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May I suggest that everybody from the HP fandom who posts a Smallville fic over the next week or so dedicate their fic to Penelope?

If not to the fandom itself. We're too large a presence in the SV fandom for them not to realise how many of their contributors are, to quote SarahT, "wandering in from other fandoms that don't even pretend to have ethical standards and engaging in their harmful behavior here."

So, go engage in your harmful behaviour, folks. Write fics. Have fun. Pray for your very souls.

*Favorite past teacher: Hey, Mr. Palmer, lookit, I'm a theatre reviewer! Aren't you surprised?
*Favorite current teacher: Your voice lessons are like a spiritual experience. I just need to be able to afford them.
*Your boss: J.J, you're the coolest. I don't know why my ex-roommate lives in mortal fear of you. Don't listen to her. You're still cool. You'd be even cooler if you gave me her job. *wink wink*
*The last person who made you cry: er, that would be myself. Self, it's okay! Buck up!
*The last person who you bitched at: oh, look, harriet_spy, you're still a pompous, shit-stirring, unforgiving bitch.
*The last person who took you for granted:
*The last person who hugged you: aww, that would be aeristerra, i think. when you come back from california can i watch season 3 of *clamps hand over mouth* mmfrmffrffmr?
*The director of your favorite movie: Sam Mendes, I want to have, like, ten thousand of your babies.
*George W. Bush: I really loathe you.
*Michael Jackson: I really loathe the idea that I'm supposed to have some sort of opinion on you.
*Peewee Herman: You scare me.
*Your favorite dead musician/celebrity: Sir Laurence Olivier. I'm going to swoon over you now.
*Your favorite living musician/celebrity: Mr. Sondheim, you've been my life's mentor. Your work has touched me and shaped who I am in ways you'll never know. You've taught me how to connect, and what the word really means. You've taught me to appreciate my talents without regard to the package they come in. You've taught me about a dozen vocabulary words. You've taught me the art of making art. You wrote my favorite show. You wrote my favorite song. You made me cry every night when I performed both. Thank you for everything. Thanks for being so wonderful to me when we met. I'll never forget that. Nor will I forget the way your eyes sparkle with intelligence. Some day I want to be to somebody else what you are to me. Thank you a million times over. Thank you. Thank you.
*Your internet provider: IU, you're the best thing that ever happened to college internet access. I appreciate you, really.
*Your best friend: Stace, I miss you. I'm so, so, so glad we're talking again. That means more to me than I can say.
*Your first love: To quote Stephen Sondheim, which I know you hate it when I do, but tough: I wish I could forget you, erase you from my mind--but ever since I met you, I find I cannot leave the thought of you behind--I see now I was blind, and should you die tomorrow, another thing I see--your love will live in me.
*Your current love: Harry, Draco, take good care of each other. Love each other always, and give one another the kind of love I'll never be able to give anyone myself.
*Yourself: white. a blank page or canvas. so many possibilities. and also, Dude, it's just smut, it can't be THAT difficult.

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