Tom: The only time I could see any situation like this one is if the two people were in love--married or at least engaged.

Me: And not for your best friend?

Tom: *shakes head*

Dave: I still think that you could have that kind of devotion for your best friend, and not necessarily only in a slashy way.

Clark: I still think Aja needs to cut back on the crack.

And there you have it. Whew.

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  • Leviosa and the calling of Harry Potter

    You guys! So I went to leviosa2016 over the weekend and I guess the fruits of that labor are best summed up by the fact that i just…

  • Inception fandom, how I love you.

    Hi, LJ. I miss you so much. I feel displaced constantly on the Internet these days. My heart is like a grounded fledgling, staring longingly back at…

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