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--jealous of lasultrix for getting to meet my beloved dancingrain and the loffly earthquake.
--jealous of EQ and Erica for getting to meet lasultrix.
--jealous of thegraybook and ali_wildgoose for getting to spend all week tickling titanic_days. Save a tickle for me!
--still impressed by ashkitty's roleplaying savvy, and her loffly adorable Harry
--grateful to penelope_z, and everybody at the Armchair Chat yesterday who discussed ways to make the fic discussion onlist more thoughtful and critically oriented.
--eagerly awaiting IP14, and DV10, and, haha, LUW12 for that matter. I hope it will be worth the long and patient wait.
--a private secretary handling yummy things like correspondence for a company president who is cute and formal
--happily working on LUW 13.
--$75 closer to my goal of moving to New York. Whoo hoo Big Apple. *bite*
--delighted to death by titanic_days's accent, and by the way he squeaks when saying things like "When I awoke the cats were licking me."
--very glad I got to talk to nmalfoy last night.
--very grateful to centrum for multivitamins, and to the Dragon for yummy chinese food.
--enthralled by slightlights' writing, and also by olympia_z's
--in love with everyone.
--in love with Hugh Jackman especially after having finally seen Kate and Leopold. Am all schmuzzy now. Awwww.
--DEVOID of a Southern accent, lasultrix. Do you hear me? DEVOID! Brave men died to ensure my freedom of speech, and dammit, my speech is free! Brave men died!
--vastly disturbed by iscaris's sudden revived penchant for L/H slash, and disturbed most of all because of the unavoidable fact of of movie!Looshie's hair--that odd and eerie entity that looks more like rabbit's foot dressed in a hair net than any actual coiffure that I know of.
--behind on Armchair mail, as usual. :-L
--very happy to be in the fandom, and to have no great issues with anyone in the fandom, and to feel, however naive it may be, but it's a good feeling nonetheless, that no one has any great issues with me. Even though I did get an official write-up from ff.net today for resubmitting "Commencement" word for word as an R-rated fic. God bless them, and their little censors, too.
--happy. Very very happy.

Love you all. Off to write.

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