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I am dutifully advertising the Book 5 Fandom Sweepstakes, which I think is a really good idea, marysiak, even if the loathsome ali_wildgoose has already taken my character!! *glower!* I will expect her to take good care of my Harry and Draco dolls!

In other news, I cannot write het. Or maybe I just can't write Ginny. Is it too late to come groveling to Anna and Rach begging for another pairing, one I actually like?? It was all a terrible, terrible mistake....

WAH. evilhan is leaving too, now!--wah, sad sad sad circumstances that make me wish i coul dhave like some huge parent-teacher conference on slash, where i'm the teacher, and i have a long talk with parents who think that their kids are going to be ruined and/or sent to the devil for their slash pursuits. and i had just made a friend, too, dammit. *sighs* Well, in tribute, everyone who hasn't, check out this: evilhan's parody of "If I Only Had A Brain".

You'll be missed, sweetie.

*is glum again*

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