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Happy Birthday, Toby Malfoy!

Antenora--To Rule in Hell Smut. Nobody can write sexual tension like this woman. Nobody. *swoon*

Luminary by Reenka. Reenka, a review is forthcoming, but for now--everybody go read this.

Wibble. My editors think I am a hard-hitting journalist who can do interviews at the drop of a hat. Sure. Nevermind that I am a lowly english major who has never done an interview in her life. In her life.

Wibble. Cassie--help.

I want to go in a corner and curl up and cry today, and I am not sure if it is because of 9-11 or because of the current limbo status of my life, or both. Instead I am wibbling when I should be interviewing. God damn, why can't I ever do an article before the last minute? Why do I always have to make a mad dash to the finish? Was I Secretariat in a previous life?


At least I have the promise of Antenora smut when the day is done. *sigh*

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