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"The penetration of one mind by the other is so complete and reciprocal that neither of them can evade its carnal overtones."

*swoon* That, ladies and gentlemen, is how yours truly falls in love. I've just about decided it has nothing to do with the gender of the person in question (though I have yet to fall in love with anybody who wasn't a man.) But in trying to pinpoint what really attracts me to a person, time and again I've been stumped except for one consistency--their intelligence. I get so bloody turned on by intelligence. And the above quote, which comes from the book Flight Dreams, the first of a murder-mystery series written for a gay audience by Michael Croft, just hit the nail on the head for me totally. I get turned on first by the brain. The lovely EQ was not lying at all when she said that the brain is the largest sexual organ. It's what gets me every time, and fuck all else, if you are brilliant, and we connect that way, i'll probably be half-in-love with you by the first time we're through with our first chat. I have met all my best friends that way. I hope I always will.


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