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Important Armchair Info:

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. lore!!! *blows kisses*

Everybody else: Happy Halloween!!

Yo. Armchair folks, listen up.

I have updated the extended list of fics done for the Armchair fic challenge. They're on my livejournal here, but i'm about 95% sure that I haven't mentioned everyone who wrote a fic, so if you've written a fic for the armchair, could you please check the list and make sure I've got you listed--or someone else you know i might have left out? Just reply to this comment or email me directly, aromano@indiana.edu.

The Armchair list now has a FAQ. That means that you guys have to, like, read it, and it means I actually have to start following my own rules. It's also in message 1187.

November. November is going to be a hell of a wild ride for the fandom, and the Armchair is, well, we're going with the flow. You can either read Message 1198 on the list, or you can read this for a shortcut:

Happy Halloween, Armchair! Today is a holiday. :D

And we're about to take a holiday. So I figured November could start today. :) No, I'm not curtailing Angst month! Hee! *Aja is hyper and gushy, so this post will probably be all over the place*

Okay, folks, November is going to be all whacked up. With Chamber coming out on Nov. 15, the month is going to be a hell of a wild ride for the fandom, and the Armchair is, well, we're going with the flow. November, as Clio put it, will be a sort of Grand Pause (that refreshes). Basically put, until further notice, the theme is: Anything Goes.

What does this mean? Well, for starters, our next featured author will be the lovely Cassandra Claire. Yes, the Cassie who was still protesting "I don't write slash!" even as she was writing the goopy lurve-fests that are DV9 and 10, not to mention the NC-17 slash cookie she has posted here:

We're going to see if maybe she's changed her mind by the time she finds her way to the loffly 'Chair. :D

However, I'm not going to waste my breath talking about her right now, haha, because we aren't featuring her or her lovely fics *yet*. Specifically, Cassie's official stint at the Armchair will start the moment Chapter 11 of Draco Veritas is posted at Schnoogle. The very moment, I say. :D *tries not to squee too loudly, as will wake up neighbors, who are probably already disturbed by the periodic loud bursts of laughter that often erupt from this room at insane hours of the evening* But, until then, for the next couple of weeks, the list will have an open and unspecified discussion. Anything goes. As long as it's Harry/Draco, it's on-topic.

We're doing this for a number of reasons. For one thing, a lot of people still haven't finished the fic challenges, and we've had so many first-time writers and exciting fics posted in response, we want to give everyone a chance to participate. We also want to give all the newbies, people who joined in the last 2 months or so, etc, a chance to participate and orient themselves to the list discussions, and experience past discussions they may have missed. So if you had to leave in the middle of a discussion you were into, now's your chance to go back and bring up the topics again and explore issues you may not have had a chance to talk about earlier. Those of you who are pining the loss of Angst Month, don't pine! You can still talk about it! I can go back and pick up all those Weather of the Heart discussions I had grand hopes of starting! Hurrah! Erica can have that Erotic Food Week she's been pining for for months now!

Another reason we're doing this is because the Armchair will be undergoing slight re-structuring in the weeks to come, in preparation for the *wishful thinking mode on* influx of new members to the fandom, and the H/D ship in particular, that will arrive after CoS comes out and everybody gets their fill of the slashy subtext that, as far as i can see, is RUNNING RAMPANT through the film. I think we need a fairly structured environment for them to enter into, and the list is no exception. The main thing that will be changing is the way the weekly Sunday chats work--you'll be hearing more about that soon--but we also want people to get used to actually having, like, list rules and stuff. (See the shiny new FAQ, aka message 1187 on list if you missed it.)

So, Darkflame, feel free to continue with the fangirl squeeing! Everyone, feel free to discuss the H/D goodness in the movie, feel free to continue reviewing and posting Fic challenges, and discussing the fics of Amalin and Vinagrette, as well as Penguin, Saber, Shalott, Bracken, and Rhysenn. Oh, and my fics as well. Hell, you can make mention of other H/D authors if they contribute to discussion (only one plug per month, though, please!) One more post after this will follow after this giving a run-down of the fic abbreviations to use in your subject lines when discussing specific fics.)

I will leave you with a silly little song-parody. This is slightly dedicated to Cassie, slightly dedicated to the rest of you lovely list members on the Armchair. Muah.

"Anything Gay"

In olden days, a hint of slashing
quite often invited bashing,
But now they crave
Anything Gay!

Good authors, like Cassandra Claire, who once
Wrote het, now have a pair of ponces
To stay!
Anything Gay!

The fandom's all set today
For Saul/Jett today,
FF.net today
Has gone het today--
And DV today is H/D today,
If the fans have their say:

So though I vote for One True Pairing, I
Feel no remorse declaring a holiday:
Anything Gay!

*bows and exits to make more Armchair Posts*

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